Fog Castle
  • Japanese: 霧の王城
  • Romaji: Kiri no Ōjō
  • Translated: Royal Castle of the Mist
Card type

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Field.svg Field

If a monster you control would be destroyed by battle, you can move that monster to another unused Monster Card Zone on your side of the field instead. If you do, place 1 Beacon Counter on this card (max. 5). For each Beacon Counter on this card, you cannot use 1 of your Monster Card Zones. If you have monster(s) in any Monster Card Zones you can't use, send any number of monsters you control to the Graveyard equal to or less than the number of Beacon Counters on this card. If there are 5 Beacon Counters on this card, you can send this face-up card and all cards in your hand to the Graveyard to select 4 cards in your Graveyard and add them to your hand. If you do, you cannot conduct your Battle Phase this turn.

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