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"Floowandereeze" (ふわんだりぃず Fuwandariizu) is an archetype that focuses on Normal/Tribute Summoning multiple times per turn that debuted in Burst of Destiny. The archetype is composed of Level 1 and Level 10 WATER and WIND Winged Beast monsters themed around the migratory journey of three Arctic terns passing through different continents and encountering different birds. The Level 10 Monsters represent the beginning of the journey at the North Pole and end of the journey at the South Pole, while the Level 1 Monsters represent the continents they visit along the way. The name "Floowandereeze" is a portmanteau of the words "flew", "wander", and "breeze".


Monster Origin
Bird Region
& Eglen Bald Eagle North America
& Empen Emperor Penguin Antarctica
& Robina European Robin Europe
& Snowl Snowy Owl Arctic
& Stri Ostrich Africa
& Toccan Toco Toucan South America