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Flip Summon


(はん) (てん) (しょう) (かん)

Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Hanten Shōkan

Japanese (translated)

Reverse Summon


Flip Summon

A Flip Summon (Japanese: (はん) (てん) (しょう) (かん) Hanten Shōkan "Reverse Summon") is a way to Summon monsters. It can only be performed when the game state is open during your Main Phase. You simply flip a face-down monster manually into face-up Attack Position. A monster is considered to be not on the Field during the Flip Summon's Summon negation window. Flip Summon is simultaneously regarded as both a Summon and Battle position change.

A face-down monster flipped into face-up Attack Position by a card effect such as "Book of Taiyou" or "Ancient Forest" is not considered a Flip Summon. Flip Summon does not take up your Normal Summon/Set for the turn.

You cannot Flip Summon a monster at the same turn it was Summoned, Normal Set, declared an attack (even if the attack was negated or canceled), or its battle position was changed manually that turn.