Flaming Eternity: Vendor Edition is a Vendor Edition Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It follows Rise of Destiny: Vendor Edition and it is followed by The Lost Millennium: Vendor Edition.


Only contains the Common cards from Flaming Eternity Impact, with five of them being Normal Parallel Rares:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
FET-JP001 Space Mambo スペースマンボウ Common Normal Monster
FET-JP002 Divine Dragon Ragnarok (しん) (りゅう) ラグナロク Common Normal Monster
FET-JP003 Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter (かく) (とう) ねずみチュー (すけ) Common Normal Monster
FET-JP004 Insect Knight 甲虫装甲騎士 (インセクトナイト) Common Normal Monster
FET-JP006 Hand of Nephthys ネフティスの (みちび) () Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
FET-JP010 Element Valkyrie エレメント・ヴァルキリー Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
FET-JP011 Element Doom エレメント・デビル Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
FET-JP012 Maji-Gire Panda () () ギレパンダ Common Effect Monster
FET-JP013 Catnipped Kitty またたびキャット Common Effect Monster
FET-JP016 Kangaroo Champ カンガルー・チャンプ Common Effect Monster
FET-JP017 Hyena ハイエナ Common Effect Monster
FET-JP018 Blade Rabbit ブレードラビット Common Effect Monster
FET-JP019 Mecha-Dog Marron 機械犬 (メカドッグ) マロン Common Effect Monster
FET-JP023 Armed Samurai - Ben Kei (じゅう) (そう) () (しゃ) -ベン・ケイ Common Effect Monster
FET-JP025 Golem Sentry (ばん) (ぺい) ゴーレム Common Effect Monster
FET-JP026 Abare Ushioni (あば) (うし) (おに) Common Effect Monster
FET-JP027 The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion (ゆう) (ごう) (じゅ) (いん) (せい) (ぶつ) (ひかり) Common Effect Monster
FET-JP028 The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion (ゆう) (ごう) (じゅ) (いん) (せい) (ぶつ) (やみ) Common Effect Monster
FET-JP029 The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion (ゆう) (ごう) (じゅ) (いん) (せい) (ぶつ) () Common Effect Monster
FET-JP030 Whirlwind Prodigy (ぼう) (ふう) () (ぞう) Common Effect Monster
FET-JP031 Flame Ruler 炎を支配する者 (フレイム・ルーラー) Common Effect Monster
FET-JP032 Firebird 火炎鳥 (バーニングバード) Common Effect Monster
FET-JP033 Rescue Cat レスキューキャット Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
FET-JP038 Poison Fangs ポイズン・ファング Common Continuous Spell Card
FET-JP044 Release Restraint (こう) (そく) (かい) (じょ) Common Normal Spell Card
FET-JP045 Centrifugal Field (えん) (しん) (ぶん) () フィールド Common Field Spell Card
FET-JP046 Fulfillment of the Contract (けい) (やく) () (こう) Common Equip Spell Card
FET-JP047 Re-Fusion (さい) (ゆう) (ごう) Common Equip Spell Card
FET-JP048 The Big March of Animals (ひゃく) (じゅう) (だい) (こう) (しん) Common Quick-Play Spell Card
FET-JP050 Pole Position ポールポジション Common Continuous Trap Card
FET-JP052 Threatening Roar () (かく) する (ほう) (こう) Common Normal Trap Card
FET-JP054 Good Goblin Housekeeping ゴブリンのやりくり (じょう) () Common Normal Trap Card
FET-JP055 Beast Soul Swap キャトルミューティレーション Common Normal Trap Card
FET-JP057 D.D. Dynamite (ディー) (ディー) .ダイナマイト Normal Parallel Rare Normal Trap Card
FET-JP059 Elemental Burst エレメンタルバースト Common Normal Trap Card
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