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Fire Fortress atop Liang Peak
(えん) (けつ) (りょう) (ざん) (かく)
English Fire Fortress atop Liang Peak
French Forteresse de Feu sur Liang Peak
German Feuerfestung auf dem Gipfel Liang
Italian Fortezza di Fuoco sul Picco Liang
Korean 염걸의 양산각
Portuguese Fortaleza de Fogo sobre os Picos Liang
Spanish Fortaleza de Fuego en la Cima Liang
Japanese (kana) えんけつのりょうざんかく
Japanese (base) 炎傑の梁山閣
Japanese (rōmaji) Enketsu no Ryōzankaku
Japanese (translated) Mount Liang Tower of the Flame Heroes
Card type Spell SPELL
Property Field Field
Passcode 66750703
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