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| archseries = Fire Formation
| archseries = Fire Formation
| stat_change = Your monsters gain ATK
| stat_change = Your monsters gain ATK
| action = Activates effect when this card is activated
| m/s/t =
| m/s/t =
* Unaffected by Spell Cards
* Unaffected by Spell Cards

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Fire Formation - Tenken
(えん) () -「 (テン) (ケン)
English Fire Formation - Tenken
Chinese 炎舞-「天权」
German Feuerformation - Tenken
Italian Formazione di Fuoco - Tenken
Korean 염무-「천권」
Portuguese Formação de Fogo - Tenken
Spanish Formación de Fuego - Tenken
Japanese (kana) えんぶ-「テンケン」
Japanese (base) 炎舞-「天権」
Japanese (rōmaji) Enbu Tenken
Japanese (translated) Flame Dance - "Tenken"
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