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Field Zone

Field Zone


Formerly: フィールドカードゾーン

Japanese (romanized)

Fīrudo Zōn
Formerly: Fīrudo Kādo Zōn


Field Zone
Formerly: Field Card Zone

The Field Zone (フィールドゾーン Fīrudo Zōn), formerly known as the Field Card Zone (フィールドカードゾーン Fīrudo Kādo Zōn), is the location Field Spell Cards must be Set and activated (they cannot be Set or activated in a Spell & Trap Zone). It is located in the top left corner of the play mat.

If a player already controls a Field Spell Card, they can send their current Field Spell Card to the Graveyard by game mechanics in order to Set or activate another Field Spell Card from their hand. Previously, the old Field Spell Card would be destroyed, but this is no longer the case.

Game mat

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