Feast of the Wild LV5
(ばん) (ぞく) (きょう) (えん) LV (レベル)
English Feast of the Wild LV5
French Festin de la Nature LV5
German Gelage der Wilden LV5
Italian Festa Selvaggia LV5
Korean 야만족의 광연 L () V () 5
Portuguese Banquete Selvagem NV5
Spanish Festín Salvaje LV5
Japanese (kana) ばんぞくのきょうえんレベル5
Japanese (base) 蛮族の狂宴LV5
Japanese (rōmaji) Banzoku no Kyōen Reberu Faibu
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Normal Normal.svg
Passcode 55416843
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