Fake Jack Atlas is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5. His name is given as Jack Atlas throughout the game. This is a video game depiction of the anime character, Fake Jack Atlas.

His personality is similar to that of the real Jack Atlas, prior to the end of the Fortune Cup. As such, he constantly refers to himself as Champion, or King (キング, Kingu) in the Japanese version.

In his own storyline, he gets the player to record and edit his film, Atlas Rising 2, a loose retelling of the Fortune Cup, featuring Jack in all of the Duels. Fake Jacks also appear in the real Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Leo and Lazar's storylines, with two of them appearing Jack's storyline.

Unlike other characters, Fake Jack does not become the player's Tag Partner, when the player takes part in his story. Instead, the player films Jack take part in single Duels.


Jack visited the player and ordered the player greet him. However the player was more interested in knowing how Jack found his house. When the player was ready to leave, Jack gave him a camcorder, which he expected him to use to film Atlas Rising 2, a 3D action film, composed mostly of exciting Duel scenes. Jack wanted to recreate the Duels from the Fortune Cup, with challengers "rising up in vain". He described it as "a movie for Champions, by Champions, of Champions". The player was not to keen on being given the job, but Jack told said he should be thanking for such an honor.[1]

Jack arranged for Leo to meet them at the stadium. When they arrived, Leo complained that they were late, but Jack laughed that the main lead always arrives at the scene late. Jack explained what they were doing to Leo, who was surprised that he was making a sequel to Atlas Rising. Jack told him the nature of the film and instructed him to rejoice as he had been given the honor of acting as his first opponent. Leo was happy to have the chance to be in a film and Jack gave him a script to memorize in one minute. Leo argued that it was impossible to do that, but Jack said that such an attitude is why he will always be a commoner, and instructed him to improvise if he could not memorize. Jack wanted Leo to behave like a girl, since the film was based on the first Fortune Cup, in which Leo posed as Luna. Leo pointed out that Luna would not be pleased, as she had gotten mad and told him to never impersonate her again, after that incident. He also questioned why he would be Dueling Jack, when it was Greiger, he had originally faced and why he was not asked to change his hairstyle and clothes to look like Luna. Jack told him to shut up about the details, claiming nobody cared about them, and asked if he would rather not be in the movie. Leo stopped questioning Jack and the two Dueled, while the player filmed. Jack emerged victorious and claimed the result was obvious, as he "the Champion", would not lose.[1]

Leo, unhappy about the edits Jack plans on making to his scenes.

As they had finished early, Jack suggested that they record the commentary track. He began the commentary by saying that the viewer may have realized that Luna was not acting like herself. Leo told Jack not to get their names mixed up, but Jack continued with the commentary, saying that he edited in Luna, while using Leo's movements and that they added in Luna's voice after filming. Leo was not impressed with only being used as a stunt double for Luna, but Jack did not see the problem with that. Leo reminded him that he had been promised a part in the movie. Jack told him not to worry, as he would only use just enough effects for people to be able to tell that Leo was a fake and that he had a scene planned where Leo would appear as himself. When Leo questioned if this was true, Jack said that the Champion never lies. As Leo began to look pleased again, Jack explained that it would only be in the blooper reels and "making of" scenes. As Jack wanted to leave with the player to make some edits, Leo asked if they could have another Duel and if he won edits wouldn't be made to his scenes. However Jack told him to stop acting like such a baby and left.[1]

Jack visited the player again, bringing editing equipment for the player to use. The player tried telling him that they were too busy, but Jack insisted that from then on, he should be busy with editing. He thought that by bringing the equipment to the house, the player could finish his editing without going anywhere. Jack planned on just doing the QA checks and final editing himself, which he felt was his duty, as the leading actor and director. He rushed the player to hurry up for more filming, while the sun still gave them ideal lighting.[2]

At the stadium, Jack and the player met with Leo and Luna. Leo pointed out that Jack was not late that time, to which Jack replied that the Champion must always be punctual. Leo pointed out the inconsistency between that and his last visit, but Jack blamed that on the player. Jack told Luna that they would be filming Duels from the loser's bracket that day. Luna was confused, as her opponent from that day was not present, but Leo explained that she would be Dueling Jack, like he did. She wondered if it was okay for her to appear in a movie. Jack explained that unless it is a serious Duel, the audience would not sense the excitement the Duelists feel and that as Champion, he was confident Luna could do it. Jack handed her the script and told her to memorize it in ten minutes. Leo was annoyed that Jack had only given him one minute the last day and even so, thought that ten minutes would be too short. However Luna managed to memorize it and Jack laughed that there is a world of difference between commoners and geniuses. Luna questioned Jack about the line "I will protect the world! I will protect Kuribon and everyone else!". She had used that line while she was in the Spirit World and wanted to know how Jack knew she said it. Jack replied that there is nothing he does not know and then urged the player to get ready to film. He instructed Luna to show him the power of the "Genius Duel Girl" and prove she is worthy of that name, but Luna never heard that nickname before.[2]

Luna questions how Jack knows the details of her time in the Spirit World.

Luna lost the Duel, but thought that was okay, since she lost during the Fortune Cup. Jack thought that she did well and remarked that her nickname, Genius Duel Girl, was not just for show. Although he still felt that she paled in comparison to him. Jack thought the film was okay, but as a Duel of the Champion, felt it lacked a certain amount of gracefulness. Leo questioned how the Duel could be graceful, when Jack uses a power Deck. Jack claimed he gave Luna the spotlight and made a graceful comeback to capture the crowd's hearts. He said that that is how the Champion Duels and if Leo cannot understand, that is why he is a commoner. Luna asked the two of them not to fight and Jack agreed that as Champion, he should not have lost his temper.[2]

Jack then got the player to record his commentary track. He commented that the Duel took place in the Spirit World and what he had struggled most with was how to convey such a fantasy setting to the audience. He said that they created the Ancient Forest with advanced CG, surpassing even the clearest Solid Vision. Luna asked Jack to hold on, but he told her not to worry, he would call her during the quality assurance phase. She said it was not about that and asked how he knew about the Ancient Forest. While she had told people about the Spirit World, she had not told anyone about Ancient Forest. Again, Jack simply said that there is nothing he does not know. He and the player then left to make edits, despite Luna calling him back.[2]

Jack visited the player and drew attention to how tired he looked. The player explained that there had been trouble with the equipment and he had lost sleep trying to fix it. To the player's surprise Jack managed to repair the equipment.[3]

Jack and the player went to the stadium to begin filming a Duel against Akiza Izinski. They arrived three minutes before Akiza, Leo and Luna. Jack got mad at Leo for keeping him waiting, as he overheard Luna say that he had overslept. However Akiza said it was her fault, as she had asked Leo and Luna to come with her, without giving them much notice. Akiza asked if the player was going to be filming them and Jack asked if that would be a problem. Leo had also been wondering if one camera of that size was going to be sufficient to make a movie. Jack explained a Duelist understands best what makes a Duel special and within a genuine Duel, they can predict what will happen next and move to the best position. He felt that the player was the only person who could do that and he trusted him more than any normal cameraman. He said that the player had plenty of practice from filming the earlier Duels and having seen footage from them, Jack felt the player was better than a professional. Leo asked if that meant the filming of his Duel was only practice and suggested that they refilm it. Jack argued that because of that Leo appears in most of the blooper and "making of" scenes. Jack gave Akiza her script and told her to memorize it in ten minutes. Akiza managed to learn it in three minutes.[3]

Akiza blushes as Jack recites one of Yusei's lines.

Filming began and Akiza said that nobody better get in her way and that she would crush anyone who intended to interfere. Jack said that he would take all that she could muster and urged her to send forth all of her sorrow. Akiza blushed and said that that was exactly what Yusei had said.[3]

Jack won the Duel and Akiza was surprised that he managed to make such a comeback. Jack remarked that a Duel by the Champion, must be filled with entertainment value. He thought it was a good Duel, but would have preferred if there had been an audience. Leo reminded Jack that he and Luna had been watching. Jack replied that he was demoting Leo from staff to cast and starting the next day, he would be the player's assistant. Jack look over the recording and felt it was okay, but as the Duel of a Champion, he felt it was lacking in aggression.[3]

As they recorded the commentary track, Jack said that his opponent was a former Psychic Duelist and that their main goal had been to convey how powerful the Psychic Duelists are. He said that they reconstructed the destruction of the stadium by the monsters with 3D effects and CG, but the hardest part had been to act as if he was taking damage in step with the Solid Vision. During the scene with "Rose Tentacles", he said that wires were used to lift him in the air and that he naturally does his own stunts. He had been prepared for injuries, but finished without trouble, he claimed, and laughed that he was surprised by how tough he was. As Jack continued to gloat in front of the camera, Akiza, Leo and Luna went home. Jack eventually realized how late it had gotten and thought he had made the commentary too long. He realized that the player had fallen asleep while filming[3] and had to carry him back to his house.[4]

Jack visited the player and created a backup of the data and much to the player's surprise, he allowed the player to rest while he was doing that. Jack explained that he did not want to carry the player's unconscious body again. Jack registered his voice data and conversation patterns into the server library, so that the player could make edits even while Jack was too busy to be present.[4]

The staff and cast for Atlas Rising 2.

Yusei, went to the stadium following Jack's request. He wondered why Jack had to call him instead of tell him at home. When Leo, Luna and Akiza told Yusei about the film, Yusei was surprised, as the real Jack did not seem like he was making a movie, back at their house. He assumed that the real Jack must have been working the film, all the times he said he was going to the café. When Jack arrived and prepared to Duel, Yusei asked why they were not having a Turbo Duel, if they were replicating the Fortune Cup. Jack replied that the player would not be able to film a Turbo Duel. When Jack insisted that they start the Duel, Leo asked why they were not using a script this time. Yusei asked if he could see the script and have some time to memorize it, but Jack claimed Yusei did not need a script, as the cry from their souls would be enough to please the crowd. Yusei agreed, as they had worked up a deep bond through Dueling. Jack felt that Yusei had matured, but was still nothing compared to him. Yusei said that overconfidence would be Jack's ruin and that he would beat Jack again, like in the Fortune Cup. Jack asked if Yusei really thought he could defeat the Champion and vowed to destroy the world of illusion that he lived in. Jack won the Duel and told Yusei that that was the power of the Champion. Yusei admitted that Jack was good and remarked that he had not had such a good Duel in a long time. Jack laughed that the Champion must protect his throne.[4]

Jack suggested that he and the player record the commentary track, while he still feels the effects of the victory. Yusei thought it was pretty elaborate to record a commentary. Jack commented that for increased tension, he decided that there would be no retakes of the Duel. He said that Yusei was a powerful opponent, but he fell one step short of the Champion and that his victory proves that the Champion will never lose. Leo was not impressed with Jack boasting, as he was really just the former Champion, who lost to Yusei. Akiza agreed that she did not think Jack would be this arrogant. However Yusei said that he had known Jack a long time and he was always like this, but Akiza remarked that that does not justify the behavior.[4]

When Jack was finished the commentary, he allowed the others to make comments for the commercials. He told them to act like the movie had ended and gave them lines to read. Leo, Luna, Akiza and Jack read the lines It was really worth seeing in the theatre!, I was so emotionally moved that I can't stop crying., It is a movie that I want all Duelists to watch. and I'm proud to have appeared in this movie., respectively. Leo pointed out that Jack said "some comments", but they each only got one line.[4]

Jack complimented everyone on their work and said that he would treat their Duel scenes with care. The others complimented Jack and the player, and Jack assured them that they would be amazed when they see the screening. Leo asked if he would be able to make his own movie, if he got to be as cool as Jack. Jack said that Leo would never be like him and Leo replied that Jack did not have to be so direct about it. Jack told the player he could not have made the film without him, but due to unfinished duties as the Champion, he would not be able to assist the player in working on the film for a while.[4]


The player is able to give Fake Jack gifts. The following table details how much he likes or dislikes the gifts.

Strongly likes Likes Neutral Dislikes Strongly dislikes
Card accessories
Food and drink




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