"Fairy Tail" (妖精伝姫 (フェアリーテイル) Fearīteiru) is a series of Level 4 female LIGHT Spellcaster monsters with 1850 ATK and 1000 DEF that debuted in The Dark Illusion.



Each "Fairy Tail" monster is an anthropomorphic animal based on a princess from classic fairy tale stories.

All "Fairy Tail" monsters has a book (or a scroll in the case of "Luna") in their tails, adorned by a big ribbon.

Their artworks share a background adorned with a pattern (albeit in different colors for each card) along some bubbles that surrounds the monster.


"Fairy Tail" is a play on the term "Fairy tales" and the word "Tail", referencing the fact that all the members of this series are animals.


Fairy Tail Origin
Animal Story
Luna Fox The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
Rella Dog Cinderella
Sleeper Cat Sleeping Beauty
Snow Squirrel Snow White

Playing style

So far, Fairy Tails have effects that allows to disrupt opponent's plays along with effects that helps to swarm the field and search cards.

Rella - Prevents other monsters from being targeted by Spell cards and equips herself an Equip Spell Card from hand, deck or graveyard.

Luna - Returns an opponent's monster to the hand during either player's turn and searches another monster when she is normal summoned.

Sleeper - Flip monster that special summons a monster from your hand, and allows to change an opponent's normal Spell/Trap effect.

Snow - Flips an opponent's monster face-down upon normal/special summon, and allows herself to be special summoned from the graveyard during either player's turn.

Recommended cards
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