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'''Fusion Deck''' is the antiquated term for what is now the [[Extra Deck]], however the term is still printed on many old cards, and in most Video Games. The Fusion Deck could only store [[Fusion Monsters]] during a [[Duel]]. They were separate from the [[Main Deck]], and you could search through it to find a [[Fusion Monsters|Fusion Monster]] that you needed. There was no limit as to how many cards you could use in the Fusion Deck, although some Video Games enforced a 15-card limit. The "[[Maximum of 3 Rule]]", for cards of the same name still applied.
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If a [[Fusion Monsters|Fusion Monster]] on the field, in the [[Graveyard]] or [[Removed from Play]] was returned to its [[owner]]'s [[hand]] or [[Main Deck|Deck]], it is instead sent to the Fusion Deck, since [[Fusion Monsters]] could not exist in either the [[hand]] or the [[Main Deck]].
The contents of the Fusion Deck were not public knowledge to your opponent, and only you could look through its contents.

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