Expansion Pack Vol.1 is a Booster Pack in the Korean Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG).




Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
ESP1-KR001"Kuriboh""크리보"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR002"Catapult Turtle""중강갑 거북"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR003"Sangan""크리터"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR004"Summoned Skull""데몬 소환"CommonNormal Monster
ESP1-KR005"Trap Hole""함정 속으로"CommonNormal Trap Card
ESP1-KR006"Monster Reborn""죽은 자의 소생"Super RareNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR007"Robbin' Goblin""로빈 고블린"CommonContinuous Trap Card
ESP1-KR008"Nobleman of Extermination""박멸의 사도"CommonNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR009"Polymerization""융합"CommonNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR010"Seven Tools of the Bandit""도적의 7가지 도구"CommonCounter Trap Card
ESP1-KR011"Mirror Force""성스러운 방어막 거울의 힘"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
ESP1-KR012"Mask of Darkness""암흑의 가면"CommonFlip monster
ESP1-KR013"Thunder Dragon""썬더 드래곤"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR014"Nimble Momonga""재빠른 날다람쥐"Super RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR015"Giant Germ""자이언트 바이러스"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR016"Harpie Lady Sisters""해피 레이디 세자매"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR017"Sonic Bird""소닉 버드"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR018"Snatch Steal""강탈"RareEquip Spell Card
ESP1-KR019"Mystical Space Typhoon""싸이크론"Gold RareQuick-Play Spell Card
ESP1-KR020"Confiscation""압수"RareNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR021"Mother Grizzly""회색곰 마더"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR022"Shining Angel""샤이닝 엔젤"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR023"UFO Turtle""UFO터틀"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR024"Cold Wave""대 한파"CommonNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR025"Axe of Despair""데몬의 도끼"RareEquip Spell Card
ESP1-KR026"Banisher of the Light""빛의 추방자"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR027"Dust Tornado""더스트 토네이도"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
ESP1-KR028"Giant Trunade""허리케인"RareNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR029"Senju of the Thousand Hands""천수의 신"CommonEffect Monster
ESP1-KR030"Call of the Haunted""리빙 데드가 부르는 소리"CommonContinuous Trap Card
ESP1-KR031"Morphing Jar #2""카오스 포드"CommonFlip monster
ESP1-KR032"Nobleman of Crossout""말살의사도"RareNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR033"Mechanicalchaser""메카 헌터"CommonNormal Monster
ESP1-KR034"Torrential Tribute""격류장"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
ESP1-KR035"Ceasefire""정전 협정"RareNormal Trap Card
ESP1-KR036"Gravity Bind""그레비티 바인드"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
ESP1-KR037"Morphing Jar""메타모르 포트"CommonFlip monster
ESP1-KR038"Magic Jammer""매직 재머"RareCounter Trap Card
ESP1-KR039"Messenger of Peace""평화의 사자"Super RareContinuous Spell Card
ESP1-KR040"Needle Worm""니들 웜"CommonFlip monster
ESP1-KR041"Magician of Faith""성스러운 마술사"RareFlip monster
ESP1-KR042"Fissure""갈라진 대지"Super RareNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR043"Upstart Goblin""갑부 고블린"CommonNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR044"Magic Drain""매직 드레인"CommonCounter Trap Card
ESP1-KR045"Jinzo""인조인간 -사이코 쇼커-"Ultra RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR046"Heavy Storm""태풍"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR047"Mystic Tomato""킬러 토마토"Super RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR048"Premature Burial""성급한 매장"Super RareEquip Spell Card
ESP1-KR049"Swords of Revealing Light""빛의 봉인검"Super RareNormal Spell Card
ESP1-KR050"Elemental HERO Neos""엘리멘틀 히어로 네오스"Gold RareNormal Monster
ESP1-KR051"Destiny HERO - Dasher""데스티니 히어로 대시 가이"Ultra RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR052"Submarineroid""서브마린로이드"Ultra RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR053"Dimensional Inversion""리버스 디멘션"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
ESP1-KR054"Prohibition""금지령"CommonContinuous Spell Card
ESP1-KR055"Right Leg of the Forbidden One""봉인된 자의 오른쪽 다리"CommonNormal Monster
ESP1-KR056"Left Leg of the Forbidden One""봉인된 자의 왼쪽 다리"CommonNormal Monster
ESP1-KR057"Right Arm of the Forbidden One""봉인된 자의 오른쪽 팔"CommonNormal Monster
ESP1-KR058"Left Arm of the Forbidden One""봉인된 자의 왼쪽 팔"CommonNormal Monster
ESP1-KR059"Exodia the Forbidden One""봉인된 엑조디아"Ultra RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR060"Blue-Eyes White Dragon""푸른 눈의 백룡"Ultra RareNormal Monster
ESP1-KR061"Blast Sphere""구체 시한폭탄"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR062"Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin""천공용사 네오파샤스"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR063"Meltiel, Sage of the Sky""천공성자 메르티우스"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR064"Harvest Angel of Wisdom""지천사 하비스트"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR065"Freya, Spirit of Victory""승리를 이끄는 손 프리야"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR066"Nova Summoner""콜링 노바"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR067"Radiant Jeral""홀리 제럴"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR068"Gellenduo""젤엔듀오"Secret RareEffect Monster
ESP1-KR069"Aegis of Gaia""여신의 가호"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
ESP1-KR070"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai""여섯 무사의 사범"Gold RareEffect Monster
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