"Evoltile", known as "Evolde" (エヴォルド Evorudo) in the OCG is an "Evol" sub-archetype consisting of FIRE Reptile monsters whose effects support "Evolsaurs". They are the first stage in evolution where they will evolve into Dinosaur "Evolsaurs". Their English names are a combination of evolution and reptile.


Evoltile Origin
Casinerio Casineria
Elginero Elginerpeton
Gephyro Gephyrostegus
Lagosucho Lagosuchus
Megachirella Megachirella
Najasho Najash
Odonto Odontochelys
Pleuro Pleurosaurus
Westlo Westlothiana


  • Their tails resemble a DNA strand.
  • The pictures of all "Evoltiles" have what appears to be an ancient language.
  • Their pictures have some sort of molecule in the background.
    • It is likely an artistic imagining of a nucleic acid, since it bears resemblance to bases and a sugar phosphate-like backbone. Interestingly, the bases don't correspond to any natural bases, the phosphate-like groups are not true phsophates and the many of the Nitrogen atoms have too many bonds, and would not be stable structures.
  • Their pictures also have a depiction of the evolution of man in the lower right corner.
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