Cards Per Pack: 3

Price Per Pack: 400 DP

Number of Cards: 74

Unlocked: Beat 8 monsters in a row in Survival Duel

Secret Rare

Butterfly Dagger - Elma

Ultra Rare

Mage Power

Premature Burial

Snatch Steal

United We Stand

Super Rare

Autonomous Action Unit

Fairy of the Spring

Gilford the Legend

Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu

Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou


Axe of Despair

Big Bang Shot

Chopman the Desperate Outlaw

Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade

Ekibyo Drakmord

Fairy Meteor Crush

Fulfillment of the Contract



Opti-Camouflage Armor

Raregold Armor


The Kick Man

Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce



Armed Changer

Armor Break

Arsenal Robber

Ballista of Rampart Smashing

Black Pendant

Bright Castle

Bubble Blaster

Buster Rancher

Cestus of Dagla

Chthonian Alliance

Cyclon Laser

Cyclone Boomerang

Dark Magician's Tome of Black Magic


Falling Down


Fuhma Shuriken

Fusion Sword Murasame Blade

Fusion Weapon

Germ Infection

Gravity Axe - Grarl

Guardian Elma

Heart of Clear Water

Horn of Light

Horn of the Unicorn

Insect Armor with Laser Cannon

Legendary Black Belt

Lightning Blade

Magical Labyrinth

Malevolent Nuzzler

Mask of Brutality

Mask of the Accursed

Necklace of Command

Nitro Unit

Ring of Magnetism

Ritual Weapon

Rod of the Mind's Eye

Rod of Silence - Kay'est


Scroll of Bewitchment

Shooting Star Bow - Ceal

Smoke Grenade of the Thief

Spark Blaster


Sword of Deep-Seated

Sword of Dragon's Soul

Sword of the Soul-Eater

Symbol of Heritage

Trial of the Princesses

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