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Japanese (romanized)

Endo Feizu


End Phase

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Order of a turn.

The End Phase (Japanese: エンドフェイズ Endo Feizu) is the final phase of the turn. It occurs after Main Phase 2 (or Main Phase 1 if no Battle Phase was conducted) has been completed.

Many card effects apply during the End Phase, such as "Change of Heart" and "Power Bond". The turn player gets to decide the order to apply their maintenance costs and/or effects that apply or activate at this time.

At the end of the End Phase, if the turn player has more cards in their hand than the hand size limit (normally 6), they must discard cards until their hand satisfies the hand size limit.

Any action that states "at the end of the turn", such as the expiration of the effect of "Effect Veiler", is done at the very end of this phase, after discarding cards to adjust to the hand size limit if the number of cards exceed this.


  • The End Phase is the only phase that cannot be skipped by a card effect in the TCG/OCG, unless the entire turn gets skipped.