Embodiment of Apophis is a character version of the card "Embodiment of Apophis".


Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006

In this game, Embodiment of Apophis appears as one of the Limited Duel opponents; it challenges the player to defeat it using a Deck that contains no monsters whatsoever.


Embodiment of Apophis uses a Deck titled "A Question of Technique". Abiding by the same no monsters constraint as the player, this Deck contains many LP-Burning Spells and Traps in addition to backrow control so that this Deck's own tactics can come to fruition. In particular, this Deck offsides its complete lack of monsters with "Jam Breeding Machine" as well as three copies of its own card to use with "Mass Driver"; the latter said three copies however, can also fare well in battle if need be, given the constraints of this matchup. This Deck even has "Lightning Vortex" should the opponent run any Trap Monsters of their own.

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