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Various Eliminators hired by Pegasus

Eliminators, known as Player Killers (プレイヤーキラー Pureiyā Kirā) in the manga and Japanese version, were duelists employed by Maximillion Pegasus for the Duelist Kingdom tournament. Their role in the tournament was to Duel other contestants to try to take away their Star Chips and get them disqualified from the tournament.

Pegasus hired the Eliminators to ensure that only four finalists could reach Pegasus Castle. As there were eighty Star Chips in total issued (with ten required to enter the castle), the Eliminators' duty was to retrieve the extra forty Star Chips, to ensure no more than four finalists could enter. In the case of the Ventriloquist of the Dead/Ghost Kaiba, he was assigned primarily to defeat Yugi Muto, as he could imitate Seto Kaiba to intimidate the young duelist. There was also apparently a bounty system in place, as PaniK noted that Yugi had a particularly high bounty placed on him.

List of known Eliminators

Image Character
PaniK.png PaniK
Para.png Para
Dox.png Dox
Ghost Kaiba.jpg Ghost Kaiba (anime)
MimicPuppet.jpg Ventriloquist of the Dead (manga)