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{{Approximate name|Arabic}}
|arname = البطل البارز : ناصع السّواد
|dename = Elementarheld Darkbright
|grname = Στοιχειακός Ήρωας Σκοτολάμψη
|spname = Héroe Elemental Brillo Oscuro
|kanji = <ruby><rb>E・HERO</rb><rp>(</rp><rt>エレメンタルヒーロー</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby> ダーク・ブライトマン
|jpname = E・HERO ダーク・ブライトマン
|jphira = エレメンタルヒーロー ダーク・ブライトマン
|phon = Erementaru Hīrō Dāku Buraitoman
|ptname = Herói Elementar Brilho Negro
|itname = Darkbright Eroe Elementale
|trans = Elemental Hero Dark Brightman
|image = ElementalHeroDarkbrightTAEV-EN-UR.jpg
|attribute = Dark
|type = Warrior
|type2 = Fusion
|type3 = Effect
|level = 6
|atk = 2000
|def = 1000
|lore = "[[Elemental Hero Necroshade]]" + "[[Elemental Hero Sparkman]]"<br/>This [[Monster Cards|monster]] cannot be [[Special Summon]]ed except by [[Fusion Summon]]. During battle between this [[attack]]ing card and a [[Defense Position]] [[Monster Cards|monster]] whose [[DEF]] is lower than the [[ATK]] of this card, inflict the difference as [[Battle Damage]] to your opponent. If this card [[attack]]s, it is changed to [[Defense Position]] at the end of the [[Damage Step]]. If this card is [[destroy]]ed, [[destroy]] 1 [[Monster Cards|monster]] your opponent [[control]]s.
|ptlore = "[[Elemental Hero Sparkman]]" + "[[Elemental Hero Necroshade]]"<br/>Esta carta somente pode ser Special Summoned por Fusion Summon. Durante uma batalha entre esta carta atacando e um monstro na Posição de Defesa cuja DEF é menor que o ATK desta carta, inflija a diferença como Dano de Batalha aos LPs do seu oponente. Se esta carta ataca, ela é mudada para a Posição de Defesa no fim da Damage Step. Quando esta carta é destruída, destrua 1 monstro no lado do campo do seu oponente.
|effect1 = Summon
|effect2 = Continuous
|effect3 = Trigger
|number = 41517968
|archetype1 = Elemental Heroes
|summon1 = Nomi
|summon2 = 2 Fusion Materials
|attack1 = Piercing
|action1 = Changes Battle Position
|mst1 = Destroys Monster Cards
|en_sets =
'''[[Tactical Evolution]]''' ([[TAEV-EN042]] - [[UR]]/[[UtR]])
|fr_sets =
'''[[Tactical Evolution]]''' ([[TAEV-FR042]] - [[UR]]/[[UtR]])
|de_sets =
'''[[Tactical Evolution]]''' ([[TAEV-DE042]] - [[UR]]/[[UtR]])
|it_sets =
'''[[Tactical Evolution]]''' ([[TAEV-IT042]] - [[UR]]/[[UtR]])
|sp_sets =
'''[[Tactical Evolution]]''' ([[TAEV-SP042]] - [[UR]]/[[UtR]])
|jp_sets =
'''[[Duel Terminal - Charge of the Genex]]''' ([[DT07-JP036]] - [[DNPR]]
'''[[Tactical Evolution]]''' ([[TAEV-JP042]] - [[UR]]/[[UtR]])
|kr_sets =
'''[[Tactical Evolution]]''' ([[TAEV-KR042]] - [[UR]]/[[UtR]])
|ygo_sets =
'''[[Pack 45 (YGOO-BP)|Pack 45]]'''
|anime_gx =
[[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 119|119]]/[[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 129|129]]/[[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 130|130]]/[[Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 161|161]]

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