"Eldlich" (エルドリッチ Erudoritchi) is an archetype that debutted in Deck Build Pack: Secret Slayers.


"Eldlich" is a portmanteau of "Eldritch" and "lich", and also a play on the name of the mythical city of gold El Dorado.


Monster Effect
Eldlich the Golden Lord Targets card on the field to send it to the GY by discarding itself and a Spell/Trap. Adds itself to the hand by sending a Spell/Trap from your field and then Special Summons a Zombie from the hand, which gains 1000 ATK and cannot be destroyed until end of opponents turn.

Playing style

This archetype is centered around the monster Eldlich the Golden Lord and is supported by the "Eldlixir" and "Golden Land" archetypes. The deck's playstyle revolves around getting Eldlich to the field as quickly as possible, either through his own effect or the "Eldlixer" cards. From there, the deck uses a control and swarm playstyle to allow "Eldlixer" cards to summon more Zombie monsters and the "Golden Land" Trap Monsters to do additional effects when summoned with Golden Lord on the field; such as destroying a card on field, banishing a card from GY, or lowering a monster's ATK to 0.

Alongside this, all "Eldlixer" cards and some "Golden Land" Traps have effects to banish them from the GY and set the opposite archetype's cards from the Deck to the field for next turn. For a last resort option, use the Trap El Dorado Adelantado, which has 2 effects to use by recycling 3 different named copies of "Eldlixer" or "Golden Land" cards; either destroy the board through recycling Eldlixer cards or halving the opponent's LP and gaining that much through recycling Golden Land cards.

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