Egypt Unearthed exhibition

The exhibition.

Egypt Unearthed was an exhibition which took place at Domino Museum. It contained items from a tomb from the New Kingdom Era, which Professor Yoshimori and Curator Kanekura had excavated two months earlier.[1]

Since Yugi's Grandpa was good friends with Yoshimori, he was able to get Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda (and Miho in the anime)[2] free admission.[1]

At the museum, Kanekura begged Yugi to let him put the Millennium Puzzle on display. Yugi agreed to let him use it for one day.[1]

Yoshimori guided Yugi and his friends through the exhibition and explained the Weighing of the Heart ritual to them.[1]

Kanekura tried to sell the Millennium Puzzle before Yugi got a chance to take it back. However, Shadi confronted Kanekura over his theft and defilement of Egyptian tombs and made him take part in the Weighing of the Heart. Kanekura was killed through this and Shadi found the puzzle, which he later returned to Yugi.[1]


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