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"Edge Imp" (エッジインプ Ejji Inpu) is an archetype of DARK Fiend monsters used by Sora Perse in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime and manga. They are closely related to the "Fluffal" and "Frightfur" archetypes.


They visually appear to be strange creatures made up of objects used for cutting or breaking, like scissors and tomahawks, with two glowing pink eyes within a shadowed area. According to Sora's Summon chants, the "Edge Imps" are objects possessed by demons, which could explain the menacing appearance of the "Frightfur" monsters, and their conversion into DARK monsters. In the TCG and English ARC-V anime, their blades were given a glow to avoid references to real life bladed weapons until Rise of the Duelist where "Edge Imp Scythe" was the first "Edge Imp" monster in the TCG to be uncensored.

Playing style

"Edge Imp" monsters work in tandem with the "Fluffal" archetype, being part of the Fusion Materials for their "Frightfur" Fusion Monsters. As such, "Edge Imp" monsters focus on getting themselves into the hand or onto the field to be used for Fusion Summons, as well as gathering more materials through drawing cards.