Earth (アース, Āsu) is a character of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is one of the six Ignis, the "Earth Ignis".



Earth is a tallest and most massive Ignis. He has brown straight markings over his bulky orange body, and pixel cyan eyes.


He is very serious and honest, and, as he referred to himself multiple times, socially awkward. The only time he is remotely close to blushing or space out is when talking to or thinking about Aqua.


Like his fellow Ignis, Earth has the ability to control and generate Data Material. He can also create Cyberse cards, with his specialty being EARTH attribute.




Earth in his territory after creation of Cyberse World.

Earth was created with the other Ignis by Dr. Kogami in the Hanoi Project to be the saviors of humanity. Like his fellow Ignis, Earth evolved and they created the Cyberse World, as well as the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the AI and humanity would become enemies, who created Ignis to help humanity instead.[1] Despite this, Earth and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse World. Earth's sector of Cyberse is a place filled with floating rocks. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[2]

Unnamed orange lifeform

Earth trapped.

Varis launched an attack to Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". The entities of Cyberse, including Earth, were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and the "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai, who escaped Cyberse and severed the connection with that place. Others realized he wanted to hide Cyberse at the price being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated, Varis' "Cracking Dragon" ate him, though his eye was lost in the network. Varis had his team search for Ai's remains, for only he knew the location of Cyberse.[3]

In Ai's absence, Earth spoke with the other Ignis, how their technology surpassed humanity. They wondered if they should share this technology with humans, and co-exist with them. Since they learned Varis and Dr. Kogami tried to destroy them, the Ignis noted that humans had the potential to be their enemies. The Ignis did not reach a conclusion, as the Cyberse World was attacked by an unknown enemy. The Ignis escaped from Cyberse World.[4]


Ai and Earth

Ai happy to see Earth again.





Earth plays a G Golem Deck.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 67 TBD


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