Otogi girls

Duke girls A, B and C

The Duke girls are a trio of cheerleaders, who supported Duke Devlin in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

While not specifically named in the English dub, they are called Otogi girls ( () (とぎ) ガールズ Otogi gāruzu) in the Japanese anime. (Ryuji Otogi being Duke's name in the Japanese version.) In the episode credits, they are simply called girls (ガールズ gāruzu) and are voiced by Noriko Namiki, Rumi Shishido and Yoshiko Iseki in the Japanese version,[1] and by Megan Hollingshead, Kayzie Rogers and Tara Sands in the English dub.[citation needed] They are based on three girls from the manga, who had a similar role, but did not dress as cheerleaders for Otogi's games.[2] In character lineart, the individual members are labelled "A", "B" and "C".[3]


Jonouchi girls

Joey imagining the girls as "Joey girls" ("Jonouchi girls" in the Japanese version)

The three girls were among a group of female students at Domino High School, who were impressed by Duke Devlin's dice tricks. Joey Wheeler became jealous and hoped to beat Duke in a game to win the girls' attention. After losing a dice in cup game, he challenged Duke to a game of Duel Monsters. Duke added the conditions that they play using cards from newly opened Booster Packs and if he won, Joey would do as he said for a week. Joey accepted and said that if he won, the girls would have to cheer for him, which the girls were horrified by. (In the English dub, Joey said that Duke would have to close the Black Crown if he won.)[1]

Three of the girls stayed on and dressed as cheerleaders, wearing sashes with "Otogi" wrote on them. (The text is erased in the English dub.) When Joey was well ahead of Duke in the Duel, Yugi Muto tried warning him not to get overconfident, but Joey ignored him, as he fantasized the girls, cheering for him as "Joey girls", with sashes saying "Jonouchi". (The text is erased in the English dub. "Katsuya Jonouchi" is Joey's name in the Japanese version.) Joey ultimately lost the Duel and per the wager had to act as Duke's slave. One of the Duke girls provided him with a dog costume, which Duke wanted him to wear.[1]

When Yami Yugi faced Duke in Dungeon Dice Monsters for Joey's freedom, the Duke girls continued to cheer for Duke. With help from Joey, they used their bodies to spell out Otogi's name in katakana, オトギ. They attacked Joey when he bad mouthed Duke.[4]


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