A Dueltainer, known as an Entertainment Duelist (エンターテインメント・デュエリスト Entāteinmento Dyuerisuto or エンタメ・デュエリスト Entame Dyuerisuto) in the Japanese version, is a new form of Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. Dueltainers are prepared to entertain the public with their Action Duels. So far, as presented by Yuya, it involves a flashy presentation, death-defying acrobatics and a bit of humor, making it seem like a circus act designed to please the audience. However, others such as Jack Atlas, who also views himself as a Dueltainer, believes strength should be used to entertain the crowd and that Yuya's Dueling is self-satisfaction only.

According to Yusho Sakaki, impressing the audience is not the essence of the Dueltainer's Duel, but rather the ability to reach the audience's hearts and make those waver. In his opinion, this is what Dennis McField lacks, since his Dueling is only flashy.[1]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, George Gore uses Entertainment Duel to entertain his audience, especially the orphans of an orphanage where he came from.[2]

Known Dueltainers


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