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These cards were handed out to participants of the 2013 Duelist League. The Duelist League is independent of age and open for all duelists. Once a Duelist has won three events, he or she will not participate in future Duelist League events in the same business. Not affected by this rule are duelists who were born in 2001 or later. All cards were available in purple, red, green, and blue Rare versions.


All 20 cards are Rare.



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
DL17-FR001"Lord of D.""Seigneur des D"RareEffect Monster
DL17-FR002"Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8""Horus Dragon de la Flamme Noire LV8"RareEffect Monster
DL17-FR003"Silent Swordsman LV7""Spadassin Silencieux LV7"RareEffect Monster
DL17-FR004"Super-Ancient Dinobeast""Bête Dinosaure Millénaire"RareEffect Monster
DL17-FR005"Mezuki""Mezuki"RareEffect Monster
DL17-FR006"Hyper Synchron""Robot Hyper Synchronique"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-FR007"Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn""Aile Noire - Sirocco l'Aube"RareEffect Monster
DL17-FR008"Quickdraw Synchron""Hors-la-Loi Synchronique"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-FR009"Delg the Dark Monarch""Delg le Monarque des Ténèbres"RareEffect Monster
DL17-FR010"Cyber End Dragon" (as "Cyber Dragon Ultime")"Dragon Cyber Ultime"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL17-FR011"Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth""Chevalier Gaia, Force de la Terre"RareSynchro Monster
DL17-FR012"Gagagigo the Risen""Gagagigo le Ressuscité"RareXyz Monster
DL17-FR013"The Flute of Summoning Dragon""La Flûte d'Invocation du Dragon"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-FR014"Book of Life""Le Livre de la Vie"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-FR015"Call of the Mummy""L'Appel de la Momie"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL17-FR016"Fairy of the Spring""Faérie du Printemps"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-FR017"Double Summon""Double Invocation"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-FR018"Summon Limit""Limiteur d'Invocation"RareContinuous Trap Card
DL17-FR019"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse""Corbeaux Delta - Anti Retournement"RareNormal Trap Card
DL17-FR020"Starlight Road""Chemin Lumière d'Étoile"RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
DL17-DE001"Lord of D.""Herr der Drachen"RareEffect Monster
DL17-DE002"Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8""Horus, der Schwarzflammendrache LV8"RareEffect Monster
DL17-DE003"Silent Swordsman LV7""Schweigsamer Schwertkämpfer LV7"RareEffect Monster
DL17-DE004"Super-Ancient Dinobeast""Superantikes Dinoungeheuer"RareEffect Monster
DL17-DE005"Mezuki""Mezuki"RareEffect Monster
DL17-DE006"Hyper Synchron""Hypersynchron"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-DE007"Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn""Schwarzflügel - Sirocco die Morgenröte"RareEffect Monster
DL17-DE008"Quickdraw Synchron""Schnellziehsynchron"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-DE009"Delg the Dark Monarch""Delg der finstere Monarch"RareEffect Monster
DL17-DE010"Cyber End Dragon""Cyber End-Drache"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL17-DE011"Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth""Gaia-Ritter, die Kraft der Erde"RareSynchro Monster
DL17-DE012"Gagagigo the Risen""Gagagigo der Aufgestiegene"RareXyz Monster
DL17-DE013"The Flute of Summoning Dragon""Drachenrufflöte"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-DE014"Book of Life""Buch des Lebens"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-DE015"Call of the Mummy""Ruf der Mumie"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL17-DE016"Fairy of the Spring""Fee der Quelle"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-DE017"Double Summon""Doppelbeschwörung"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-DE018"Summon Limit""Beschwörungslimit"RareContinuous Trap Card
DL17-DE019"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse""Deltakrähe - Antiumkehrung"RareNormal Trap Card
DL17-DE020"Starlight Road""Straße zum Sternenlicht"RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
DL17-IT001"Lord of D.""Signore di D."RareEffect Monster
DL17-IT002"Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8""Horus il Drago della Fiamma Oscura LV8"RareEffect Monster
DL17-IT003"Silent Swordsman LV7""Spadaccino Silente LV7"RareEffect Monster
DL17-IT004"Super-Ancient Dinobeast""Dinosauro Super-Antico"RareEffect Monster
DL17-IT005"Mezuki""Mezuki"RareEffect Monster
DL17-IT006"Hyper Synchron""Hyper Synchron"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-IT007"Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn""Alanera - Sirocco l'Alba"RareEffect Monster
DL17-IT008"Quickdraw Synchron""Pistolero Synchron"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-IT009"Delg the Dark Monarch""Delg, il Monarca Oscuro"RareEffect Monster
DL17-IT010"Cyber End Dragon" (as "Cyber Drago Finale")"Drago Cyber Finale"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL17-IT011"Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth""Cavaliere Gaia, la Forza della Terra"RareSynchro Monster
DL17-IT012"Gagagigo the Risen""Gagagigo il Rinato"RareXyz Monster
DL17-IT013"The Flute of Summoning Dragon""Flauto Evoca-Draghi"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-IT014"Book of Life""Libro della Vita"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-IT015"Call of the Mummy""Richiamo della Mummia"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL17-IT016"Fairy of the Spring""Fata della Sorgente"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-IT017"Double Summon""Doppia Evocazione"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-IT018"Summon Limit""Limite di Evocazione"RareContinuous Trap Card
DL17-IT019"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse""Corvo Delta - Anti Inversione"RareNormal Trap Card
DL17-IT020"Starlight Road""Cammino Luce di Stelle"RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
DL17-PT001"Lord of D.""Senhor dos Dragões"RareEffect Monster
DL17-PT002"Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8""Horus, o Dragão da Chama Negra LV8"RareEffect Monster
DL17-PT003"Silent Swordsman LV7""Espadachim Silencioso LV7"RareEffect Monster
DL17-PT004"Super-Ancient Dinobeast""Dinobesta Super Antiga"RareEffect Monster
DL17-PT005"Mezuki""Mezuki"RareEffect Monster
DL17-PT006"Hyper Synchron""Hiper Sincron"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-PT007"Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn""Asanegra - Sirocco, o Amanhecer"RareEffect Monster
DL17-PT008"Quickdraw Synchron""Sincron Gatilho-Rápido"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-PT009"Delg the Dark Monarch""Delg, o Monarca Negro"RareEffect Monster
DL17-PT010"Cyber End Dragon" (as "Dragão Cibernético Final")"Dragão Final Cibernético"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL17-PT011"Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth""Cavaleiro Gaia, a Força da Terra"RareSynchro Monster
DL17-PT012"Gagagigo the Risen""Gagagigo, o Ressurgido"RareXyz Monster
DL17-PT013"The Flute of Summoning Dragon""A Flauta para Invocação de Dragões"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-PT014"Book of Life""Livro da Vida"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-PT015"Call of the Mummy""Chamado da Múmia"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL17-PT016"Fairy of the Spring""Anjo da Fonte"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-PT017"Double Summon""Invocação Dupla"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-PT018"Summon Limit""Limitar Invocação"RareContinuous Trap Card
DL17-PT019"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse""Corvo Delta - Anti Reversão"RareNormal Trap Card
DL17-PT020"Starlight Road""Estrada da Luz Estrelada"RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
DL17-SP001"Lord of D.""Señor de D."RareEffect Monster
DL17-SP002"Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8""Horus el Dragón de la Llama Negra LV8"RareEffect Monster
DL17-SP003"Silent Swordsman LV7""Espadachín Silencioso LV7"RareEffect Monster
DL17-SP004"Super-Ancient Dinobeast""Dinobestia Super Antigua"RareEffect Monster
DL17-SP005"Mezuki""Mezuki"RareEffect Monster
DL17-SP006"Hyper Synchron""Hiper Sincrón"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-SP007"Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn""Alanegra - Sirocco el Amanecer"RareEffect Monster
DL17-SP008"Quickdraw Synchron""Sincrón de Desenfunde Veloz"RareEffect Tuner monster
DL17-SP009"Delg the Dark Monarch""Delg el Monarca Oscuro"RareEffect Monster
DL17-SP010"Cyber End Dragon" (as "Ciber Dragón Final")"Dragón Ciber Final"RareEffect Fusion Monster
DL17-SP011"Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth""Caballero Gaia, la Fuerza de la Tierra"RareSynchro Monster
DL17-SP012"Gagagigo the Risen""Gagagigo el Elevado"RareXyz Monster
DL17-SP013"The Flute of Summoning Dragon""La Flauta de Convoca-Dragones"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-SP014"Book of Life""Libro de la Vida"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-SP015"Call of the Mummy""Llamada de la Momia"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL17-SP016"Fairy of the Spring""Hada del Verano"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-SP017"Double Summon""Invocación Doble"RareNormal Spell Card
DL17-SP018"Summon Limit""Límite a la Invocación"RareContinuous Trap Card
DL17-SP019"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse""Cuervo Delta - Anti Reversión"RareNormal Trap Card
DL17-SP020"Starlight Road""Camino de Luz de Estrellas"RareNormal Trap Card