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These cards were handed out to participants of the 2012 Duelist League. The Duelist League is independent of age and open for all duelists. Once a Duelist has won three events, he or she will not participate in future Duelist League events in the same business. Not affected by this rule are duelists who were born in 2000 or later. All cards were available in purple, red, green, and blue Rare versions.


All 20 cards are Rare.



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
DL15-FR001"Skilled Dark Magician""Magicien Sombre Expérimenté"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR002"Enraged Battle Ox""Bœuf de Combat Enragé"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR003"Ultimate Baseball Kid""Gosse Suprême du Base-ball"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR004"Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective""Âme de Gaia, le Combustible Collectif"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR005"Frost and Flame Dragon""Dragon de Feu et de Glace"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR006"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius, le Monarque des Ombres"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR007"Super-Nimble Mega Hamster""Super Méga Agile Hamster"RareFlip monster
DL15-FR008"Zubaba Knight""Chevalier Zubaba"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR009"Gagaga Magician""Magicien Gagaga"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR010"Gogogo Golem""Golem Gogogo"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR011"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"RareEffect Monster
DL15-FR012"Number 17: Leviathan Dragon""Numéro 17 : Dragon Léviathan"RareEffect Xyz Monster
DL15-FR013"Salamandra""Salamandra"RareEquip Spell Card
DL15-FR014"Fires of Doomsday""Flammes du Jugement Dernier"RareQuick-Play Spell Card
DL15-FR015"Black Whirlwind""Tourbillon Noir"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL15-FR016"Solidarity""Solidarité"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL15-FR017"Wonder Wand""Baguette Magique"RareEquip Spell Card
DL15-FR018"Mirror Force""Force de Miroir"RareNormal Trap Card
DL15-FR019"Disturbance Strategy""Stratégie de Confusion"RareNormal Trap Card
DL15-FR020"Horn of the Phantom Beast""Corne de la Bête Fantôme"RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
DL15-IT001"Skilled Dark Magician""Abile Mago Nero"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT002"Enraged Battle Ox""Ascia da Guerra Infuriata"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT003"Ultimate Baseball Kid""Giovane Promessa del Baseballa"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT004"Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective""L'Anima di Gaia il Combustibile Collettivo"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT005"Frost and Flame Dragon""Drago di Ghiaccio e Fiamma"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT006"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius il Monarca dell'Ombra"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT007"Super-Nimble Mega Hamster""Criceto Gigante Super Agile"RareFlip monster
DL15-IT008"Zubaba Knight""Cavaliere Zubaba"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT009"Gagaga Magician""Mago Gagaga"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT010"Gogogo Golem""Golem Gogogo"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT011"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"RareEffect Monster
DL15-IT012"Number 17: Leviathan Dragon""Numero 17: Drago Leviatano"RareEffect Xyz Monster
DL15-IT013"Salamandra""Salamandra"RareEquip Spell Card
DL15-IT014"Fires of Doomsday""Fuochi del Giorno del Giudizio"RareQuick-Play Spell Card
DL15-IT015"Black Whirlwind""Vortice Nero"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL15-IT016"Solidarity""Solidarietà"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL15-IT017"Wonder Wand""Bacchetta Miracolosa"RareEquip Spell Card
DL15-IT018"Mirror Force""Forza Riflessa"RareNormal Trap Card
DL15-IT019"Disturbance Strategy""Strategia di Disturbo"RareNormal Trap Card
DL15-IT020"Horn of the Phantom Beast""Corno della Bestia Fantasma"RareNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
DL15-PT001"Skilled Dark Magician""Mago Negro Habilidoso"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT002"Enraged Battle Ox""Touro Guerreiro Enfurecido"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT003"Ultimate Baseball Kid""Rapaz de Baseball Derradeiro"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT004"Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective""Alma de Gaia, o Coletivo de Combustível"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT005"Frost and Flame Dragon""Dragão das Chamas e da Geada"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT006"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius, o Monarca das Sombras"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT007"Super-Nimble Mega Hamster""Mega Hamster Super-Ágil"RareFlip monster
DL15-PT008"Zubaba Knight""Cavaleiro Zubaba"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT009"Gagaga Magician""Mago Gagaga"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT010"Gogogo Golem""Golem Gogogo"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT011"Kurivolt""Kurivolt"RareEffect Monster
DL15-PT012"Number 17: Leviathan Dragon""Número 17: Dragão Leviatã"RareEffect Xyz Monster
DL15-PT013"Salamandra""Salamandra"RareEquip Spell Card
DL15-PT014"Fires of Doomsday""Fogos do Juízo Final"RareQuick-Play Spell Card
DL15-PT015"Black Whirlwind""Redemoinho Negro"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL15-PT016"Solidarity""Solidariedade"RareContinuous Spell Card
DL15-PT017"Wonder Wand""Varinha das Maravilhas"RareEquip Spell Card
DL15-PT018"Mirror Force""Força do Espelho"RareNormal Trap Card
DL15-PT019"Disturbance Strategy""Estratégia de Disturbio"RareNormal Trap Card
DL15-PT020"Horn of the Phantom Beast""Chifre da Besta Fantasma"RareNormal Trap Card