A Dueling Team, ZEXAL.

A Dueling Team (Dチーム Dyueru Chīmu) is a group of Duelists who join forces to Duel against other ones within the Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL spin-off manga that is similar to the Duel Gangs. Each team has its own Team Badge (チームバッジ Chīmu Bajji), which symbolizes the pride of the team.

The Dueling Teams are made in order to learn about the game's rules, learn new tactics and improve one's skills. Once a member receives their team's badge, they can compete against other teams through the D-Network.[1] A request can be sent or received through the D-Network by using the D-Pad.[2]

Known teams

Team Screenshot Badge Information
ZEXAL Team's Badge
Team ZEXAL consists of Yuma and his friends. It is formed for the reasons of to learn more about Dueling and get stronger.
Shark Shark's Dueling Team Team Shark logo Team Shark is a team lead by Shark.
Air Force Team Air Force Team Air Force badge Team Air Force is a team that takes part of the Team Duel Tournament.
lswarm Team lswarm masks Team lswarm's badge Team lswarm entered the Team Duel Tournament and faces Team ZEXAL in the Heartland Theme Park Horror Tower.
Fire Stars Team Fire Starts Unknown Team Fire Stars is a team which participated in the Team Duel Tournament and faced Team ZEXAL.


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