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A Dueling Machine or a Duel robot is a machine built to simulate duels without the need of a human opponent. They were built by KaibaCorp and were first shown in the second series anime. The two seen were the Duel Computer using Seto's Deck and later the KC DuelTek 760 using Random Cards. Their names suggest that the 1000 model is more advanced then the 760 model in spite of it being introduced first. In the novel Cyber Kaiba could be considered a Duel machine.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, this type of Dueling robot is again seen as Duelbots the 1st Copy was called Ghost that use Meklord Cards and all Others are using Ally of Justice Cards. Duelbots are the 1st Humanoids and Guard Robot is Security Robot that use Counter Traps & Restricting Cards.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Lillybot is the only Litterbot that Duel Yuma using Junk Robot Cards, A Heartland Tower Security Robot use Scrap Cards. And Orbital 7 is a Assistance Robot that use Super Defense Robot Cards

In VRAINS, Roboppy is a Maid Robot that gets Ai's backup program to gain free will and develop a human form using Appliancer Cards. Becoming the 2nd Humanoid.