The set contains 100 cards. Each box contains the following:

  • 6 booster packs, containing 5 Ultra Rare cards
  • 6 new Ultra Rare variant art cards
  • 1 Gameboard



Variant cards
Card numberNameRarityCategory
DUPO-EN101"Dark Magician"Ultra RareNormal Monster
DUPO-EN102"Elemental HERO Neos"Ultra RareNormal Monster
DUPO-EN103"Stardust Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
DUPO-EN104"Number 39: Utopia"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
DUPO-EN105"Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Pendulum Monster
DUPO-EN106"Decode Talker"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
Booster packs
Card numberNameRarityCategory
DUPO-EN001"Magician of Chaos"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DUPO-EN002"Dark Cavalry"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
DUPO-EN003"Draw of Fate"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN004"Elemental HERO Grandmerge"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
DUPO-EN005"Double Hero Attack"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
DUPO-EN006"Signal Warrior"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
DUPO-EN007"Stardust Wish"Ultra RareContinuous Trap Card
DUPO-EN008"Number 39: Utopia Double"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
DUPO-EN009"Utopic Onomatopeia"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN010"Shining Draw"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN011"Odd-Eyes Advance Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN012"Performapal Smile Sorcerer"Ultra RareEffect Pendulum Monster
DUPO-EN013"Soul Pendulum"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
DUPO-EN014"Cyberse Enchanter"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN015"Backup Supervisor"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN016"Decode Destruction"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN017"Bond Between Teacher and Student"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN018"Dark Magic Twin Burst"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN019"Magic Gate of Miracles"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN020"Doublebyte Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN021"Trickstar Foxglove Witch"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN022"Trickstar Magical Laurel"Ultra RareEquip Spell Card
DUPO-EN023"Gouki Jet Ogre"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN024"Gouki Cage Match"Ultra RareField Spell Card
DUPO-EN025"Booster Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN026"Tactical Exchanger"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
DUPO-EN027"Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN028"Crowley, the First Propheseer"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN029"Aromaseraphy Jasmine"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN030"Thunder Dragon Thunderstormech"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN031"Nine-Tailed Fox"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN032"Righty Driver"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
DUPO-EN033"Lefty Driver"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN034"Photon Advancer"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN035"Predaplant Spider Orchid"Ultra RareEffect Pendulum Monster
DUPO-EN036"Cyber Dragon Nachster"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN037"Security Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN038"Beat Cop from the Underworld"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN039"Platinum Gadget"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN040"Quintet Magician"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
DUPO-EN041"Toon Dark Magician Girl"Ultra RareToon monster
DUPO-EN042"Silver Gadget"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN043"Gold Gadget"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN044"Harpie Dancer"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN045"The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN046"The Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN047"Divine Serpent Geh"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN048"Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DUPO-EN049"Chaos Form"Ultra RareRitual Spell Card
DUPO-EN050"Card of Demise"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN051"Dark Magical Circle"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
DUPO-EN052"Eternal Soul"Ultra RareContinuous Trap Card
DUPO-EN053"Vision HERO Vyon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN054"Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN055"Miracle Fusion"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN056"Mark of the Rose"Ultra RareEquip Spell Card
DUPO-EN057"Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
DUPO-EN058"Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
DUPO-EN059"Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
DUPO-EN060"Star Seraph Scepter"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN061"Star Seraph Sovereignty"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN062"Galaxy Soldier"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN063"Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
DUPO-EN064"Double or Nothing!"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
DUPO-EN065"Xyz Change Tactics"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card
DUPO-EN066"Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio"Ultra Rare
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DUPO-EN067"Frightfur Patchwork"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
DUPO-EN068"Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
DUPO-EN069"Predaplant Dragostapelia"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
DUPO-EN070"Link Disciple"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN071"Linkuriboh"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN072"Trickstar Holly Angel"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN073"Gouki the Great Ogre"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN074"Borreload Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN075"Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
DUPO-EN076"Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
DUPO-EN077"Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
DUPO-EN078"Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster
DUPO-EN079"Zaborg the Mega Monarch"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN080"Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN081"High Priestess of Prophecy"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN082"Aromage Jasmine"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN083"Aromage Rosemary"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN084"Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz"Ultra RareEffect Monster
DUPO-EN085"Nekroz of Clausolas"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DUPO-EN086"Nekroz of Brionac"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DUPO-EN087"Nekroz of Trishula"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DUPO-EN088"Nekroz of Unicore"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DUPO-EN089"Nekroz of Valkyrus"Ultra RareEffect Ritual Monster
DUPO-EN090"El Shaddoll Construct"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
DUPO-EN091"Naturia Beast"Ultra RareEffect Synchro Monster
DUPO-EN092"Hieratic Dragon King of Atum"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
DUPO-EN093"Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster
DUPO-EN094"Shaddoll Construct"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN095"Qliphort Genius"Ultra RareEffect Link Monster
DUPO-EN096"El Shaddoll Fusion"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card
DUPO-EN097"Nekroz Mirror"Ultra RareRitual Spell Card
DUPO-EN098"Nekroz Kaleidoscope"Ultra RareRitual Spell Card
DUPO-EN099"Evenly Matched"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
DUPO-EN100"Infinite Impermanence"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card

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