This Duel Disk was released in the Japanese Version with 2 promos, while the English version was intended to have only 1 promo card: Vice Dragon, but it was accidentally released in Raging Battle: Special Edition in a very limited number, as a result the English version didn't include any promo.

Set Specifications
  • English Set Name: Duel Disk - Yusei Version
  • Japanese Set Name: デュエルディスク遊星Ver.
  • Release Date: 26 September 2009 (Japan)
  • Release Date: November 2009 (North-America)
  • Price: 3,990 yen (Approximately: $40.00 US) (Including Tax)
  • Contents:
    • Duel Disk
    • 2 Duel Terminal Compatible Promotional Cards
Card list
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