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A Duel Disk

A Duel Disk (デュエルディスク[Notes 1] Dyueru Disuku) is a piece of Dueling equipment attached to the left forearm within the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. They were first manufactured by KaibaCorp as a portable form of Dueling Arenas used in the early part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime. They use a portable hologram generator to display Duel Monsters cards and in the case of the Mark 1, the player's hand. Cards that are played are placed on the Duel Disk's blade. Since their introduction in the anime and manga, they have become a fundamental necessity among Duelists.



Sacred Guardians readying their DiaDhanks.

The Duel Disk is based on an ancient Egyptian artifact called a "DiaDhank", a golden device worn much like a Duel Disk that uses the user's Ba (spirit energy) to summon Ka (spirit monsters) from their stone tablets and control them. Unlike the Duel Disk, the DiaDhank can only control up to 3 monsters at once. In place of the Life Point counter is the Eye of Wdjat, which contains a glowing yellow meter that measures the user's Ba, as the disk measures life points.

Since summoning monsters drains life force, the losing Duelist faints or dies. It is heavily implied only Millennium Item bearers can use a DiaDhank without being limited by life energy. Notice that DiaDhanks were seen in the final season of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and, in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Abidos the Third (the fifth Shadow Rider) used a DiaDhank in flashbacks Dueling his servants in episode 40. In the vision that Yami Yugi saw in his Duel with Dartz he did not use his DiaDhank to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Rather, he used his Millennium Puzzle to summon Obelisk. Also, in the vision that Kaiba and Yami Yugi saw in episode 132, both Priest Seto and Pharaoh Atem used their Millennium Items.

DiaDhank lineart

The design of the second Duel Disk suggests that Seto Kaiba designed it based on memories from his past life as Priest Seto, who used the Millennium Rod. Shimon Muran describes a DiaDhank as a device use for calling for Duel Monster Spirits that are sealed away in Stone Tablets. DiaDhanks did not appear in the manga. Rather, the priests used the power of their Millennium Items to summon the creatures from the stone tablets.

The Academy Duel Disk also seems to take elements from the DiaDhank, as its shape when in standby mode looks like the blades on the DiaDhank. Yubel's second Duel Disk resembles the ancient device as well.


The Duel Disk prototype in Yu-Gi-Oh! (1999 flim).

The Solid Vision of the players' hands (in front of them), Life Points (behind them) and monsters (up).

The Duel Disk was introduced in the first series anime just in its movie. It consisted of only a round disc attached to the wrist where the Deck was placed. The hands of the players were shown as huge holograms in front of them, and their Life Points as green squares behind them.

Duel Disk (version 1)

Duel Disk 1

During the Duelist Kingdom arc, Seto Kaiba developed the first generation Duel Disk prototypes as a means of countering Maximillion Pegasus' mind reading abilities.

Seto hypothesized that Pegasus needed face to face contact for his mind reading to work so as a feature of the disks, holographic projections of the cards obstruct the Duelists from seeing each other.

This Duel Disk was physically and functionally different than the ones that would follow. Where the others are a single piece construct which houses the Deck, Graveyard, Life Points counter and Field, the first Duel Disk system had 2 components joined by a retractable cable.

The wrist component stores the Deck, Life Point counter and the actual disk component holds 5 cards. Users would load the cards as explained later into the disk and throw it like a yo-yo, causing a hologram to be projected from it.

The Duel Disk system also changed the rules of Duel Monsters. They followed Duelist Kingdom rules except for the following changes:

  • Both players draw until they have 5 cards in their "hand". If they have 5 cards in their hand, they can't draw any more cards.
  • 1 monster card is placed on the "Main card stage", the center place on the disk.
  • The other 4 cards are placed face-down into the other places, the "Sub card stage".
  • The players can only attack with the monster in the main card stage, provided it is in Attack Position first. It can attack the opponent's main card stage monster or one of the sub stage cards.
  • Any monsters in the sub card stage are considered to be in Attack Position and damage calculation is done accordingly. Spell and Trap Cards are destroyed with no calculation done.
  • The players may shuffle their sub card stages at their discretion.

An early variation of this system is used in Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh! movie.

Duel Disk (version 2)

Duel Disk 2

Prior to the Battle City Tournament, KaibaCorp developed the second generation Duel Disk, the first one to be released to the public. Issued to participants of Battle City, this Disk played the game according to the new revisions (which make it closer to the real world version). After Battle City was over, the Duel Disk was made available to purchase by anyone, as two boys can be seen using them in an episode after the tournament ended.

Unlike the previous Duel Disk, it did not need to be thrown (In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, sealers flew out of the Duel Disk to the sides of the Dueling area. These disappeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX). When in use, it resembled an arm blade. Monsters that are in play are placed on the 5 slots on the blade.

Duel Disk lineart

Directly underneath each Monster slot is another slot for Spell and Trap Cards. If a Duelist were to activate a Set card, they would activate a button on the round portion of the disk. Another slot can open on the front end of the disk that is used for the Field Spell Card. These zones do not appear in the manga until the GX series, and the Spell and Trap cards are instead played in the "Monster Card Zones" which act as zones for all cards. Whether or not there is a limit of five cards on the field at a time is unknown.

The center of the Disk includes the Deck and Graveyard slot and Life Point counter. The bottom part of the disk (the part that goes around a user's arm) also contains a retractable cable that could be attached to Dueling Arenas if one player opted not to use a Duel Disk. Ever since their introduction, almost all Duels were conducted with these or with the later introduced Chaos Duel Disk.

Also in the anime, two holographic devices fly from the disk and set themselves on each side of the Duel space to create the holograms for the monsters. While in the manga the holograms are projected straight from the Duel Disk itself.

There might not be a cheat-prevention installed in the Duel Disks, as a Rare Hunter was able to use counterfeit "Exodia" cards, Arkana using illegally altered cards, and a brainwashed Joey Wheeler was able to use the Forbidden "Raigeki" and "Hinotama".

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, this version of the Duel Disk is shown being used by citizens of Satellite, indicating that this model has become obsolete, replaced with the more modern versions shown in GX and 5D's as well as the Duel Runner.

Yusei Fudo uses a hybrid Duel Disk from his Duel Runner which has a startling resemblance to this version, possibly indicating that he has modified the obsolete model for use with his Duel Runner.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures, this Duel Disk has an additional slot as an Extra Monster Zone that opens from the edge of the blade where to summon and place Monsters from the Extra Deck.

Despite other models of Duel Disks being used primarily in each series, this version of the Duel Disk has appeared in 4 out of 5 anime series, as shown with all the students who tried out for Duel Academy prior to receiving the Academy-issued Duel Disk and the residents of Satellite. Leo Akaba used this model to test the ARC System with Yusho Sakaki in Paradise City; these Duel Disks were the default Disks used following the creation of the Standard Dimension.

S.I.C. Duel Disk

S.I.C. Duel Disk

S.I.C. Domino Labs would use the design of a Duel Disk for marketing reasons, in appearance wise it looks exactly like a standard Duel Disk. The inside are entirely S.I.C. software, and does not function as a Duel Disk. The S.I.C. Duel Disk acts as a hub for the system in Kingdom and allows multiple users to play at one time.

Real-Life Duel Disk

Manufactured replicas of this Duel Disk were produced as toys. These were produced in Japan by Konami and in America by the toy company Mattel. There are a couple of notable differences between the Mattel Duel Disk and its fictional counterpart. The Spell and Trap Cards are loaded into the bottom of the blade but most notably, it cannot project holographic images.

Mattel's Duel Disk 2

While the toy Duel Disk was advertised as being compatible with the TCG, there are a few flaws that make this impractical:

  • Most players used card protectors to prevent damage to their cards. Cards in protectors will not fit into the Duel Disk.
  • The Deck Zone can only hold about 50 to 69 cards safely. The Academy Duel Disk can hold 70 cards in total. While most players stick to the minimum, there are those who use bigger Decks and cannot use the Duel Disk. The new rules made a maximum of 60 cards making the limited holding capacity problem moot. Cards with protectors do not fit in the Duel Disk, and due to that and other things, the Duel Disk damages cards.
  • The Graveyard can only hold about 25 cards. This would present a problem when playing against someone who relies on running an opponents Deck out. It also has "walls" with a little slot, which means removal often means bending the cards.
  • No place for the Extra Deck or cards that have been banished.
    • This is also true in the anime, as any banished cards are usually placed into the Duelist's pockets.
  • The Life Points counter can only go up to 9990 life points. While both players start with 8000, 4000 or 2000, it could rise to 9000 or 10,000+ Life Points due to card effects. The reason for the zero at the end is because while there are four buttons on the disk, only 3 of them change the counter, the last one lights up the display. This also serves the problem that some cards can cause the Life Points in the ones place to be a number different than zero.
  • The way the Duel Disk moves from stand-by to in use is also different. In the anime, the Graveyard is locked over the Deck and the two field parts are retracted into the main part of the disk. When triggered, the field parts and graveyard are unlocked and the central piece rotates the graveyard and field into play position. The toy does not have a rotating center and the two halves of the field aren't locked in closer to the central piece. When the player triggers the play mode, the smaller half of the field, in which is spring loaded, is released from its lock at the same time as the larger half, which has a weaker spring, and thus the smaller part pushes the larger part into play position.

Chaos Duel Disk

The standard Chaos Duel Disk

The large, bladed Disk of the Orichalcos Soldiers

The Chaos Duel Disk is a Duel Disk designed for the members of the organization called Doma in the Waking the Dragons arc. Functionally, it is identical to the Battle City Duel Disks, other than the fact that the field area of the standard version can retract and expand as opposed to being split in half, while the Orichalcos Soldier version is built into their arm-mounted weapons.

It looks different to the Battle City disk in that it resembles a scythed blade. It is believed to be modeled after the scythes on the armor of the Orichalcos Soldiers.

Real-Life Duel Disk

Like the Duel Disk 2, replicas of the Chaos Duel Disk were produced only by Mattel in America. They were for use with the real TCG, however, the same flaws in the Battle City disk appeared in these ones.

Mattel's Chaos Duel Disk

These include not being able to use card protectors, a lack of an Extra Deck Zone and not being able to have more life points than 9999 even though a card effect such as "Solemn Wishes" can boost your Life Points beyond this.

Therefore, in order to calculate the user's Life Points if they exceed this the user must use some way to keep track such as a calculator. It also folds in differently; instead of the front tip folding into the center, the monster zone closest to the Field Zone is visible.

In the anime, the Chaos Duel Disk folded in on itself until the field was completely folded into the hinged 'spell trigger' part of the disk and then folded into the central part of the disk, creating a compact form. The toy is much the same, but cannot fold all the way as the anime disk can, but instead leaves the first 2 card spaces out.

The hinge on the toy is the whole of the first and second card spaces, which pushes to the back of the central part and though not as compact as the anime Chaos disk, it is still the most compact and light-weight of the toy Duel Disks.

Yu-Gi-Oh! R

Richie's Black Disk.

In the spinoff manga Yu-Gi-Oh! R, the Duel Disk 2 is used, identical to the ones used in the series proper, with two notable exceptions.

  • The Black Disk is a special one-of-a-kind Disk owned by Yako Tenma, and given to the strongest of his Card Professors, originally Richie Merced. Following Richie's defeat, Bandit Keith takes the Disk, as he has proven himself to be stronger than Richie. He uses it in his Duel with Jonouchi. When Keith attempted to slip a card from his wristband to the disk, it set off the cheat-prevention alarm, indicating that the disk would not accept any cards on the disk aside legitimate ones within the Duel, though this appears to be a feature of all the Duel Disks used in the arc as a whole, as indicated by the rules shown in the back of Volume Four (Keith had no knowledge of this due to the Disk being developed after his Penalty Game.). The disk was taken by Jonouchi upon Keith's defeat, and he gave it to Tilla Mook, as he had borrowed hers and left it with Keith.
  • Maico Kato uses a Duel Disk that is stored in the side of her wheelchair. The card platform features the five card zones aligned beside each other in a straight line, with the Deck slot (identical to other Duel Disks) beside them, and the Graveyard chamber located above the card zone beside the Deck slot. Due to this, the front of the Disk is shaped to make room for all five Solid Vision projectors. She plays her cards as if she were sitting at a table.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

Capsule Shooter

Capsule Shooter

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters, The Capsule Shooter is the Capsule Monsters version of the Duel Disk. The capsule is removed from the belt and slotted into the Capsule Shooter, then launched. 3 slots are shown for capsules, but as one of Alexander followers played four monsters, there could be more.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

Duel Disk (version 3)

Kaiba's hand interface during his duel against Virtual Atem

Yugi and Kaiba use new Duel Disks during Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. The new Duel Disks were developed by Kaiba Corporation and creates Solid Vision holograms from the user's memories through a neural link (as in the original Japanese version of the movie, following his victory against Virtual Atem, Kaiba states that the new "Duel Links Solid Vision System" is far more advanced than any other Duel up to that point, in that data for every card from all over the world is transmitted into this Duel Disk via KaibaCorp.'s new "Crystal Cloud Network", thus eliminating the need for a physical deck of cards; that same information is then linked to the Duelist's cerebral memory banks via quantum information, enabling it to become neuro-images, which can then be visualized into any open space, thus letting this Duel Disk simulate any kind of Duel.)

The "backing" of a virtual card produced by the new Duel Disk

The front of a virtual card produced by the new Duel Disk

Also, as demonstrated by Kaiba in the KaibaCorp. Satellite, this Duel Disk is capable of producing virtual locations and people, as Kaiba used his to produce a church-like setting to duel against a virtual replica of Atem (which was produced from his Duel Disk analyzing Kaiba's extensive "memory data" on Atem, and then linking it with his cerebral nerves). It can also display the (virtual) hand of a duelist like the latest model Duel Disks in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS (albeit with more detail and things that appear to be status screens), and the cards are not held, they appear when needed, as does the blade.

They appear similar in shape to the Capsule Shooter and appear as a hybrid of a KC Mass Production Disk, a D-Pad and the ARC-V Duel Disks: the overall design mimics that of the KC Mass Production Disk, the blade folds up on top of the body when not in use, similar to the blade of a D-Pad, and as demonstrated by Kaiba, it can produce a virtual blade similar to the Solid Vision blade of the ARC-V Duel Disks (unlike the blades of an ARC-V Disk, however, the blade of this Duel Disk is larger in size, and can either be projected horizontally [like the ARC-V blades] in a tabletop-esque manner, or vertically like the blade of a D-Pad).

A sketch of the headset from the Millennium book

The headset's "lens"

In addition, the Duel Disk operates with a headset similar to a Duel Gazer, albeit larger in design, and rather than possessing a glass lens, it projects a series of holographic circles over the eye. As seen in lineart from the Millennium Book, and with Yugi's Duel Disk, the headset can be folded up and attached to the body of the Disk, opposite of the Main Deck Zone.

A sketch of the new Duel Disk (with the headset attached) from the Millennium Book

A sketch of the new Duel Disk from the Millennium Book

It can use either a deck of virtual cards (as demonstrated by Kaiba) or a Deck of physical cards (as demonstrated by Yugi). Kaiba is shown to have taken into consideration that people may wish to use their real cards over holographic ones; if a deck of real cards is inserted into the Duel Disk, the top portion of the Duel Disk unfolds into an arm blade to accommodate the use of real cards. The furthest left Zone is the backside of the holographic card ejector for the Draw Phase.

It also worth noting that, with the exception of the latest model Duel Disks in VRAINS (and the arm braces of this model), it is the thinnest and most streamlined Duel Disk to date; even after Yugi converts his into its alternate mode, it maintains a level of thinness not seen before.

It is also highly possible that blue is the "default" color for this Duel Disk, as during Kaiba's Duel against Yugi, even though his Duel Disk has a different color scheme than Kaiba's, whenever he draws a card, Summons a Monster, or sets a Spell/Trap, a brief flash of blue light is seen.

Information Image
Yugi Muto/Atem: White body with pink accents.
Seto Kaiba: In certain promotional images, it has a dark blue body with light blue accents, but in the actual movie, it has a very dark blue (almost black) body with light blue accents. Unlike the one used by Yugi, Kaiba's features an extra attachment on his shoulder, which features a cable that attaches to the back-underside of his Duel Disk, and (as seen briefly during his first Duel against Aigami) actually produces the virtual cards for his Duel Disk to deposit.
Aigami: Aigami's Duel Disk is produced from his Quantum Cube, and thus composed of a series of cubes, which Kaiba implies is similar to this particular Duel Disk model. Also, instead of wearing it on his arm, Aigami's Duel Disk hovers in front of him, with each cube being used for a set of Zones. The Deck Zone contains an orb of light which can produce Duel Monsters cards when Aigami needs to draw them.
Yami Diva: Following his corruption and mutation by the Millennium Ring, Diva uses an organic Duel Disk integrated into his left arm. Yami Diva's Organic Duel Disk.png
Seto Kaiba: At the end of the movie, Kaiba wields an improved version of this Duel Disk against Atem in the afterlife. Unlike the first one, this one appears be connected to a special suit that he wears, as he is seen with glowing blue lines on his body. It's possible the suit allows him to stay in the afterlife by drawing on the Quantum Cube's power. A Transcendant Disk.png

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Academy Duel Disk

Academy Duel Disk, the 1st version

Academy Duel Disk: Standby Mode

A streamlined version of the second Duel Disk. This is the standard Duel Disk issued to students of the various Duel Academies established by Seto Kaiba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series. Aside from the obligatory alternate folding feature, and a cosmetic refit, this Disk functions identically to the second Duel Disk. The shift from standby to active mode of this version of the Duel Disk is much less pronounced than the Battle City variant, only requiring the top section of the card platform to extend.

Real-Life Duel Disk

As with the Duel Disk and Chaos Disk, Konami in Japan and Mattel in America made replicas of the Duel Academy Disk. They fixed one of the main problems of the Disks in resizing the card zones, along with Deck and Graveyard to fit cards with protective sleeves without problems. Although, it can only hold 40 cards with sleeves. Many of the other problems remained.

Mattel's Academy Duel Disk

  • No place for banished cards and the Extra Deck.
  • Straps are one size only. This was a major problem for players who were bulky in the wrist region and used the Academy Disk in order to save space and not use a table or for fans who wished to use the disk as part of a cosplay outfit.
  • The Life Point counter is still limited to 9990.
  • Owners of the Academy Disk have noted that the Deck Zone can hold a varied amount (34-40) of sleeved cards between molds.

Though the main flaw with the Duel Disk was addressed in the new Academy Disk, many of the major flaws still remained unaddressed. Though the Duel Disks are perceived as "toys", few use the Academy Disk in place of taking up space on a table. Along with the release of the Academy Disk, Mattel produced a specialized carrying pack for the new disks, though none have been actually seen used or in stores. Due to past sales of the Academy Disk and the limited popularity with the toy as a Dueling medium Mattel discontinued the production of the Academy Disk several months after its release.

Academy Duel Disk (version 2)

An updated version of the Academy Duel Disk which now has the color of the user's respective dorm on it. In season four, the Duelists are using these new Duel Disks.

Many characters who no longer attend Duel Academy (such as Aster Phoenix and Zane Truesdale) continue to use the silver style Academy Duel Disk. The change is cosmetic only and the Disks still retain the exact functionality of the original Academy Duel Disks.

In November 2007, a real-world version of the red-trimmed Slifer Red disk was also produced in Japan, known as Academy Duel Disk Osiris Red and came boxed with several Booster Packs and promotional cards.


Other versions of the Duel Disk appear in GX, and by the time the series takes place, it seems as if many Duelists have taken to individually customizing their disks. It's never specified if the disks below are manufactured by Kaiba Corporation or customized by the owners.

Duel Coats

Information Image
Duel Coat - A different version of the Duel Disk. It is used primarily by both Vellian Crowler and Jean-Louis Bonaparte. The latter's has a wheel attached to its underside to compensate for his short stature. Unlike many other Duel Disks, the card platform is completely separate from the Deck and Graveyard section.

In its standby position, the card platform is slung across the back and carried by a strap, leaving both arms free. When active, the card platform is held in front of the body, much like a guitar.

The Deck and Graveyard are contained in a hub on the support strap, usually resting in the center of the Duelist's chest. The Duel Coat also does not require the user to manually draw a card, the disk will automatically eject a card into the Duelist's hand during each Draw Phase.

According to Crowler, this type of Duel Disk is reserved for teachers and possibly other Duelists who perform extremely well academically.


Crawler Duel Disk.jpg

Titan's Duel Disk - Titan's Duel Disk is an altered version of the Duel Coat. It resembles a bat wing and the holograms are projected from a device worn on Titan's shoulder. Titan Duel Disk.jpg
Thelonious Viper's Disk - Thelonious Viper's Duel Disk is an altered version of the Duel Coat, like Titan's Duel Disk. It is a very heavy Duel Disk that works like a table. The armor on Viper's shoulders look snake-like in appearance. The Graveyard is actually found in a compartment on his coat.

When inactive, the tray is kept hanging off of Viper‘s waist, but pressing a button on the belt causes the table to fold out in front of him, then the “eyes” on the pauldrons glow to show the Disk is active.

Maximillion Pegasus's Cyber-design Interface - In episode 128, upon finding the tablet for "Rainbow Dragon", Pegasus is outfitted with this to design the card on the spot. While technically not a Duel Disk, it does resemble one; however, in place of Monster Zones, it features numerous smaller rectangles, each representing a single color. It also features a large headset and a special glove on his right hand so he can draw the card in a virtual simulator.

Academy-like Duel Disks

Information Image
Admiral's Duel Disk - Admiral's Disk is encrusted with jewels and other treasures of the sea. Sea Duel Disk.jpg
Jewel Disk - The Gecko family's most valuable possession. Offered as a prize by Adrian Gecko in the "Duel for Jewels" tournament. Looks the same as the Admiral's, but golden in color. Jewel Disk.png
Amnael's Duel Disk - This Duel Disk is used by the seventh and final of the Shadow Riders, Amnael. It is a black model of the Academy Duel Disk. It appears as an unlockable in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller on which it is known as the Alchemy Disk. Amnael Disk.png
Jim Crocodile Cook's Duel Disk - This disk resembles the KC mass production Duel Disk, but is shaped like a boomerang and features a handle extending off the main zone, which Jim uses to carry it. The edges are apparently very sharp, and it can be used as a blade. JimCookDuelDisk.jpg
Adrian Gecko's Duel Disk - Adrian's Duel Disk appears to be a slightly modified Academy Disk with a blue inside & gray outline. In standby mode, rather than having the back three slots visible, only the back two slots are visible. The third/middle slot is hidden under the other two, so when Adrian activates it, the back two slots extend out to reveal the middle one. AdrianGeckoDuelDisk.jpg

Pseudo Academy-like Duel Disks

Information Image
Dark World Duel Disk - The same as the Academy Duel Disk, but with a sharper edge, and it looks like a combination of the Academy Duel Disk and the KC mass produced model. This is the Disk used by most inhabitants of the Dark World, including Freed. It is activated by pulling a switch. DuelDisk3.jpg
Brron's Duel Disk - A black version of the Dark World Disk with a green trim. DarkWorldDuelDisk.jpg

Personalized Duel Disks

Information Image
Gravekeeper's Chief's Duel Disk. - This disk is used by Gravekeeper's Chief and appears to actually be made out of stone. Gravekeeper Duel Disk.jpg
Camula's Duel Disk - This Duel Disk is used by the second of the Shadow Riders, Camula. It is shaped like a bat wing. Vampire Duel Disk.jpg
Tania's Duel Disk - This Duel Disk is used by the third of the Shadow Riders, Tania. It resembles a large sword blade, with spikes around the Deck Zone. In several video games, it is referred to as the Amazoness Disk. TanyaDuelDisk.jpg
Kaibaman's Duel Disk - A Duel Disk resembling the wing of the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". KaibamanDuelDisk.jpg
Abidos' Duel Disk - This Duel Disk is used by the fifth of the Shadow Riders, Abidos the Third. It resembles a scarab beetle. Pharoh Duel Disk.jpg
Axel and Mr. Brodie's Duel Disk - A Duel Disk shaped like a gun that can also shoot flaming cards. It also features a hidden camera, as seen in Axel's Duel with Trueman. AxelBrodieDuelDisk.jpg
The Rock Spirit's Duel Disk - A Duel Disk used by Titan the Rock Spirit. RockTitanDuelDisk.jpg
Masked Knight's Duel Disk - Used by the Three Masked Knights, these disks have blades that pop to show the Card Zones when activated. These Duel Disks appear similar to Yubel's first Duel Disk. MaskedKnightDuelDisk.jpg
The Supreme King's Duel Disk - When the Disk is activated, 5 Monster Card Zones appear out of center of the Duel Disk and spin around it for approximately a second, before aligning themselves horizontally. HaouJadenDuelDisk.jpg
Yubel's second Duel Disk - A purple Duel Disk with three blades on it that work as a normal Duel Disk does and was used by Jesse Anderson while possessed by Yubel. It resembles the DiaDhank. In Duel Art, Kazuki Takahashi's design notes refer to this Duel Disk as the Rainbow Duel Disk. YubelDiskII.jpg

Organic Duel Disks

Several characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX have Duel Disks that seem to literally be part of their bodies, and are thus organic in nature.

Information Image
Yubel's first Duel Disk - A Duel Disk with a tray shaped like a bat wing and a graveyard like a sharp-toothed mouth. It is used by Marcel Bonaparte when he is possessed by Yubel and also by Yubel herself when she Duels on her own. When Yubel activates it, it grows from her arm. DuelDisk6.jpg
Zure's Duel Disk - A Duel Disk that is part of Zure's body. Zure activates the Disk by pulling on a horn on his arm, revealing a flap of skin with five Monster Card Zones. When a Field Spell Card is placed in the Field Spell Card Zone, door-like hinges open up on the right side of the horn, where the card is placed inside. ZureDuelDisk.png
Trueman's Duel Disk - Trueman's Duel Disk is merged with his suit, and is shaped like a dragon's wing. He can produce the Disk from his suit in a manner similar to some Duel Monster Spirits. MrTDuelDisk.jpg
Nightshroud's Duel Disk - This Duel Disk is used by Nightshroud, when the entity reveals its true form. It is incorporated into Nightshroud's body, with each of his five wings holding a Monster Card Zone and a Spell & Trap Card Zone. Darkness Disk.jpg

Pseudo-Organic Duel Disks

Information Image
Alien of Light's Duel Disk - The Alien's Duel Disk seems to be perpetually active, as seen when he was wearing it while exiting its ship. Semicircular in shape, it's rounder than most others. As the Alien is from another dimension, it is unlikely that this device is a Duel Disk at all, but rather an instrument from The Light of Destruction's world that serves the same function.

For some reason, it has a sixth Monster Zone.

Scarr's Duel Disk - Used by Scarr, this is a single-bladed disk that can also function as a weapon and he threatens a small boy with prior to Dueling Jaden Yuki. DuelDisk4.jpg

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Black Rose Dragon in the back of Akiza's Duel Disk.

Duel Disks in New Domino City are sharper-looking than the previous types. Unlike previous Duel Disks, there is a chamber for the Extra Deck located on the opposite side of the spot where the Main Deck is inserted. In several episodes of the anime and in the opening intros, the Deck Zone is shown to be able to shuffle the Deck or eject cards that have been searched from the Deck while the cards are locked in.

Some Duel Disks are compatible with a type of motorcycle known as a Duel Runner. In these cases, the Wrist Dealer is able to attach the card zones to the Duel Runner and then detach itself so the Duelist only holds the Deck on his/her arm, though there are exceptions.

The Duel Disk seems to respond to the activation and summon of cards by shimmering with rainbow light.

Yusei's Duel Disk

Yusei's Duel Disk.

Yusei Fudo's Duel Disk is a modified version of the Battle City Duel Disk. When connected to his Duel Runner, it attaches just below the dashboard. When in use, it will fold together as it normally would. When inactive, the two parts of the blade separate and fold vertically on each side of the Duel Runner. Like most other hybrid Duel Disks, the Deck Zone is on his Wrist Dealer and not in the Duel Disk itself. Yusei also has a two-way microphone installed in his disk, as seen in episode 61. Unlike the regular Battle City Duel Disk, Yusei's appears to not fold away for ground mode when not in use, and always looks "active" whenever he pulls it out.

Real-Life Duel Disk

Duel Disk - Yusei Version

Konami released the first Duel Disk of the 5D's Era, starting with Duel Disk - Yusei Version. It was released in the OCG Market on September 26, 2009 for 4,000 Yen (Including Tax). It includes Yusei's Duel Disk and 2 Promotional Cards: "Vice Dragon" and "Shield Wing" (both will be Duel Terminal compatible). The Yusei Duel Disk can hold up to 50 sleeved cards in the Deck area, but only holds around 15-18 sleeved cards in the Graveyard. The Life Point Counter can go up to 99990 Life Points and can only display 0 in the single-digit column.

Duel Disk - Yusei Version with a random assortment of cards

Duel Disk - Yusei Version 2010

The Extra Deck Zone and Banished Zone on the Duel Disk - Yusei Version 2010

In November 2010, Konami released an update to this Duel Disk, the Duel Disk - Yusei Version 2010. This version addresses many of the issues present in the 2009 version and the Mattel versions. In addition to being the first Duel Disk with spaces for the Banished Zone and Extra Deck Zone, this is also the first Duel Disk to feature a bottom covering on the arm blade. Konami has removed the "flip action" feature present in the 2009 version, opting instead for a more realistic portrayal of the Duel Disk featured in the show - the clips that hold the cards on the blade are similar to those on the original Mattel disks. The Deck Zone can hold 50 sleeved cards, and the Graveyard can hold up to 30 sleeved cards.

Specific Examples

Duel Disks show different colors and decorations, possibly in addition to compatibility with Duel Runners, depending on the tastes and tasks of the Duelist using the Disk.

There are also customized Duel Disks existing in New Domino, as seen in the photos below.

Hybrid Duel Disks

Information Image
Jack Atlas' Duel Disk is a single-bladed version with a style reminiscent of the Battle City Duel Disk. It is usually attached to his Duel Runner, where it forms the left armrest. It is the only hybrid Duel Disk shown that doesn't feature a removable Deck Zone as the Deck slot is located on the inner corner of the blade rather than at his wrist. The activation buttons for Spell and Trap cards are located at the base of the individual card zones. Jack Duel Disk.jpg
Leo and Luna's Duel Disks are smaller blue/pink and white versions of the standard model with yellow gems. Yusei modified their old ones to fit their arms. It can be used in conjunction with the Duel Board. Leo & Luna's Duel Disk.jpg
Crow Hogan's Duel Disk is a customized Duel Disk resembling the Chaos Duel Disk. When connected to his Duel Runner, it is attached just below the dashboard. When inactive, the card zones fold in a semicircle around the center area. Like most other hybrid Duel Disks, the Deck Zone is on his Wrist Dealer and not in the Duel Disk itself. It's Life Point counter has the unique feature of doubling as a GPS. The Deck slot has a beak-like spike on top of it. The Blackbird Disk.jpg
Sherry LeBlanc's Duel Disk is similar in design to Crow Hogan's only with inverted colors and the board being straight with circular edges. When attached to her Duel Runner, Duel Disk's base is attached below the dash board with the blade swirving around to face the long neck of the Duel Runner and connect to it vertically. When inactive in ground mode, it folds into three corners around the Duel Disk's base. The Field Spell Card zone has an attachment that functions like a police tazer after it pops out. Sherry's Duel Disk.jpg
Akiza Izinski's new Duel Disk is purple with a dark red trim. Similar to Yusei's, when her disk is attached to her Duel Runner, it is positioned just below the dashboard. When not in use, the blade folds over the Duel Disk's base with the outer four slots connected to the Duel Runner's steerer. While inactive for ground mode, the disk will connect to her Wrist Dealer and the blade will still slide over the Duel Disk's blade, but the addition of the outer four slots contracting into the disk's base. Akiza's Hybrid Duel Disk.jpg
Elsworth's Duel Disk, like other hybrid models, has a separate Wrist Dealer that connects to the actual Duel Disk when for ground Duels. It is black with an oblong base with the card zone base shaped like a katana blade. Like Jack Atlas's Duel Disk, it holds all five card slots on one blade. Similar to the Chaos Duel Disk, when not in use the blade folds into each slot until completely folded into the hing which then slides into the Duel Disk base, creating a compact form. In episode 110, it is shown that it contains a parachute (it also was shown in that episode that he can use the blade as a weapon if necessary). Mizoguchi Duel Disk.png

Standard Duel Disks

Information Image
The standard New Domino City Duel Disk. It bears the same colors as the original model and it is the most used color by Duelists in the anime. No Duel Disks of this type have been shown to combine with Duel Runners. Red White and Blue.jpg
Lenny's Duel Disk is a light and dark gray version of the standard model with with navy gems. Plain.jpg
Akiza Izinski's old Duel Disk is a pinkish-red version of the standard model with purple gems. Rose Disk.png
Mr. Armstrong's Duel Disk is a black and dark gray version of the standard model with amber gems. This version is also used by Dragan during his ground Duel against Jack. In some video games, guards in the jails also used this disk. This disk was obtainable in-game and was called the 'Jail Disk', suggesting that it may be a Sector Security-issue model. Takasu Duel Disk.jpg
Professor Frank's Duel Disk is a green version of the standard model with yellow gems. Frank Duel Disk.jpg
Greiger's Duel Disk is a tan and black version of the standard model with green gems. Bommer Duel Disk.png
Commander Koda's Duel Disk is a blue gray version of the standard model with teal gems. Kodo Duel Disk.jpg
Lazar's Duel Disk is a gold colored version of the standard model with orange gems. It was briefly abandoned by Lazar during the Black fog incident, but makes a reappearance later in season two. Jeager Duel Disk.jpg
Leo's Old Duel Disk is a blue and white version of the standard model with yellow gems. Leo's old disk.jpg
Sayer's Duel Disk is a goldish version of the standard model with red gems. Sayer loses this Duel Disk after his second Duel with Carly and instead uses a Sector Security Duel Disk. Sayer'sDuelDisk.jpg
Carly Carmine's Duel Disk is a silverish version of the standard model with blue gems that was loaned to her. This Duel Disk was lost when Carly was killed and turned into a Dark Signer. It is also used by Halldor in Tag Force 6. Silver.jpg
Sector Security Duel Disk is a metallic blue and white version of the standard model with green gems. It is used primarily by members of Sector Security, a prime example being Trudge. It is also used by Sayer when he pretends to be a member from Sector Security. Ushio Duel Disk.jpg
Dexter's Duel Disk is a dark teal version of the standard model with cerulean gems. It's been shown in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia. Dexter's Duel Disk.jpg
Heitmann's Duel Disk is green with yellow gems, much like Professor Frank's, the main exception is that his is more of a lime-green color. Heitmann's Duel Disk.png
Syd's Duel Disk is a black and dark-grey version of the standard model with purple gems. Syd's Duel Disk.png
Bruno's Duel Disk in his normal persona, as shown in Tag Force 6, is a gold right-handed version of the standard model with green gems. TF6 Bruno Duel Disk.jpg
The members of Team Unicorn, as shown in Tag Force 6, use dark blue and white version of the standard model with orange gems.
Don Piero's Duel Disk is a gold and silver version of the standard model with ruby red gems.
Don Piero's Duel Disk.png

Other Duel Disks

Information Image
Gill Randsborg's Duel Disk is the shield of his knight armor. The Monster Zones are divided into two groups of two, with the fifth on top of them; the Graveyard is on the left of the middle row. The Spell/Trap Zones are on the other side of the Graveyard. When not in use, the Duel Disk serves as a prop for his costume. DeLauncebeaux Duel Disk.jpg
This Duel Academy's standard-issued Duel Disk is predominately yellow and white that features a red gem on top, black accents and the Monster and Spell/Trap Zone closest to the Field Spell Zone appears to be able to retract into the blade. This model is presumably used by all the students at the New Domino City Duel Academy. Interestingly, it appears vaguely similar in design to "Power Tool Dragon's" head. Duel Academy Disk 5Ds.jpg
The Dark Signers' Duel Disks are almost completely black, and are decorated to look like the head of a dragon. The Deck is placed in the "mouth" of the dragon head. These disks are used by the Dark Signers Carly Carmine, Misty Tredwell, Devack, and Roman Goodwin. Roman's Duel Disk is modified to attach to his mechanical arm instead of going around his wrist.

When inactive, the center Monster Zone is located underneath the back of the Duel Disk, which rotates to face outward and extends outwards into five Zones when activated.

Dark Duel Disk.jpg
Rex Goodwin's first Duel Disk is integrated within his mechanical left arm. The blade on the right has three Monster Zones and three Spell/Trap Zones; the left blade has two of each. The Graveyard is on the right of the Deck. The Solid Vision generator is located in the wrist. It is later torn off and replaced with Roman's severed left arm. Duel Arm.jpg
Later, Rex Goodwin Duels without a disk, utilizing an altar atop the Stairway to the Dragon Star instead; it is used in his 3-on-1 Turbo Duel against Yusei, Jack, and Crow. It looks like an Inca-style Dueling arena, and is the third ancient Duel Disk (the first being the large Duel Disk-like blades wielded by the Orichalcos Soldiers, the second being the DiaDhanks used in Ancient Egypt) to be shown in the anime. The graveyard is located just above the Deck slot.

It is worth noting that, despite its ancient origins, it displays certain features of the modern-day Duel Disks: whenever Rex places a card onto the field, it briefly produces a rainbow-colored aurora and the Deck slot features the automatic deck-shuffling feature. Also, for his 3-on-1 Turbo Duel, Rex uses an actual, physical card version of "Speed World".

The Skeleton Knight's Duel Disk contains an extra slot to hold his hand, while he holds the reins of his horse. SkeletonKnightDuelDisk.jpg
The Duel Disks used in Crash Town are shaped like guns. The Duelist who pulls first, puts their Duel Disk on their arm, and then draws their opening hand the fastest gets the first turn. They are slightly similar to Axel Brodie's Duel Disk. In the dub, these Duel Disks are remodeled to look less violent.[citation needed] Instead of arrows in the Monster Card Zones, there are bullet-shaped symbols.

The Duel Disk activates first by the Duelist placing its inactive form (resembling a normal revolver) on their left wrist crosswise, before the barrel of the gun splits in half and extends out to reveal a tray, which then opens to reveal five Monster Zones. A hologram projector is located in the handle.

Future Duel Disks

Future Duel Disks.jpg

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 134, Yusei and the others were given a vision of the future, showing how New Domino City would develop and how technology would evolve. In that vision new Duel Disks were shown that no longer rely on metallic frames, but teal energy beams that that cards rest on. This technology is used in the Duel Disks wielded by the Three Pure Nobles, as they are from the future.

Yliaster Duel Disks

Information Image
Lester's Duel Disk was the first example of a futuristic Duel Disk seen in the anime. The Deck, Graveyard, and Field Spell Zones are a part of the central body with the Spell, Trap and Monster Card zones are played on the teal energy beams between the six gold cylinders. When not in use, it goes on Lester's back instead of around his wrist. Lucciano Duel Disk.jpg
Primo's sword transforms itself into a sort of Duel Disk. However this only occurs when he merges with Terrible Omen. When this occurs, the hilt lowers itself from the blade and then the hilt itself divides into 2. In Tag Force 5 Primo uses his sword Duel Disk on ground Duels. However when this happens the hilt is removed from the blade and floats beside the Deck like Lester's. Placido's Sword Duel Disk2.jpg
Jakob's Duel Disk opens from the compartment hidden in his chest and resembles closely to Thelonious Viper's Duel Coat. Like Lester and Primo’s Duel Disks, the field is formed by teal energy beams. In BELIEVE IN NEXUS Jakob's Duel Disk is wider. Jose's Duel Coat.jpg
Aporia's Duel Disk is similar to Lester's, inherited after Lester, Primo, and Jakob combined to form him. When combined with his Duel Runner, the six gold cylinders form wing-like appendages on his back. 5Dx141 Connect.jpg
Bruno's Duel Disk, while in his Vizor persona, is shown in the trailer for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5. It has a metallic-purple main base with a teal gem; but its tray resembles a stealth bomber. Since the Monster Card Zones are designed the same way as those on his Duel Runner; it may be a hybrid model In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus, this disk is referred to as The Missing Ring. TG05-Vizor-Disk.jpg
Z-one's hoverchair manifests two oversized arms and a proportionate Deck for Duels. The holograms simply appear out of the cards when he plays them. It is used for both Ground and Turbo Duels. Z-one Dueling Form.png

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time

Paradox's Duel Disk

Information Image
Paradox wields a bladed, hybrid disk in his right hand, one of the few characters to do so. Paradox's Duel Disk.png


Yuma's Duel Disk.

The Duel Disks used in ZEXAL are wrist-mounted devices called D-Pads. It is a much smaller version with major design differences, the most notable is its multifunction capabilities, overall design, and lack of holographic projection. Because of this, the device must be linked to the Duel Gazer system for visual effects.

The playing field folds up twice, with the Zone on the right folding over the middle, followed by the two Zones on the left. The entire blade can be stored inside the D-Pad itself when not in use.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

A Duel Disk's screen during a Duel. Life Points and Turn Counters can be seen at the top of the screen, and the Spell & Trap Zones on the bottom. Also, by tapping on the word "Enemy", the user can look at their opponent's field.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, the Duel Disks that are used are similar to a combination of the D-Pad and the Duel Disks seen in the alternate future in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. The main body of the Disk retains the touch screen and single Spell and Trap Card Zone (which is also where the Field Zone is located) seen in D-Pads, while the Monster Card Zones and Pendulum Zones are located on the arm blade, which, like the 5D's future Disks, is composed of energy (likely the same "touchable Solid Vision" used in Action Duels) and is aligned parallel to the main body of the Disk.

A Duel Disk's screen when there are cards in the Pendulum Zones. The words "DUEL DISK" that were at the center are now replaced by "PENDULUM", and the Pendulum Zones appear around it, lined in gold. In this image is also visible, on the left, the button that visualizes the Extra Deck, if the Duelist has cards present inside it.

The blade can be customized to be a variety of shapes; a shape similar to the KaibaCorp Duel Disk, a similar shape with an equilateral triangular end rather than the normal shape seen, a parallelogram, a shape resembling the layout of a D-Pad's card zone, a curved arc, a sword-shape, a unique dual-boomerang shape, a shape similar to the Kaiba Corp Duel Disk but with symmetrical points, and a crescent moon shape.

Duel Disks respond by briefly lighting up a rainbow-colored circuitry pattern on the blade when cards are placed on the Monster Zones or Pendulum Zones. The word "PENDULUM" will appear on the blade when both of the Duelist's Pendulum Zones are occupied. Regardless of the card zone, the Duel Disks will eject removed cards and they retain the auto-shuffle and the auto-ejection features that debuted in 5D's rather than having a Duelist manually remove their Deck and searching through it; instead Duelists can forfeit or end a Duel inconclusively by removing their Deck. However instead of shuffling the Deck and ejecting the searched cards from the top, the cards are simply ejected from the Duel Disk after being manually selected on the touchscreen. As there is only so much room inside the Duel Disk, the Spell/Trap slot and Graveyard slot likely lead to the same spot inside of it, but the software can tell whether they have been used/destroyed or are in use. As seen in Toying Around, the Duel Disks are capable of automatically placing Pendulum Monsters in the Extra Deck when they're destroyed.

When it is used in conjunction with the ARC System the holograms gain mass and appear to become self-aware, able to perform actions such as catching people and grabbing action cards without command. However this is limited, as Crow Hogan's "Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower" did not react to the presence of Tarren clinging onto its back. If the system is damaged, then the holograms will disappear. They are also able to generate normal holograms under their own power for normal Duels.

In addition players can use the touch screen to check the contents of their Extra Deck, Graveyard and opponent's field. In comparison with the Battle City Duel Disk, this Duel Disk is notably much lighter in weight, due to the streamlined body and virtually weightless Monster Card Zone. This enables Duelists to run and jump without difficulties during Action Duels. Not really noticed, but the Solid Vision used for the Duel Disk blade has some adhesive properties, as they are able to hang onto the cards even when the Duelists are moving rapidly in sometimes odd ways to grab Action Cards.

For some reason, the Duel Disks inflict electric shocks when a Duelist pays LP for a Cost or is charged an Intrusion Penalty. The Intrusion Penalty proved a hinderance in the Duel against Zarc; everyone that joined the Duel lost half their LP, giving Zarc a handicap.

The App selection screen as seen on Sector Security's Duel Disk.

These Duel Disks are also multipurpose tools with internet and communication functions, similar to tablets in real life as well as D-Pad in ZEXAL series. They can even serve as phones, as shown when Julia Krystal called in the Leo Corporation security to capture Yuto and Shay. These functions as well as Duel Mode come in the form of apps. The hologram screens used to make video calls are also used to communicate with opponents from far across a Duel Field.

The Dimensional Travel function in standby as seen on Duel Academy's Duel Disk.

Duel Disk Models from both the Fusion and Xyz Dimensions are fitted with devices that allow one to travel among the Four Dimensions and seal defeated opponents into cards.

The Disks belonging to members of the Lancers have been modified to allow interdimensional travel (using Xyz Dimension technology as a reference) and initiate Action Duels without the need of a ARC System. However, the Action Field is limited to a purple glow with blue squares floating around the area.

Standard Dimension

The Standard Dimension disk is a rectangular model with angular blade. The Deck Zone, unlike other Duel Disks, is placed diagonally pointing towards the thumb rather then parallel to the sides of the disk, while the Extra Deck is placed in a similar direction towards the body on the back, and both zones are stored within the Duel Disk while it is deactivated. The Graveyard is behind the blade, facing away from the Duelist as it was in previous Duel Disks, while the Spell/Trap Zone is located on the opposite side of the disk.

Before Leo Akaba reinvented the ARC System, the people of the Standard Dimension are seen using Duel Disks that greatly resemble the KaibaCorp Duel Disk.[1]

Information Image
Yuya Sakaki: Red body and yellow blade. Modified by Z-ARC after Yuya got taken over by him. Returned to normal after the Duel against Z-ARC. YuyaDisk.png
Gong Strong/Sylvio Sawatari: Grey body and orange blade. Given to Sylvio as the latter's disk is no longer functional to let him continue in the Duel against Z-ARC. Returned after the Duel against Z-ARC. Gongenzaka's Duel Disk.png
Yusho Sakaki: Purple body and yellow blade. Yusho's Duel Disk Set.png
The Sledgehammer/Grizzlepike Jones: Black body and violet blade. Ishijima's Duel Disk.png
Zuzu Boyle: Pink body and blade. Lost in the Synchro Dimension after her Duel against Sergey Volkov. Replaced by Sora Perse's Standard Dimension Disk. Yuzu's Duel Disk.png
Sylvio Sawatari: Forest green body and lime blade. Damaged to the point of malfunctioning by Crow's "Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower". Replaced by Gong Strong's Disk for his Duel against Z-ARC. Fixed after the Duel against Z-ARC. Shingo's Duel Disk.png
Sora Perse/Zuzu Boyle: Yellow body and blue blade. Replaced by his Duel Academy Disk before his reappearance in the Standard Dimension. Later given to Zuzu to help her defend herself against Sector Security. Sora's Duel Disk.png
Skip Boyle: Red body and light green blade. Shuzo's Duel Disk.png
Dipper O'rion: Purple body and blue blade. Shijima's Duel Disk.png
Julia Krystal/Tate: Blue body and orange blade. Kotsu's Duel Disk.png
Kit Blade: Orange body and green blade. Yaiba's Duel Disk.png
Declan Akaba: White body and parallelogram red blade. Reiji's Duel Disk.png
Reed Pepper: White body and greenish-yellow blade. Reed's Duel Disk.png
Herc: yellow parallelogram blade. Herk's Duel Disk.png
Pierre L'Supérieure: A shorter model with light yellow-green body and light green blade. Pierre's Duel Disk.png
Aura Sentia: Light blue body and purple blade. Aura's Duel Disk.png
Frederick: Green body and yellow blade. Futoshi's Duel Disk.png
Trevor: Red body and blue blade. Takeshi's Duel Disk.png
Allie: Light blue body and pink blade. Ally's Duel Disk.png
Riley Akaba: White body and light lime green blade. Layra's Duel Disk.png
Trick Tagart: Maroon body and blue blade. Tanegashima's Duel Disk.png
Ryozan Godagawa: Black body and red blade. Ryozan's Duel Disk.png
Iggy Arlo: Dark yellow body and violet blade. Replaced by Duel Academy Duel Disk given to him before his reappearance in the Fusion Dimension. Kachidoki's Duel Disk.png
Micky Starlett: Darker pink body and blue blade. Naname's Duel Disk.png
Olga: Grayish green body and lighter blue blade. Olga's Duel Disk.png
Halil: Maroon body and green blade. Halil's Duel Disk.png
Dennis McField: Dark blue body and red blade. Replaced by his Duel Academy Duel Disk before his reappearance in the Fusion Dimension. Dennis' Duel Disk.png
Taka: Dark green body and orange blade. Makoto's Duel Disk.png
Trout: Dark grey body and yellow blade. Teppei's Duel Disk.png
Moon Shadow: A left-handed model with grey body and violet blade. Tsukikage's Duel Disk.png
Sun Shadow: Grey body and purple blade. Hikage's Duel Disk.png
Yoko Sakaki: White body and red blade. Yoko's Duel Disk.png
Z-ARC: Red body and yellow blade with a green claw at the end. The blade has an irregular demonic shape. Zarc-Yuya Duel Disk .png

Xyz Dimension

The dimension's normal model has a white, irregular body and a blade that resembles the shape of a D-Pad's card zones viewed from above. Some can have colored trims at the circular edge facing the user.

Information Image
Kite Tenjo (Past): White body and blue blade. Kite's Old Duel Disk.png
Lulu Obsidian (Past): White body, pink trim and blue blade. Lulu's old Duel Disk.png
Saya Sasayama (Past): White body, orange trim and greenish-yellow Blade. Sayaka's old Duel Disk.png
Shay Obsidian (Past): Purple Body.
Yusho Sakaki (Past): White body and yellow blade. Yusho's Xyz Dimension Duel Disk.png

The Resistance Model has a similar but different body, a different Deck slot, a round touch screen with a purple body, and the same blade shape as most Standard Disks. Both the Spell & Trap Zone and the Graveyard are located in the back of the rectangular section of the Disk, with the Spell/Trap on the upper one and the Graveyard on the lower one. Some of them are equipped with the ability to turn people into cards and they all appear to have the ability to use the ARC System outside of an Action Duel. The Extra Deck is kept on the back left side, facing away from the user. The disk's touchscreen's may pop up and be used as a radar, as seen with Shay's Disk. The disk requires minimal booting time before being ready to Duel.

Information Image
Yuto/Yusho Sakaki: Purple blade. Dark Duelist's Duel Disk.png
Shay Obsidian/Lulu Obsidian: Blue blade. After Shay joined the Lancers, Declan disabled his Disk's Human Sealing Technology function. Shun's Duel Disk.png
Kite Tenjo: Crystal shaped white body with crescent moon shaped blue blade that points away from the Duelist. The Deck Zone is on the side of the wrist facing away from the Duelist, rather than on the top. Its overall design is reminiscent of the D-Pad his ZEXAL counterpart used. The Extra Deck is in the same spot as Standard Model disk. The Graveyard is accessed via the opposite face of the section that contains the Extra Deck. Kite's Duel Disk (Arc V).png
Saya Sasayama: Greenish-yellow blade. SayakaDuelDisk.png
Allen Kozuki: Orange blade. KozukiAllenDuelDisk.png
Yusho Sakaki: Yellow Blade.

Synchro Dimension

The Synchro Dimension's basic Duel Disk has a circular body with four laterally-placed slots (the bottom-right one being the Graveyard and the upper-left one the Extra Deck), a curved blade, and a small hourglass-shaped touchscreen. However, unlike other Dimensions, this one also has a number of alternative models. Many of them can be attached to a Duel Runner (for Turbo Duels) and to a Wrist Dealer-like accessory carrying the Deck Zone (for normal Duels), similar to the hybrid models seen in 5D's.

Information Image
Jack Atlas: An alternative model with white triangular body and darker blue angular blade. The screen is bigger, and the Deck Slot is located in the inner side of the device similar to how his 5D's version did, as he holds his Duel Disk in his armrest rather than in front of him. Jack's Duel Disk (Arc V).png
Sector Security/Stomptroopers: Blue body and green blade. The model has two screens, one round touchscreen for selecting apps and one semicircular-shaped screen for general duel information. In addition to the apps that normal Duel Disks have, there are apps to call fellow Sector Security officers for help and materialize handcuffs for restraining criminals. The Extra Deck is kept away from the body on the left side. Security Duel Disk ARC-V.jpg
Crow Hogan: A differently styled model with grey body and orange blade, and the screen being slightly larger in the Extra Deck side. It is unclear where he places his Spell & Traps with this version. The Extra Deck access slot appears to be above his Main Deck slot. Crowarcv.png
Sergey Volkov: Gold Trim, blue body and red blade with elongated upper tips. This Duel Disk is produced from Sergey's cybernetic left arm. Arc V Sergey's Duel Disk 2.png

The Facility stores a model that has slightly oblate body, round touchscreen, and an angular blade with pointy ends. They seem to be used for prisoners who can bribe the guards in order to be allowed to Duel, but have also been seen on the streets of the City.

Information Image
Chojiro Tokumatsu: Green body, grey trim and orange blade. Tokumatsu's Duel Disk.png
Yuya Sakaki (borrowed): Green body, grey trim and yellow blade. Yuya Sakaki's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.jpg
Underground Labor Facility Guards: Blue body, gold trim and Green Blade Arc V Underground Labor Facility Guard's Duel Disk.png
Shinji Weber: Blue Body, grey trim and Orange Blade Arc V Shinji's Duel Disk.png
Lucas Swank: Gold body encrusted with jewels and orange blade. Arc V Gallager's Duel Disk.png
Damon Lopez: Grey body, red trim and light green blade Damon's Duel Disk.png
Tony Zomboni: Black body, orange trim and light green blade Tony's Ground Disk.png

The Duel Runner's Disk has a hourglass-like touchscreen. The Spell/Trap Zone is located at the bottom left slot, and Field Spells can also be activated here, the Graveyard at the bottom right slot, and the Extra Deck in the upper left slot. The disk can also be detached and used in a grounding Duel. All of these disks have a blue body. The Spell/Trap and Graveyard slots are always open, but the Extra Deck and the upper right slot (possibly for banished cards) are kept closed until an action occurs that requires the slot to open, and it will thus eject the necessary card.

Information Image
Yugo: Double, angular and symmetrical green blade.
Yuya Sakaki: Yellow blade. Yuya Sakaki's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk 2.png
Gong Strong/Shinji Weber/Chojiro Tokumatsu: Orange blade. Gongenzaka's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Moon Shadow: Violet blade. Tsukikage's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Zuzu Boyle: Pink blade. Yuzu's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Tony Zomboni: Light green blade. Tony's Duel Disk.png
Sylvio Sawatari: Lime green blade. Sawatari's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Shay Obsidian/Celina: Blue blade. Shay's Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.jpg
Dennis McField: Red blade. Dennis' Synchro Dimension Duel Disk.png
Sergey Volkov: Symmetrical, indented Red blade on the outside. The disk's touchscreen is larger than normal, and is lost after he merges with his Duel Runner. Sergey's Duel Disk.png
Sergey Volkov: After merging with his Duel Runner, the body is lost. His indented slot above his blade now acts as his body, with the Graveyard slot placed horizontally and the Spell/Trap zone vertically under the Graveyard. The blade is retained from the original model, although it doesn't appear as wide when viewed from the front.

Fusion Dimension

Hacking Mode function in standby as seen on Duel Academy's Duel Disk.

There are two known models of Duel Disks that are used in the Fusion Dimension; the model used by Duel Academy students and the model used by students of the Fusion Dimension's You Show Duel School. Both models have sword shaped energy blades, although they differ between models, and both appear to have the ability to materialize Real Solid Vision independently of an ARC System.

The Duel Academy model has a shield-like body and a sword-shaped blade. The touch screen is contained under a hemispherical display, similar to the LP display on the Academia Disk model from GX. This Duel Disk contains numerous functions unrelated to Dueling, like Human Sealing, Interdimensional Travel Technology, and a "Hacking Mode". The Extra Deck is on the left side of the Disk, away from the body, and opens up parallel to the Disk's opposite side. The Graveyard slot is on the back of the Disk, opposite the Deck Zone. A slot on the side of the wrist ejects cards containing defeated opponents, and a possible Spell/Trap Zone. The normal screen border color of the Disk is gray.

Information Image
Celina: Pink-trimmed maroon body and blue blade. Selena's Duel Disk.png
Barrett: Light forest green-trimmmed dark green body and orange blade. Barrett's Duel Disk.png
Obelisk Force: White-trimmed blue body and red blade. Obelisk Force Duel Disk.png
Sora Perse: Yellow-trimmed blue body and blue blade. Sora Shiun'in Academia Duel Disk.png
Yuri: Black-trimmed purple body and violet blade. Yuri's Duel Disk.png
Jean-Michel Roget: Green-trimmed violet body and blade. Arc V Roger Duel Disk.png
Duel Academy Duelists: White-trimmed indigo body and violet blade.
Juvenile Officer: White-trimmed purple body and violet blade. Juvenile Officer's Duel Disk.png
Aster Phoenix: Dark blue-trimmed white body and blue blade with a gold screen border. This disk can initiate a Duel with "Steel Cage Match" and connect the wielder to an opponent in manner similar to a Duel Anchor. Aster's Duel Disk (Arc V).png
Gloria Tyler: Indigo-trimmed red body and violet blade. Gloria's Duel Disk.png
Grace Tyler: Indigo-trimmed violet body and violet blade. GraceDuelDisk.png
Dennis McField: Dark blue-trimmed white body and red blade. Dennis' Academia Duel Disk.png
Iggy Arlo: Black-trimmed dark yellow body and violet blade. Iggy duel disk.png
Captain Cutter: Orange-trimmed yellow body and red blade. Captain Solo Duel Disk.png
Diana: Light blue-trimmed blue body and light green blade. Diana Duel Disk.png
Apollo: Orange-trimmed magenta body and yellow blade. Apollo Duel Disk.png
Rin: Green-trimmed white body and violet blade. Rin Academia Duel Disk.png
Battle Beast: Red-trimmed green body and red blade. Battle Beast's Duel Disk.png
Lulu Obsidian: Dark blue-trimmed white body and violet blade. Ruri Academia Duel Disk.png
Sanders: Black-trimmed red body and light green blade. Sanders Duel Disk.png
Alexis Rhodes (Past): Dark blue-trimmed white body and light blue blade. Alexis' old Duel Disk.png
Leo Akaba: Yellow-trimmed purple body and blade. Leo dueldisk.png

The You Show Duel School's Disks' overall design is similarly reminiscent of the Academia Disk in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. The difference is the colored borders covering the left and right sides, with the Graveyard slot aligned at the front border, while the Spell/Trap Zone is on the side facing the Duelist. The blade's leftmost end resembles that of the Duel Academy Disk from GX, but the right part still resembles ARC-V's Duel Academy hilt shape.

Information Image
Alexis Rhodes: Dark blue body and light blue blade Arc V Asuka Duel Disk.png
Unknown You Show Duel School student: Orange body and blade You Show Student 3 Duel Disk.png
Yusho Sakaki: Purple body and yellow blade YushoDuelDisk.png

Original Dimension

The Original Dimension Duel Disk is attached to the wrist of the Duelist via a wristband. Connected to the wristband is the Deck Zone, similar to a Wrist Dealer. The blade is curled with a pattern on each side.

Information Image
Leo Akaba: Violet blade Leo Akaba Original Duel Disk.png
Z-ARC: Yellow blade Zarc Duel Disk.png
Unnamed Duelist: Blue blade Unnamed duel disk.png
Ray: Pink blade Raydueldisk.png


The info screen of the new Duel Disks.

The Duel Disks that are featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS are a brand new model invented by SOL Technologies, and appear to function similar to the ones featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, but presumably due to being solely used in LINK VRAINS, they lack a physical blade.[2] Models that require physical cards still exist but are considered outdated.

Old Model

The older models require actual cards to enter LINK VRAINS and seemingly lacks the touchscreen interface seen since Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. The body heavily resembles a hybrid of the Kaiba Corporation and GX Duel Academy Duel Disks. While the blade is energy-based and follows the same color scheme as blades of the ARC-V Duel Disks, it is shaped differently and additionally features a metallic dark gray border around the black strip. Like the 5D's Standard Disk, the Extra Deck Zone is located behind the Main Deck Zone, and like a D-Pad, it has a single slot for the Spell/Trap Zones. The Spell/Trap slot also functions as the Graveyard. It can also project information screens.

Whenever a Deck is placed into the Deck Zone to enter LINK VRAINS, the words "Into the VRAINS" appear on the side where the blade is projected from. Although physical cards are needed to access LINK VRAINS, they are data constructs within LINK VRAINS itself, disappearing when dropped and reappearing as needed, a feature shared by the blade. These Duel Disks do not possess AI, though AIs can be downloaded into them if necessary.

The blade is long trapezoid shape with extra detailing along the edges, which come in different colors along with a black strip.

Information Image
Yusaku Fujiki: A purple orb outlined by a red circle with a blue side. It has a light blue blade. Ai resides within this Duel Disk and was originally trapped inside as a Duel Program that could only be removed if Yusaku himself is defeated in a Duel, though it has since been released from this restriction.

Sometime before the events of episode 27, the Duel Disk has been modified to become capable of functioning as a drone by Ai and Roboppi.

Yusaku Duel Disk.png
McKendrick Kellenbocker/Naoki Shima/Specter: A blue orb outlined by an orange circle with a green side. It has a yellow blade. Makoto Duel Disk.png
Theodore Hamilton: A purple orb outlined by a yellow circle with a sharp protrusion that points away from the deck zone and a red body. It has an orange side panel, and, uniquely, the Spell/Trap Zone is located close to the Extra Deck Zone. Flame resides within this Duel Disk.

As a child, he used a Duel Disk with a purple orb outlined by a red circle with a green side. Both models have a red blade.

Cal Kolter : A blue orb outlined by a purple circle with a yellow side and a black body.
Miyu Sugisaki: A blue orb outlined by a light purple circle with a red side and white body.
Ai: A blue orb outlined by a purple and black body that extends up the forearm with pale yellow decorations. It has a purple blade similar to the ones used in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, with curling, regal designs on the ends.

New Model

The primary layout of the latest model Duel Disk.

The newer models use a Cloud function connected to SOL's card database, therefore physical cards are not needed. Because of this, they look more like wristbands with a touchscreen interface. When dueling the stripes on the bands glow.

Blue Angel witnesses Soulburner's Reincarnation Link Summon.

When activated, they project the user's hand in front of them by swiping their drawing hand in front of them; also, the cards can be played either by voice command or through physical interaction. There are no visible Zones for the Duelist to physically play cards, instead they are merely being played in a normal fashion before disappearing from view.

The secondary layout of the latest model Duel Disk.

When actions that require interacting with the Main Deck, Graveyard or Extra Deck are triggered, the disk produces a white ring of energy that features a changeable colored glow and three trapezoid-shaped ridges with a thin slot in the middle of each one arranged in a triangular fashion is projected around the user's wrist; the one on top acts as the Main Deck Zone, and the ones on the sides act as the Graveyard and Extra Deck Zones. Alternatively, as shown by certain models, instead of producing a ring of energy, they produce a large flat oval (that features a rather unique and unusual design); in addition, they can be used to view ongoing duels, even from a great distance (as Blue Angel and Ghost Gal both used this feature to witness Soulburner perform a Reincarnation Link Summon during his duel against Bit and Boot). They can also project small screens that bear information on certain cards, or their actual positions on the field, and they can project a Duelist's entire deck if necessary for searching out specific cards.

Moreover, they include a support AI program that helps the user during Duels by providing simple tactical advice (causing the screen to flash with a blue light whenever they speak to the duelist) and allows them to access LINK VRAINS itself (in the English dub, it's stated the AI programs provide emotional as well as dueling support, and VIP priority access to LINK VRAINS). The AI programs also seem to forbid the usage of certain words, such as "idiot". Furthermore, it would seem having a support AI is not mandatory for these models, as Varis' Duel Disk lacks one.

Additionally, they seem to be capable of temporarily taking control of nearby screens for various purposes (as seen when Naoki Shima used his on his class's screen to show Yusaku a live view of LINK VRAINS).

Information Image
Knights of Hanoi: White and grey with green light and a red ring. Knights of Hanoi Disk.png
Naoki Shima/Sato/Tanaka/Suzuki/Skye Zaizen/Ryujiro Mizunuma: A standard-issued version of the latest model. It is blue with an elongated hexagonal shape, a gray wristband that bears an orange stripe, and a yellow attachment on one end. It has a light green ring. A SOL Disk.png
Skye Zaizen: Light blue with a shape similar to a tulip flower, a small dark blue gem at the back and a white armband that features a glowing light blue stripe, as well as a teal ring when Dueling. When entering LINK VRAINS, the word "Into the VRAINS" appear on the screen. Aoi Duel Disk.png
George Gore: His first duel disk is gold plated gauntlet with an elongated hexagon-shaped screen (which is shaped exactly like the latest Duel Disk model, but turned in the opposite direction) and a dark red band that features a single spike on each side, a red arrow where the Main Deck Zone should be and glowing yellow accents around the spikes and the upper edges of the screen. It has a red ring. GO's Duel Disk (HD).png
Varis: Golden and white with red light and a red ring. Revolver Duel Disk.png
Emma Bessho: White and purple with magenta light and a blue ring. This Duel Disk has a built-in rope feature. Emma duel disk.png
Akira Zaizen: Gray and black with a blue stripe and a blue ring. Akira Duel Disk.png
Prototype Ai-A: Purple with a green border. Prototype Ai-A Disk.png
Prototype Ai-B: Blue with an orange border and an orange ring. Prototype Ai-B Disk.png
Dr. Genome/Clarissa Turner/Aso/Specter: White and silver with yellow light and a red ring. Genome Duel Disk.png
Bohman: Pink and yellow, with black band, red light. However, instead of producing a ring; a red oval (featuring an unusual design) is produced above the disk. Towards the hand is a rectangle that acts as the Main Deck Zone.
BitBoot: Reddish-brown, tan orb, pink light. Similar to Bohman, a red oval appears above the orb instead of a ring.
George Gore: As a bounty hunter, George Gore utilizes a new duel disk. This one is grey and black, similar to Akira Zaizen's disk; however this one has lime green lights on either side of the band as opposed to a single light in the middle of the band. Like his previous duel disk, this one has a red ring.
The Shepherd: Grey with yellow ring. KengoDueldisk.png
Blue Girl/Blue Maiden: Blue and white, with light blue light and a light blue ring. The orb changed to pink after Aqua entered it. Bluegirldueldisk.png
Earth: Brown, with a light green ring.
Queen: Gray with a red light and a red ring.
Roboppi: Pale cyan with a light green ring. This model resembles Roboppi's old head, it even expresses emotions to how Roboppi feels.


In Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, the duel disks appears very similar to the Battle City disk in design. At the same time, it is sleeker and more compact with a straight board for the cards and a hexagonal shape for the base of the device. It is almost entirely white apart from the blue slots for the Monster Zones and the yellow triangles at the bottom of the said slots and two more triangles on both sides of the base of the device. The user's deck is contained in a cartridge which is inserted on the top of the disk with the Graveyard slot located right next to the deck. The disk is apparently linked to an entire network that monitors any tampering done to it, as six penalties on it will automatically lock out the user from entering the server again. When stored away, the two left slots and the last right slot of the board retract into the it, then the entire board retreats into the base of the duel disk. Another slot can open on the front end of the disk that is used for the Field Spell Card. Unlike the Battle City and most other standard disks, this disk does not have buttons to activate any Set Spell/Trap Cards. Instead, the player must manually flip up their cards. While normally designed to handle Master Duel rules, when activating Rush Duel rules, the two end slots will retract into the board and then the board's neck that connects to the base will extend diagonally, resembling a "7". In the process, these changes are further highlighted as a red line appears on the disk in the shape of a "7".


Information Image


Information Image
Romin Kirishima:
Sebastian (SEVENS):
Galient Tazaki:
Asana Mutsuba:
Chevelle Kayama:
Yuro Goha:
Princess G:


Information Image
Hellboy: Kazuki Takahashi designed a new Duel Disk for the Dark Horse Comics superhero Hellboy; the result of an art exchange between him and artist Mike Mignola. While Hellboy is dressed up as Yugi Mutou, the new Duel Disk is oversized with protruding spikes and blades sticking out. In addition to the standard deck and graveyard holders of the Duel Disk 2, the field has spaces for three cards.
Kazuki's Hellboy.png


  • It is shown numerous times throughout the franchise that, despite its scientific origins, the Duel Disk is capable of recognizing magic in duels; such examples include scenarios where one character either had an ancient equivalent to a Duel Disk (such as Rex Goodwin using the Altar atop the Stairway to the Dragon Star) or none at all (such as Jack's duel against the Familiar of Red Nova, whom had no duel disk at all and instead used stone tablet cards), and the various times where a new monster is created on the spot in the middle of a duel.

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  1. Alternatively explanatorily spelt 決闘盤 (デュエルディスク) .


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