The video room is a computer room in Duel Academy seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.


Bastion Misawa analyzed Jaden Yuki in this room, after Jaden became famous for beating Dr. Crowler and Chazz Princeton. He discussed his findings with Alexis Rhodes. However Alexis left after receiving a text message from Jaden. This caused Bastion to become even more envious of Jaden and sought out to Duel him.[1]

At a later date, Jaden, Alexis, Bastion and Syrus Truesdale discussed Zane Truesdale, as Syrus read up on him on Duel Academy News. They were interrupted by Dr. Crowler, who mistakenly thought Syrus failed a test and announced that he was to be expelled.[2]

Atticus Rhodes later used this room to complete his homework for Professor Sartyr's class.[3]


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