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| title = Members
| title = Members
| hidden = true
| hidden = true
|'''Native members'''
* [[Alexis Rhodes (ARC-V)|Alexis Rhodes]] (carded)
* [[Apollo]]
* [[Apollo]]
* [[Aster Phoenix (ARC-V)|Aster Phoenix]] (defected)
* [[Barrett]]
* [[Barrett]]
* [[Battle Beast]]
* [[Battle Beast]]
* [[Bernie]] (carded)
* [[Captain Solo]]
* [[Captain Solo]]
* [[Celina]] (brainwashed)
* [[Dennis Macfield]] (carded)
* [[Diana]]
* [[Diana]]
* [[The Doctor]]
* [[The Doctor]]
* [[Emma]] (carded)
* [[Ethan]] (carded)
* [[Gloria Tyler]] (defected)
* [[Grace Tyler]] (defected)
* [[Jacob]] (carded)
* [[Jean-Michel Roger]] (defected)
* [[Juvenile Officers]]
* [[Juvenile Officers]]
* [[Leo Akaba]]
* [[Leo Akaba]]
* [[Lulu Obsidian]] (brainwashed)
* [[Mamoru Noro]] (defected)
* [[Rin]] (brainwashed)
* [[Obelisk Force]]
* [[Obelisk Force]]
* [[Sanders]]
* [[Sanders]]
* [[Sora Perse]] (defected)
* [[Ted]] (carded)
* [[Yuri]]
* [[Yuri]]
* [[Zane Truesdale (ARC-V)|Zane Truesdale]]
* [[Zane Truesdale (ARC-V)|Zane Truesdale]]
* [[Zuzu Boyle]] (brainwashed)
'''Brainwashed members'''
* [[Celina]]
* [[Lulu Obsidian]]
* [[Rin]]
* [[Zuzu Boyle]]
'''Carded members'''
* [[Alexis Rhodes (ARC-V)|Alexis Rhodes]]
* [[Bernie]]
* [[Dennis Macfield]]
* [[Emma]]
* [[Ethan]]
* [[Jacob]]
* [[Ted]]
'''Former members'''
* [[Aster Phoenix (ARC-V)|Aster Phoenix]]
* [[Gloria Tyler]]
* [[Grace Tyler]]
* [[Jean-Michel Roger]]
* [[Mamoru Noro]]
* [[Sora Perse]]}}

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For the location in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, see Duel Academy. For the location in New Domino City, see Duel Academy (New Domino).
Duel Academy (ARC-V)

Duel Academy (ARC-V)





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Alternate names

Duel Academia[1][2][3]

Appears in (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Appears in (episode)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 36: ""

Duel Academy, referred to as Academia (アカデミア Akademia) in the Japanese version, is a mysterious school in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime that trains "Duel Soldiers" and is located in the Fusion Dimension.[4] It is an alternate universe version of Duel Academy from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. It is run by Professor Leo Akaba, a man originally from the Standard Dimension, and serves as his forward operating base.[5]

The goal of Leo Akaba and as such the goal of Duel Academy, is to use the power of Fusion to make all the worlds become one.[6] In order to accomplish this, Duel Academy employs its army of Duel Soldiers in order to conquer the other Dimensions by turning its inhabitants into cards. This goal is referred to as the "Arc Area Project".[7]


While it is unknown when Duel Academy was founded or if it was founded by Leo Akaba, nearly every member of the organization is fiercely loyal to his ideas and goals and follow them to the deepest extent of their abilities without question.

Those that engage in the Interdimensional War for the sake of Leo's goals all are under the belief that they are fighting for a noble cause that fills them with both pride and honor, with many of them showing almost fanatical loyalty towards this purpose and entirely justifying the genocidal campaign as a fair price to pay for the end goal.

However and contrary to this rather (albeit twisted) chivalrous stance, several members of Duel Academy decide to engage in much less noble practices, indulging themselves in inhuman "Hunting Games" in which they assault defenseless civilians turning them into cards for nothing but sadistic joy, and being utterly uncaring of all the destruction that comes with it, effectively wasting the Xyz Dimension.

Duel Academy seems to follow a very strict code of conduct, as all their alumni are put under a harsh training program involving both dueling skill and honing physical activity, effectively serving as a military institution. There have been cases of alumni being placed in a prison, showing that they seem to have little tolerance for indiscipline.

Duel Academy seems to follow a similar ranking system to its original counterpart to organize its soldiers, with the lower-ranked members clad in red and yellow uniforms, while the elite Obelisk Force wear blue.

Differently from its GX version, which was the equivalent of an high school, this Duel Academy appears to cover middle school courses as well, judging from a boy commenting that he wanted to graduate from elementary school and be admitted.[3] Additionally it seems that a majority of them attend Duel Academy, as Zuzu was suspected of being an escapee, due to her age and not being in facility.

There are also a handful of cases in which alumni, disagreeing with Duel Academy's cruelty in the "hunting games" and overall growing disillusioned with the Arc Area Project seeing nothing but genocide and a conquering campaign, decide to defect from the organization. These deserters are reported to and hunted down by the Juvenile Officers whose primary duty is to capture them and place them under correctional re-educational programs at best, or downright seal them in cards at worse. The fact even non-Duel Academy citizens report these deserters to be detained showcases that Duel Academy's influence and cult-like mentality is vast enough to influence the normal populace.



Leo Akaba, the Professor, flanked by Obelisk Force.

Three years in the past, Declan had unknowingly traveled to Duel Academy via an interdimensional transporter. He eventually met Celina, who he helped escape from faculty members who were pursuing her, only to have them both caught by Leo and several members of Obelisk Force, the elite vanguard squad. Declan was confused by the ensuing discussion about alternate dimensions and Duel Academy, until the squad hauled Celina off and placed a device on Declan's wrist, which sent him back to Standard.[5]

Aster chosen as the Commander-in-Chief.

Before the invasion, Dennis was sent to Heartland to find one of the targets. There, he posed as a resident and often gathered large crowds of people while entertaining as a street performer. During one such event, he spotted his target in the crowd. Knowing she was one of Duel Academy's targets, he used his "Performage Trapeze Magician" to draw her away from the crowd. After finding Lulu, he informed Duel Academy to green-light the invasion.[8] Before setting off for the Xyz Dimension, Leo assigned Aster Phoemix as the Commander-in-Chief for the invasion.[9] When he arrived in the dimension, Aster Dueled against Yusho Sakaki and lost to him, though Yusho was able to make him smile. Yusho offered him a "Template:Anime" card to show to the Professor but Aster was torn between the proof of his loss and his beliefs in the Professor's teachings and he violently tore the card in half. When Yusho went pick up half of the card, he disappeared. Wishing to prove that the ideals of Duel Academy were correct, Aster began searching for Yusho.[10]

Duel Academy attacking Heartland.

At some point, Leo ordered his elite vanguard squad to advance into the Xyz Dimension and attack, as part of his plan to eventually unite the Four Dimensions. Without warning, they did so, causing chaos with powerful monsters like "Template:Anime" and sealing nearly all of the inhabitants of Heartland City in cards in the process.[4] Yuto, Shay, Lulu[11], Kite[7], Allen, Sayaka[12], and a few others were the only survivors of the attack. After the invasion commenced, Dennis learned the location of the Resistance's base and called in Yuri. Once Dennis pointed out who Lulu was he retreated, allowing Yuri to Duel and capture her.[8] They were also able to wipe out most of the Resistance[7] and without any Duels, the soldiers would seal innocent people into cards.[3] The Tyler sister were infamous among The Resistance for almost destroying the Spade Branch's Resistance force.[13]

During one battle, Barrett directed his soldiers to move forward, only to find himself the victim of a Set "Template:Anime" that exploded on him. The fate of his comrades is unknown but Barrett was the only known survivor of the event, being left scarred.[14]

At some point, Jean-Michel Roger was sent to the Synchro Dimension as an undercover agent to ensure Duel Academy's conquest. He introduced the Real Solid Vision technology to the New Domino City, which became a crucial tool for the Executive Council to strengthen Sector Security's power and maintain the Topsiders' dominance in the riots created after Chojiro Tokumatsu's arrest. Once he climbed to the position of the Director of Sector Security, Roger eventually decided to betray Duel Academy, and without informing Leo Akaba he began to make plans to turn New Domino into his own kingdom.[15]

After the invasion, Yuri went to the Synchro Dimension on Leo's order to kidnap Rin. He succeeded just as Yugo arrived on the scene and escaped using a card. He was then seen at Heartland, secretly watching the confrontation between Yugo and Yuto from behind a building.[16]

When the first army returned from Heartland, some of the students who participated in the war started to escape from Duel Academy. They started to doubt the school's plan to invade other dimensions and turn people into cards, even civilians. To prevent this, the Juvenile Officers are dispatched to capture them.[3] One day when a female student and Alexis Rhodes escaped from Duel Academy, the officers caught them and sealed the girl in a card. They attempted to seal Alexis away, but Yusho Sakaki arrived and defeated them.[9] Since then Alexis has been the only student they had problems catching.[3] Some of the students that were able to escape joined the You Show Duel School founded by Yusho and Alexis.

At some point after capturing Lulu and Rin, The Doctor brainwashed them into obeying the Professor.[17]

Pre-Arc League Championship

During his Duel with Sylvio Sawatari, Yuto asked about the connection between Leo Institute of Dueling and Duel Academy. However, Yuto soon discovered that most of LID knew nothing.[18]

Arc League Championship

Sora forced to return after revealing his mission.

After Shay Dueled Sora, it is implied that the latter was affiliated with Duel Academy, as Declan mentioned they could learn more about it from Sora.[19] During his Duel against Yuya, Yuto revealed that Duel Academy attacked the citizens of Heartland and sealed them in cards.[4] During this time Sora was transported back to Duel Academy due to a program on his Duel Disk that activated after revealing his goal of hunting XyZ remnants who fled to the Standard Dimension. When Sora came back Leo had his medical staff check Sora's memories as to find out why Sora had been returned since Standard were not their enemies. During this time Leo noticed Zuzu whom he called the "Fourth Piece" he needed and ordered Yuri to kidnap her.

Celina and Barrett arriving in the Standard Dimension.

While Sora was recovering in the nursery he protested to go back to Standard since there were Xyz Remnants there, Celina eavesdropped on his demands and planned to go to Standard to prove her strength to Leo in order to be on the battlefield. Several guards attempted to stop her but failed, but Barrett decided to go with her instead of stopping her since it was his duty to protect her. The two arrive at Standard and Celina watches Dipper perform a Xyz Summon on screen, believing him to be part of the Xyz Remnants, she manages to find him and easily defeats and transforms him into a card. Celina then turns her attention into Kev Ravenwood a prominent Xyz User, in the Arc League Championship. Unfortunately for her, Declan found out about her appearance and correctly deduced she would attack Kev, so he used him as bait to lure the duo.

Celina and Barrett encountered Kev, but before they could attack him, Declan appeared and ordered Kev to leave, while having Claude seal the area so the Duel Academy Duo could not escape. Celina attempted to Duel Declan but Barrett offered to Duel instead, since it was his duty to protect her. Celina stood aside and watched. Barrett and Declan Dueled, with Declan noticing that Barrett was a war veteran, as Barrett used burn tactics to rapidly damage Declan. Barrett praised Declan for using his own Life Points to maintain the cost of his "Dark Contract" cards, mentioning that he deserved a war medal for that. Declan defeated Barrett using a combination of "Template:Anime" and "Template:Anime". Celina attempted to leave, but Declan stopped her and the two reminisced on their past encounter years ago.[14] A barely conscious Barrett activated his Duel Disk to return to the Fusion Dimension and to give away Celina's location. Declan offered Celina the chance to join him into defeating Leo, but Celina refused, saying that all she wanted was to earn Leo's recognition. She left, but not before Declan declared her an enemy should she interfere with him.[5]

Sora bringing the Obelisk Force with him.

After receiving the transmission, Leo had a meeting with Sora, who requested to be sent back to the Standard Dimension. Leo agreed to Sora's request, but ordered him to look for Celina and make it his priority to bring her back. Sora noted Celina's resemblance to Zuzu and asked why the two looked alike. Leo replied that he did not need to know that and had the Obelisk Force accompany Sora. The Obelisk Force entered the Standard Dimension during the Arc League Championship's Battle Royal, prompting Declan to cut any transmission that featured Duel Academy. Sora encountered Shay, Yuya and Knights of the Duel Disks students. Sora had the Obelisk Force deal with the Knights while he Duels Shay on nearby ruins. The Knights of the Duel Disks were then swiftly defeated and sealed into cards. Seeing this, Yuya became infuriated and challenged the three soldiers to a Duel. Meanwhile, Declan sent his Senior Lancers, led by Kev.[20]

While Yuya Dueled against the Obelisk Force, he was forced to take the damage from their "Template:Animes". This caused him to becoming more furious, which, in turn, led to him Summoning "Template:Anime" to attack them.[21] The trio of soldiers began to panic but they were unable to defeat Yuya, who used "Template:Anime" and "Template:Anime" to Pendulum Summon "Template:Anime" and then used the Pendulum Effects of both his Pendulum Monsters to grant "Dark Rebellion" a Level equal to the Level of "Odd-Eyes". Yuya overlaid his two monsters to Xyz Summon "Template:Anime" and used its effect to destroy their monsters, inflict effect damage and attack a number of times equal to the monsters destroyed. This defeated all three soldiers in one fell swoop. [22]

More Obelisk Force soldiers entered the Volcano Area and spotted Celina with Dennis Macfield and Zuzu. They escaped, leaving Kev and the rest of the Senior Lancers to fend off the invaders. However the Senior force was quickly overwhelmed and turned into cards. Before Kev could be defeated, Yugo interfered in the Duel after recognizing the Duel Academy soldiers as people he met before. He defeated the soldiers by using their "Ancient Armageddon Gear" against them with a combination of his "Template:Anime" and Template:Anime" to destroy all monsters with lower ATK than "Clear Wing". Kev realized that he could not fight any further and ran away in a panic without thanking Yugo, annoying him. Claude expressed his concern to Declan that the Senior Force were unable to repel the invaders and Declan acknowledged the LID did not have the strength to fight Duel Academy, but that his plan for the Lancers was for them to master Pendulum Summon as a new power that could give them an edge in battle. He referred to the potential Duelists as the "Yuya Sakaki Generation".[23]

Celina learns about Duel Academy's true goal from Zuzu.

While the battles were taking place, Zuzu and Celina talked, and Celina revealed that Duel Academy, under orders of "The Professor", plotted to make the Four Dimensions become a single world, calling it an "honorable goal". However Zuzu revealed the truth of Duel Academy's cruel assaults into other dimensions to Celina and requested for her to seek the truth. Knowing that the Obelisk Force were hunting Celina down, Zuzu suggested they change clothes so that Celina could meet Shay and confirm the truth. Dennis, now revealed to be an agent working for Duel Academy, eavesdropped on their conversation and met Yuri, telling him of the girls' plan so that he could track Zuzu. During this time, Halil and Olga appeared, mistaking Yuri as an opponent for the Battle Royale, and challenged him to a Duel. Yuri was annoyed, but he accepted their challenge. He easily defeated both of them and sealed them into cards. The Obelisk Force surrounded Zuzu, believing her to be Celina, but Yuri interfered and ordered the soldiers to retreat or he would seal them into cards as well. He threw the cards containing Halil and Olga at them, causing the soldiers to leave. Yuri tried to convince Zuzu to surrender, claiming it was pointless to fight and that "the Professor" needed her. Yuri challenged Zuzu to a Duel, which Zuzu was forced to accept.[23]

Yuri hunting down Zuzu.

Yuya and Gong, who were looking for Zuzu, encountered Dennis and told him of the attacking soldiers, unaware of his true colors. Dennis maintained his facade by agreeing to accompany Yuya and Gong. Meanwhile, Zuzu was forced to run for her life after knowing that she was no match for Yuri, who was in hot pursuit with "Template:Anime". Before Yuri could find her, Zuzu's bracelet activated teleporting Yuri away, due to Yugo's arrival. Yugo mistook her for Rin. Before Yuya could find her, the bracelet shined once more and teleported the two away leaving Yuya, Gong and Dennis unable to find her. Dennis incorrectly believed that Yuri had finished his mission.[23]

Celina, who managed to avoid the Obelisk Force, witnessed Shay being defeated by Sora and thrown downstairs, leaving him injured. Celina activated "Lunar Eclipse" so that the two of them could escape. Sora initially mistook Celina for Zuzu and ordered her to stand aside. Upon recognizing her Duel Disk as being of Duel Academy origin, Sora pursued the pair. The three eventually reached the Volcano Area with Sora requesting to get his "prey". However the two Fūma Ninja students, Moon Shadow and Sun Shadow, appeared and blocked Sora's path. Sun Shadow decided to face Sora, allowing Celina, Shay and Moon Shadow to escape. Dennis, observing from afar, encountered remnants of the Obelisk Force. He told them that Celina was in disguise. The three soldiers asked Dennis if he wasn't coming, but Dennis said he couldn't because there were "too many cameras". The Obelisk Force soldiers then attacked Celina, Shay and Moon Shadow, and forcing them into a Battle Royale. Shay wanted to go first, but Moon Shadow interfered and fended off the attacks of the three soldiers using "Barrier Ninjitsu Art of Gathering Shadows". Celina decided to go next and Fusion Summoned "Template:Anime". Before it could attack, the Obelisk Force used "Fusion Dispersal" to counter her monster and damage her, as they prepared for her. Reed Pepper and Trout then joined the Duel, but suffered a 2000 LP penalty. Using a combination of "Template:Anime" and "Monster Pie" the two were able to damage the entire Obelisk Force for 2000 LP each one. The Obelisk Force used a combination of "Template:Anime", "Ancient Gear Spark Shot", "Ancient Gear Booster" to deal enough damage to defeat Reed and Trout, who were weakened by the penalty. Both were sealed into cards afterward. Before Moon Shadow could suffer from the same fate, Sylvio appeared and used "Flame Guard" to protect him, having heard the situation from Declan, but took the 2000 LP penalty.[24]

Yuya and Gong watched Sora seal Sun Shadow into a card. Gong then saw Celina, who he mistook as Zuzu, in a Duel and left to help her. Yuya was left alone and challenged Sora to a Duel in order to return his smile. Sora agreed, since he did not like having a losing record against Yuya. Gong arrived as Sylvio used "Template:Anime" and "Template:Anime" to Pendulum Summon "Template:Anime" and used its effect to search and equip it with "Template:Anime" in order to return the Obelisk Force's "Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" to the Extra Deck and break their combo. However, the Obelisk Force used "Ancient Gear Reverse Fusion" to Fusion Summon "Ultimate Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" and used its effect to halve the Life Points of all their opponents. Gong took his turn, and used a combination of Pendulum Summon and the effects of two of his "Template:Anime" and a copy of "Template:Anime" in order to provide Shay with the Pendulum Cards that Sylvio activated previously. Sylvio questioned his move because he thought he could break the combination by himself, but Gong said it was fine this way. Shay asked why Gong went so far to give him Pendulum Cards. Gong replied that Shay was the one who would finish the Duel. During his turn, Shay remembered all the people who protected him during this time, and found the notion "laughable". Shay used "Devil Heel" and "Funky Comedian" to Pendulum Summon three copies of "Template:Anime" and used them to Xyz Summon "Template:Anime". Shay used its effect to let it attack all the Obelisk Force's monsters. Its other effect allowed Shay to reduce their ATK and DEF 0 during battle. "Revolution Falcon" attacked and defeated the remaining Obelisk Force soldiers, winning the Duel for Shay and his allies.[6]

As Sora and Yuya Dueled, Yuya was convinced that Sora had become warped and revealed his intentions to bring him back to his "usual self", but Sora refuted this by saying that the Sora that Yuya knew was never his true self; his true self was a soldier of Duel Academy. Yuya disagreed because he remembered that Sora had fun during their first Duel. Sora retorted that he was not being serious back then, but Yuya claimed his smile was genuine and that the two became friends after that Duel. Sora told Yuya that there were things more important than friendship. Yuya denied this by pointing out that Sora taught Zuzu how to Fusion Summon as a sign of friendship, but Sora claimed he did so merely because Fusion Summon was an honorable mechanic and a power that could make the worlds become one. Yuya argued that fusing the four worlds was wrong, but Sora angrily stated the opposite. Yuya asked Sora if he was aware of the cruelty inflicted into the Xyz Dimension by Duel Academy, and Sora indifferently stated that it couldn't be helped to achieve Duel Academy's goals. An infuriated Yuya told Sora that they didn't have the authority to fuse the worlds.[6]

Sora and Yuya going for the last Action Card.

Yuya Xyz Summoned "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" and used its effect on Sora's "Template:Anime", but Sora used "Template:Anime" in order to negate the effect and Fusion Summoned "Template:Anime", which subsequently revived the previously destroyed "Template:Anime". The effects of both "Tiger" and "Sabre-Tooth" boosted the ATK of Sora's monsters to colossal levels. Yuya then used "Xiangsheng Magician" and "Xiangke Magician" to Pendulum Summon "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". He used the effects of both Pendulum Monsters to make "Dark Rebellion" have the Level of "Odd-Eyes" and overlaid both of his Dragons to Xyz Summon "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" Yuya used its effect to destroy both "Tiger" and "Bear" since their Levels were lower than 7. Sora used "Fusion Front Base" to avoid the effect damage. At this point, Sora regained the same excited demeanor he had during his first Duel with Yuya because Yuya was able to Summon an Xyz Pendulum Monster, while finally realizing that battling Yuya is fun. Yuya agreed to his statement that Duels were meant to have fun. Yuya used the effect of "Rebellion Dragon" to attack as many times as monsters were destroyed by its effect. Sora activated "Flame Chain" to lower its ATK, but Yuya countered with "Flame Power" to boost its ATK. The two raced for an Action Card, but were unable to catch it since the Battle Royale timer expired, disabling the "Quartet of Quandary" Field Spell and ending the Duel without a result. Gong and the others, who witnessed the Duel, caught up to Yuya. Yuya mistook Celina for Zuzu, and Celina revealed she was not Zuzu. Sora, knowing the mission had failed, activated his Duel Disk to be transported back to Duel Academy.[6]

Friendship Cup

After the Battle Royale incident, Celina defected from Duel Academy after hearing the truth of their crimes from Shay. The officially founded the Lancers, made to counter Duel Academy, started their own plans to increase their effectiveness by traveling to the Synchro Dimension in order to recruit allies, though they never knew that Dennis was a Duel Academy deep cover agent.[25] Upon arriving at the dimension, Dennis and Gong were separated from the others. They were scouted by Gallager for his underground Dueling and both met up with Shay, who was part of the underground Dueling circuit. Dennis Dueled Shay, and his Dueling prowess made Shay suspect his identity. The majority of the Lancers were arrested,[26][27] but escaped and were ordered to compete in the Friendship Cup.[28]

File:Jean-Michel Roger.png

Former Duel Academy agent: Jean-Michel Roger.

During the course of the Friendship Cup, Declan heard information from Moon Shadow that Sector Security's director, Jean-Michel Roger had apparently came from another dimension and that he brought with himself advanced technology and quickly ascended the ranks of Sector Security, while using Gallager to recruit strong duelists for himself. This information, along with the use of a Fusion Monster by Duel Chaser 227, made Declan suspect Jean was actually an agent of Duel Academy.[29]

Dennis' cover is blown.

During the last Duel of the first round of the Friendship Cup, Shay was set to battle Dennis, and the latter secretly vowed to destroy the former slowly. Shay had suspicions that Dennis was a member of Duel Academy and he focused on unmasking Dennis. The two started an aggressive Duel, and through the use of "Raidraptor - Target Flag", Shay forced Dennis to reveal his hand, showing a "Template:Anime" card. Dennis then used "Ancient Gear Chaos Fusion" in order to Fusion Summon "Template:Anime", confirming his Duel Academy roots and declaring the start of a hunting game.[30]

Chaos Giant" rendered Shay's combination useless, but he was able to survive the attack of "Chaos Giant" with "Template:Anime". Regardless, the attack on "Revolution Falcon" laid waste to the arena, debris being thrown everywhere. Enraged after learning about Lulu's kidnapping from Dennis, Shay counterattacked by using "Template:Anime" to Summon "Template:Anime". This monster reduced the ATK of "Chaos Giant" to 500. Dennis attempted to survive using Action Cards, but the debris from the attack of his own "Chaos Giant" tripped up his Duel Runner and he was unable to and was thus defeated by "Satellite Cannon Falcon". After the Duel, Dennis admitted that Shay had won before passing out. Still filled with rage, Shay tried to seal Dennis in a card but was unable to do so, so instead he attempted to punch Dennis but was stopped by the tournament's staff, who then carried Dennis off on a stretcher.[8]

Friendship Cup Finals

Dennis was being taken to the recovery room when the Executive Council and Sector Security both attempted to take him into custody. Sora saved him and took him away to an alleyway. He explained to Dennis that he was attempting to capture Celina as per the orders of the Professor, and sent Dennis back to Duel Academy to recover from his injuries.[15]

Yuri watching Yugo and Celina's Duel.

After hearing Dennis' report that Zuzu and Celina were in the Synchro Dimension's New Domino City, Leo gave Barrett a new mission to go to the Synchro Dimension with the Obelisk Force and capture Zuzu and Celina. He also informed him that Yuri would also come to the Synchro Dimension.[15] Yuri then appeared at the Synchro Dimension standing atop the Duel Palace watching the Duel between Celina and Yugo. After the Duel concluded, Yuri found Yugo and stared coldly at him.[31]

The Obelisk Force gliding towards New Domino.

Near the end of the Duel between Crow and Yuya, Sora, Sector Security, Declan and Crow noticed several gliders with searchlights defined to be the Obelisk Force.[32] Once landed, the Obelisk Force split up into groups of three, searching for Zuzu and Celina. Those who were to find either of them would alert the others with a red flare.[33]

Celina, still incapacitated from Sector Security's attempt to take her and with Moon Shadow and Riley Akaba, was found rather quickly and a flare was lit, slowly drawing the Obelisk Force to her location. Several members then entered duels with Riley, with all of them ending up defeated by the young boy. Others approached the Executive Council's building, which was under siege by Sector Security as well. However, Sergey Volkov intercepted them, defeating several members, much like Riley did. Around the same time, another trio found themselves halted by Moon Shadow whom they quickly overpowered with their numbers. They held the upperhand until Sora joined the duel on Moon Shadow's side, much to their surprise. This trio was then defeated after Sora, with help from Moon Shadow, destroyed their "Hound Dogs" and turned them against their masters. All of the defeated Obelisk Force members were recalled to Duel Academy near-instantly. Riley defeated another group, but at this point was too tired continue dealing with their reinforcements. The young boy then started panicking, recalling his traumatic memories. Before the Obelisk Force could take profit from his situation, Yuya Sakaki arrived to rescue him and Celina.[33]

Together, Yuya and Riley defeated another trio before Barrett arrived with three more and challenged Yuya. Barrett proceeded to seal away Yuya's monsters by weakening them with "Beast-borg Medal of the Iron Chain" and "Beast-borg Medal of the Crimson Chain".[34] He also prevented Yuya from using Spell and Trap Cards, as well as Normal Summoning and Special Summoning monsters with "Beast-borg Medal of the Crimson Chain". Barrett told him that if he handed over Zuzu he would spare him, but Yuya refused. Barrett Fusion Summoned "Beastborg Wolf Kämpfer and started to burn away Yuya's LP and his monsters ATK. Barrett asked for Zuzu's location again, but Yuya still refused so he continued to weaken Yuya and his monsters further.[35] While they were dueling, the next three members went after a still panicking Riley.[34] This trio was then attacked by Sora's monsters and sent back to Duel Academy. Another trio then appeared, led by Yuri arrived to take Celina back to Duel Academy. Incapacitating Sora with a "Hunting Hound" blocking his Duel Disk, the trio restrained the traitorous Sora while Yuri started a Duel with Yugo, who appeared at the scene for Yuri.[35]

Barrett takes Celina back to Duel Academy.

During their Duels Yuya, Yugo, and Yuri began to act strange after the Four Dimension Dragons appear on the field. While watching the two Duels, the three members wondered what the distortion in the sky was. When Zuzu arrived, her bracelet teleported Yuri and Yugo away. Then, Barrett was defeated by the newly arrived Sergey, but still managed to take Celina with him at the last moment before retreating to the Fusion Dimension. The remaining three Obelisk Force members retreated as well, seeing no possibilities to fulfill their mission without their commanders Barrett and Yuri in the current situation.[2]

Heartland City

Duel Academy students are still in the Xyz Dimension and continue to hunt down people. Three students manage to corner a man and proceeded to seal him into a card. They also find a family in hiding with Yuya, Gong, and Sylvio. The six of the them prepared to Duel, but the students doesn't recognize the Duel Disks and learn that Yuya, Gong, and Sylvio are Lancers and their mission to stop the Interdimensional War. The students tell them its their mission to finish the Arc Area Project. Yuya tells the hardships he went through and defeats them in a combined Pendulum Summoning with Gong and Sylvio. After defeating them Sylvio tries to seal them into cards as payback but is stopped by Yuya. The three students escape only to run into Kite Tenjo, who sealed them into cards.[7]

When Zuzu arrived in the City, she found out Duel Academy was on a island nearby. She was then forced to runaway from the Juvenile Officers when the citizens thought she a student who escaped from Duel Academy. After being cornered by the officers, Alexis Rhodes arrived and defeated the officers, saving Zuzu.[3]

Inside their base stationed in Heartland, Mamoru Noro is angry about how the Arc Area Project has fallen behind schedule and worried that the Professor is going to scold him. He started to tell everybody to card everyone in the Xyz Dimension as soon as possible and wonders where the Commander-in-Chief is at.[36] The Commander-in-Chief searched for Yusho, clutching half of a torn copy of "Template:Anime". He ran into Yuya and found out he was Yusho's son. The two Dueled and Aster had Yuya on the receiving end. When Yuya started to the Duel around with Yuto possessing him, Aster forced a DRAW with "Template:Anime's" effect. Duel Academy students rushed in afterwards, concerned for their Commander-in-Chief.[36]

Yuri sealing the You Show students into cards.

Three more students were sealed into cards by Kite after being defeated in a Duel.[37] After tracking down one of Duel Academy's fugitives, Yuri went to You Show Duel School where he encountered several students. He challenged all five of them to a Battle Royal and was amused when the students talked about Dueling with smiles. After all six players took a turn, with the five You Show students Summoning their own Fusion Monsters, Yuri Summoned "Starve Venom Fusion Dragon" and used its effect in combination with "Template:Anime" to wipe out all five students. After sealing the students into cards, Yuri confronted Zuzu and Alexis. He tried to tell Zuzu to return to the Professor with him, but Yugo suddenly appeared, charging at Yuri on his Duel Runner. This triggered Zuzu's bracelet and warped Yuri away again. After Mamoru sent a report about Pendulum Summoning being used in the Xyz Dimension, Leo sent Gloria and Grace Tyler to Heartland City to help defeat the Lancers.[9]

The Professor sending the Tyler sisters to Heartland.

When the Tyler sisters arrived in Heartland, they challenged Allen Kozuki and Sayaka Sasayama to a Tag-Team Duel. While the Tyler sisters had a steadily advantage, they wonder why Allen and Sayaka weren't using Pendulum Summoning. When Gloria and Grace learned that their opponents were from the Resistance, the Tyler sisters started to get serious. Together, they Fusion Summoned "Amazoness Liger" and "Amazoness Empress" and used their effects in tandem to defeat Allen and Sayaka. As they was about to seal the defeated Resistance members into cards Gong and Sylvio arrived. The Tyler sisters then challenged them to a Tag-Team Duel after learning they were Lancers. Meanwhile, Mamoru wondered why are the Tyler sisters late and learned they are Dueling the Lancers. When a student was about to inform the Commander-in-Chief, Mamoru stopped him since he requested them in secret. While in his office, Aster sat in frustration about why he couldn't defeat Yuya. Picking up the torn "Smile World", he then wondered if it was because Yuya was Yusho's son.[13] He then stated that he must crush Yuya as well and won't lose to someone who brings smiles through Dueling or use "Smile World". Aster returned to the command center and told his soldiers to find Yuya. He asked where Mamoru was and one of his soldiers found a Duel signal. The Duel was between Yuya and Shay and Gloria and Grace Tyler. Angry upon seeing Yuya play "Smile World", he ordered everyone to move out and follow him.[38]

Gloria and Grace shocked by Yuya's Dueltaining after their defeat.

After defeating Sylvio and Gong, Gloria and Grace Duel against Yuya and Shay and began to get the advantage over them by using "Slow Life" and "Amazoness Audience Room" to gain LP from Yuya and Shay's Special Summoned monsters ATK. Yuya and Shay continued to hold their own but the Tyler sisters kept gaining LP and used "Amazoness Curse Mirror" to negate battle damage. Once their LP reached over 10,000, the Tyler sisters told them to give up and be carded. But Yuya, with Yuto and Shay's help, used Template:Anime", "Template:Anime", and "Miracle Rocket Show" to cut down Grace and Gloria's huge LP and defeat them. Though defeated, Gloria and Grace were amazed by the Duel and Mamoru tried to get them to go after the Lancers again but the Obelisk Force arrived to eliminate them.[38]

Three Obelisk Force members found the Lancers and Dueled Yuya and Shay. While the Obelisk Force challenged the Lancers to a Duel, Mamoru explained to Gloria and Grace that the Professor sent them in case they lost. Gloria was frustrated that the Professor sent them as backup in case they lost, but Grace wasn't as she wanted to see Yuya's Dueltaining. The Obelisk Force attempted to defeat Yuya before his turn started but he used "Big Escape" to end the battle phase. Once they Fusion Summoned "Ancient Gear Chaos Giant", it's shockwave caused a building to collapse that took Shay out of the Duel after being hit by debris while saving Sayaka. They have "Chaos Giants" attack Yuya but before they can defeat him, Kite activated "Quick Guard" saving him. Gloria recognized him as the Duelist with a bounty on his head. Mamoru surmised that he joined forces with the Lancers. They were quickly defeated by Kite's "Template:Anime's" monster effect, "Cipher Diffusion" and "Cipher Interfere". Mamoru and the Tyler sisters were surprised by his sudden victory. The three members was about to be sealed them into cards by Kite, but he left them alone and decided to approach Yuya and the others. After the Duel, Aster arrived with a squad of soldiers to defeat Yuya.[39]

Gloria and Grace tried to explain their mission to Aster, he refused to listen and when Mamoru convince Aster that he didn't have to personally deal with the Lancers, Aster silenced him and warn Mamoru that he would be dealt with later. Aster forced Yuya into a Duel with "Wire Mesh - Chain Deathmatch" so no one could interfere and he introduced himself. Aster vowed that he would prove that the Professor's teachings were superior. While Aster Dueled Yuya, Mamoru sent the rest of Aster's squad to deal with the Lancers. When Yuya targeted Aster for direct attack, Aster activated the effects of "Dynamiteguy" and "Template:Anime", causing only Yuya to receive damage. He then Fusion Summoned "Dystopiaguy" and used its effect to inflict damage to Yuya and destroyed both Yuya's monsters. Grace watched Yuya and Aster's Duel but Gloria wanted to help the squad Dueling Kite, however they were defeated by Kite and sent back to Duel Academy. Mamoru was shocked that one Duelist could defeat an elite squad and Gloria criticized Mamoru for letting the Lancers escape. He then began to worry about losing his position if Aster defeated Yuya. Grace wanted Yuya to show them the greatest Duel and she was impressed when he Fusion Summoned "Template:Anime". Aster was floored as he was not expecting Yuya to use a Fusion Summon. Gloria was displeased when Yuya Fusion Summoned. He was shocked as well but pleased when Yuya was close to defeating Aster until Gloria caught him siding with the enemy. Yuya counterattacked but Aster activated "Demise Urban", increasing "Dystopiaguy's" ATK and use its second effect to destroy "Brave-Eyes". When Yuya saw the torn "Smile World" next to Aster's foot, he asked Aster why he had it. Aster explained his history with Yusho to Yuya, though he omitted the fact that he had smiled during the Duel. He claimed that he must defeat Yuya in order to prove that Duel Academy's ideals were right and had "Dystopiaguy" attack Yuya directly. Gloria believed that it was over for Yuya and Mamoru displeased after the Duel turned in Aster's favor, but Grace claimed that he would entertain them more.[10]

When Yuya was about lose Grace was disappointed, however Yuya was able dodge the attack with "Evasion" despite Aster trying to stop him with "Chain Deathmatch". When Mamoru thought it was over, Gloria asked him whether or not he was disappointed. She noted that the combo of "Destiny HERO - Dystopiaguy" and "Demise Urban" wouldn't be defeated easily. Grace also mentioned that attacking will trigger their effects and destroy the monster. Yuya told Aster that his heart was wavering like his pendulum, but Aster told him stop sprouting nonsense. He stated that Dueling was a power for fighting. When Gloria wonder why Yuya would attack with "a weak monster", Gloria told her its part of his Dueltaining. He activated his "Demise Urban" combo, but Yuya countered with "Counterattack Entermate" to destroy "Dystopiaguy". Aster destroyed "Delay Armor" to prevent the destruction "Dystopiaguy". Aster continued to deny Yuya's Dueltaining and pushed him into a corner, telling Yuya to counterattack if he was frustrated. When Aster destroyed "Laughmaker", Grace thought it was Yuya's comeback and once Yuya's LP reached 100, Gloria claimed that he was on the edge of a cliff. Mamoru panicked even more and tried to think of a plan. Grace was happy when Yuya was about to perform and Mamoru was pleased as well until Gloria caught him again and he decided to call for more reinforcements just in case.[40]

Aster smiles after being defeated by Yuya.

Aster got angry when Yuya started to act like Yusho and surprised when Yuya used "Performance Exchange" to give his monsters to Aster. He was also furious upon seeing "Smile World" again. Grace was surprised when Yuya raised "Laughmaker's" ATK to 6900 and Mamoru pleased when Aster couldn't beat it until Gloria reminded him about the "Demise Urban" combo. Yuya went for an Action Card, using "Chain Deathmatch" to swing for the card, forcing Aster to remove "Chain Deathmatch" from the field and take the Action Card himself, urging Yuya to surrender. Yuya instead brought "Brave-Eyes" back, claiming that he needed his Fusion Monster to talk to Aster, and attacked. Grace mentioned that if connects, he'll win and Gloria noted that Aster couldn't use the "Demise Urban" combo since the effect of "Dystopiaguy" could only be used once per turn. Aster declared that he would talk to Yuya using the Lancers' card, and he powered up "Dystopiaguy" through various means including the "Bi-Attack" that he had taken from Yuya, but Yuya countered with "Miracle Fire" to copy "Bi-Attack's" effect and won the Duel. While Grace was amazed by the Duel, Goria was worried about the Professor finding out until Mamoru reassured her that he had called in reinforcements. Despite himself, Aster ended up smiling again but he and Yuya were surrounded by Duel Academy students.[40]

Duel Academy helping the people they told to card away.

Just as Mamoru ordered them to attack, Aster defended Yuya and shared his belief that Dueling is not a tool for conflict but instead to bring happiness to people, going as far as discarding the mantle that signified him as Commander-in-Chief, showing his willingness to betray the Professor. The Tyler sisters joined him as well and Aster accepted Yuto's request to help him bring back the smiles and happiness to the Xyz Dimension. His speech and the Resistance's arrival forced Mamoru to surrender and the remaining Duel Academy soldiers to follow Aster's plan of rebuilding Xyz Dimension. Now allied with both the Resistance and Lancers, Aster and all former members of Duel Academy helped the refugees in the Resistance's hideout by distributing foods, medical supplies, and rebuilding residential houses for free to atone for what they have done. Aster then revealed that there's a way to change back the people who had been carded, prompting Kite to question again whether this was true or not, something that Aster confirmed. However, to do this, they first must retrieve those who were carded from Duel Academy in the Fusion Dimension since all the carded people were sent there. Before Yuya and the others left, he promised to help Shay recover and apologized to Yuya because he think he sent Yusho to another dimension. He also told Yuya that no one had seen Zuzu Boyle but their keep looking. He then activated the Interdimensional Travel Device to send Yuya, Gong, Sylvio, and Kite to the Fusion Dimension.[41]

While everyone at You Show Duel School was getting ready to attack Duel Academy, Dennis surprised them by telling them they will never reach Duel Academy. Upon seeing Zuzu, he asked her to come with him and recognized Yugo from the Friendship Cup. He seen Yusho and called him teacher, revealing that he first met him in Heartland. Dennis challenged Yusho to a Duel to see if he surpassed him. He even bought Duel Academy soldiers with him and revealed he found their hideout from eyewitness reports. When Yusho only set a card Dennis got angry and told Yusho he learned new things from being all over the place. He Pendulum-Xyz Summoned "Template:Anime" and used an Overlay Unit to attack Yusho twice. However Yusho activated "Miracle Silk Hat", hiding him under one of the hats. Dennis destroyed both but under the hats were "Template:Anime" and "Paper Doll" while Yusho and everyone else ran away. Dennis had his soldiers go to the harbor to prevent them from reaching Duel Academy. When they cornered Zuzu and Yugo with "Template:Anime's" and "Armoredog Bull Copter's", Yuya, Gong, Sylvio, and Kite arrived. Surprised at seeing Yuya again he told Iggy its his turn now.[41]

When the Lancers spotted Dennis, he brought out more Duel Academy soldiers to capture Zuzu and left. The soldiers then surrounded and Dueled them in order to Zuzu. However, the Duel is left unfinished due to the soldiers being focused on Yuya and Iggy's Duel. They then clapped with everyone else for Yuya and Iggy's Duel.[42]

Dennis carding himself after being defeated.

He managed to catch up to Yusho and Alexis just as they arrived on the ship and sailed off. Dennis once again challenged Yusho to a Duel, but was interrupted by Kite who challenged him to a Duel in Yusho's stead. Recognizing him as Shay's ally and Yusho's student, Dennis accepted the challenge. Dennis started his turn by summoning "Performage Trapeze Magician". Kite responded by Summoning his ace monster, "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". Kite used the effect of "Cipher Dragon" to try to defeat Dennis in one attack, but Dennis Summoned "Performage String Figure" to negate the battle damage. He then Fusion Summoned "Performage Trapeze Force Witch" and used it together with "Trapeze Magician" in retaliation to try to destroy "Cipher Dragon", but Kite saved himself and his monster with "Cipher Deterrent" and hung on with 200 LP. To Dennis' surprise, however, Kite Summoned "Little Fairy", a monster that Dennis didn't expect to be in Kite's Deck. Using it and "Template:Anime", Kite Summoned "Template:Anime" and defeated Dennis with it. Yusho applauded Dennis' performance and tried to convince him to join them, but Dennis refused. He admitted that the times he spent with Lancers were fun and he truly enjoyed the Dueltaining he did until now. However, since he had already betrayed the Lancers, he felt he didn't have any right to return to them. He also revealed where Lulu and Rin were held captive. Feeling that there was no turning back after revealing the Professor's "greatest secret", Dennis jumped from the ship and sealed himself into a card, much to the shock and dismay of Kite, Yusho, and Alexis. His card was carried by the wind into Yusho's possession.[43]

Celina betrays the Lancers by taking Zuzu to Duel Academy.

When the Lancers and Zuzu couldn't find a boat to catch up to the ship that Yusho Sakaki was on, Celina appeared and told them to follow her to a ship.[43] As they boarded the ship, Celina introduced the ship's captain, Captain Solo. While sailing, Celina told the Lancers how she escaped and found out where Lulu and Rin are. However, more Duel Academy soldiers arrived by helicopter and Celina took Zuzu hostage. As they returned to Duel Academy, Celina reported that she captured Zuzu and ignored her question about being comrades. Meanwhile, Solo forced Yuya into a Duel while his crewmates tied Sylvio and Gong to the ship's mast. When Solo Fusion Summoned "Captain Lock", he used the effect of "Lock" to prevent Yuya from summoning or setting monsters by unless a monster with 1000 or more ATK is on the field. He then threw a barrel at the action card Yuya was going for and grabbed it. He activated "Fire Crystal", inflicting to Yuya and tripped him so he can't a action card. This backfire as Yuya found one but he took damage from "Cursed Crystal" and Solo activated another "Fire Crystal" giving Yuya more damage. When Yuya tried going for a third one on top of the ship, Solo forced the ship to turn making Yuya fall into the ocean. However, he, Sylvio, and Gong were saved when Crow and the rest of the Lancers arrived to Solo's annoyance. He activated "Grand Naval Battle" causing damage to Yuya while trying to sink their boat. When Sora joined the Duel, Solo tried to persuade him to come back, telling him that Celina did. However, Sora told Solo that they were taking Celina back and defeating him. He Fusion Summoned "Template:Anime", which causes the effect of "Lock" to activate and destroy itself. But, Solo brought "Lock" back with its effects negated and strengthened its ATK with "Deadman Pirates". When Yuya used "Performapal Big Support" to equip "Template:Anime" to "Kraken", increasing its ATK, Sora used the effect of "Kraken" letting it attack twice per turn to destroy "Lock" and attack Solo directly. Solo then tried to chase after the Lancers, but the steering wheel came off after Moon Shadow took the screw holding it, causing the ship to flounder in a circle. When Yuya told his comrades that he didn't believe Celina willingly rejoined Duel Academy, Sora told him that the Professor has an assistant who can control people's minds.[44]

While a class was going on, Yugo found himself teleported during the middle of it and yelling at the teacher that his name is not Fusion. He breaks down the door with his Duel Runner, speeding off while wondering where he was. Meanwhile, Leo received Celina's report that she captured Zuzu and now thought it was time for Yusho Sakaki to learn the truth, while watching him arrive at Duel Academy with the Doctor, who is shuffling his Deck and drawing "Parasite Fusioner" with glee.[17]

The guardians of Eastern and Western towers take on Kite and Yugo.

When Yugo arrived at the top of the tower, Apollo told Yugo to Duel if he wants to rescue Rin. He Fusion Summoned "Sun Protector" and activated it's effect to special summon "Protector's Shield Token" and set a card. When Yugo brought out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", Apollo activated "Protector Adoration" to negate "Clear Wing's" effects, special summon two "Protector Shield Tokens", and "Clear Wing" must attack all "Protector's Shield Tokens" or be destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase. When Yugo destroyed all "Protector's Shield Tokens", Apollo activated the effect of "Sun Protector" to decrease "Clear Wings's" ATK and Yugo's LP by 800. As Apollo brought "Clear Wings's" ATK down to 100, he wondered if there was any point for it on the field until Yugo brought out "Template:Anime". He was then defeated when Yugo powered up "Synchro Dragon's" ATK with "Template:Anime" and "Sun Protector's" ATK. When Kite Tenjo arrived at the top of tower, Diana told Kite to Duel her if he wants to rescue Lulu. She Fusion Summoned "Moon Protector" and activated it's effect to special summon "Protector's Shield Token" and set a card. When Kite brought out "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", Diana activated "Protector Adoration" to negate "Cipher Dragon's" effects, special summon two "Protector Shield Tokens", and "Cipher Dragon" must attack all "Protector's Shield Tokens" or be destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase. When Kite destroyed all "Protector's Shield Tokens", Diana activated the effect of "Moon Protector" to decrease "Cipher Dragon's" ATK and increase her own LP by 800. As Diana brought "Cipher Dragon's" ATK down to 600, she wondered if there was any point for it on the field until Kite brought out "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". She then watched as Kite took control of "Moon Protector" and Tributed it to bring back "Cipher Dragon". She panicked as Kite attacked her with both dragons and was defeated. Through a monitor, the Doctor watched witnessed the guardians being defeated and Yugo and Rin's reunion while staring at his drawn "Parasite Fusioner" with an evil smile.[17]

After Kite rescued Lulu, she pushed Kite off of the Western tower and watched him fall with an evil smile. Meanwhile, as Yugo talked about his participation in the Friendship Cup, Rin cuts him off and challenged him to a Duel. She then pushed him out the window and crashed into their Duel Runner. She told him to ignore it and challenged him again, even when he explained how they built their Duel Runner. Rin brought out two "Template:Anime's, using their effects to damage Yugo and Synchro Summoned "Template:Anime". She then used effect of "Winter Bell" to copy "Ice Bell's" effect, bringing Yugo's LP down a third time. She then jumped on "Winter Bell" going down the steps with Yugo following her. When Yugo brought out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" to make her remember, she used "Bewildering Wind" to negate "Clear Wing's" effects and halves its ATK. As they watched Yugo and Rin's Duel, the Doctor asked Leo his thoughts about his Parasite Monsters being able to program their hosts into being loyal to him. Leo praised his skill but warned him about losing those girls as they are important to the Arc Area Project and not to be harmed. Doctor told him that they must have ways to defend themselves due to their value. He also told him not to worry as his Parasite Monsters are perfect. Leo then looked over to the other monitor to see Yusho and Alexis.[45]

Rin then attacked "Clear Wing" but Yugo activates the effect of the "Template:Anime" in his Graveyard, banishing it to negate the attack. She then used "Call of the Wind Witch" to Special Summon "Parasite Fusioner" and fused it with "Winter Bell" to Fusion Summon "Wind Witch Crystal Bell". She also used the effect of "Parasite Fusioner" to equip it to "Crystal Bell" and destroy it when "Crystal Bell" would be destroyed by battle or card effect. She destroyed "Clear Wing", causing Yugo to crash into the ground and destroyed their Duel Runner to his shock. She told him to stand up as their Duel is still going and used the effect of "Crystal Bell" again to copy "Ice Bell's" effect again. Rin told Yugo to surrender as his LP are close to 0 and Duel Runner being destroyed. However, he refused by bringing out "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" and attacked "Crystal Bell". She used the effect of "Crystal Bell" to use "Clear Wing's" effect against "Crystal Wing", but fails due to "Crystal Wing's" effect. However, she destroyed "Parasite Fusioner" instead and "Crystal Bell" is destroyed by "Crystal Wing". As she was sent flying to the ground, she seems to regained her sense and calling out Yugo's name, much to his happiness. But, it turns out she isn't, as she activated the effect of "Crystal Bell" to bring back "Winter Bell" and "Parasite Fusioner" and Fusion Summoned a second "Crystal Bell". She then used the effect of "Crystal Bell" to copy "Ice Bell's" effect, defeating Yugo. Doctor congratulated her and called her back as the Professor is waiting for her. Meanwhile, Celina throws Zuzu into a cell and told her the Lancers will lose for the Professor's sake. When she walks away, a small parasite tail is seen going back into her ear.[45]

When the Lancers landed on the island's north side, Sanders contacted the Professor and was told to carry out the mission according to the plan and take Yuya Sakaki down. He then gave a special mission to the elite students who have the top grades of Duel Academy: Defeat the Lancers. Meanwhile, more students surrounded the Lancers who decided to spilt up into two groups with Yuya's taking on the students and Declan's continuing to the lab. When the ambush failed, Sanders told his students not to worry as it's part of the scenario and asked them how would they handle the situation. When all of their plans focused on destroying them, Sanders had yelled at them as the objective is capture. He then told them to watch carefully on how to carry out a capture operation. After the Lancers pushed them into a corner, the students retreated only to trick the Lancers and capture them with energy nets. Sanders then picked Ted, Ethan, Bernie, Jacob, and Emma to put their lives on the line in a Survival Duel against the Lancers. When they were brought to the arena, Sanders told the Lancers they would battle his five elite students until there is only one man standing. He also told them the Survival Duel will create the ultimate soldier and the losers carded. Sanders activated the Field Spell "Jungle of Predators - Predator Jungle" and started the Survival Duel. He told the rest of the students to burn this Duel into eyes as they will witness the birth of the ultimate soldier.[46]

As soon the Survival Duel started, Bernie spotted someone in the bushes and thought it was Lancer. That Duelist defeated them and sealed him into a card. His scream alerted Ted, Emma, and Jacob, who thought it was a Lancer being defeated. When the Lancers found Bernie's card, Ethan was spotted by them and he ran away. Meanwhile, when the screen Sanders and his students were watching displayed loss, he commented how he was haphazard as ever and that the elites will definitely make it. The students, however, noticed something was wrong when it still displayed ten Duelists and thought it was an error. Meanwhile, Ethan ran into Ted and told him how Bernie was defeated. When Ethan started to worry about being carded as well, Ted told him to run away like a dog and ran to find the Lancers while Ethan ran after him. Ted then spotted Moon Shadow Dueling someone and joined the Duel and received the intrusion penalty, allowing the unknown Duelist to defeat and seal him into a card. When Ted's signal disappeared from the screen, the students wondered why when no one started Dueling yet. One student wondered if the first defeat really happened, causing the others to think that the number of players is off. The unknown Duelist defeated Moon and sealed him into a card and cornered Ethan, who threw his deck at him in fear, sealed him into a card. He then watched Sylvio until he was caught hiding in the bushes[46] and chased after him until he fell off the Duel arena. After Sylvio and Crow reunited, the unknown Duelist watched them until Emma and Jacob arrived. When the four of them started a Duel, he joined them and received the intrusion penalty while they wondered where he was.[47]

The unknown Duelist swiftly defeated Emma and Jacob and sealed them into cards, with Sanders outraged that his top elites were wiped out and couldn't surpass that guy. The students wondered what was happening until one mentioned the Battle Beast, alerting the rest that he's just a rumor. The unknown Duelist hunted down Crow and Sylvio, before Crow eliminated Sylvio from the game by damaging his Duel Disk and engaged the unknown Duelist directly in an attempt to end the Duel in a DRAW. The unknown Duelist was able to survive, but the attack and its location drew him out of hiding. The students were shocked that the unknown Duelist was BB and Sanders told everyone that is the strongest Battle Beast he grown, BB. The Battle Beast pinned Crow down and sealed him into a card as Yuya and Gong arrived and attempted to stomp on the card, but Sylvio managed to snatch it away from him. The Battle Beast then proceeded to Duel Yuya and Gong, while Sanders told his students that Battle Beast is very hostile and will card anyone, causing him to be defective and imprisoned. He also told them that he was planning on molding them into the strongest duelists but there was no result after his chosen five were defeated. He told them if they don't want to carded like the first five, they should watch the Duel closely. He weathered their attacks by protecting his "Gladiator Beasts" with "Medallion of Gladiator Beast" and used destruction effects in combination with "Pollice Verso" to quickly reduce their LP. The students were surprised by Gong's Pendulum Summon while Sanders was unimpressed and said they awakened the monster that's battle hungry. The Battle Beast used Contact Fusion to bring out "Gladiator Beast Andabatae" and "Template:Anime"; Yuya and Gong managed to barely survive his subsequent attacks, as the Battle Beast blocked Yuya's moves to get an Action Card, forcing Gong to use one. Incensed at Gong's resistance, the Battle Beast wiped him out with the effect of "Pollice Verso" and prepared to seal him into a card, but was interrupted by the arrival of Jack Atlas, surprising everyone.[48]


Their technology is advanced enough to create brain scanners that can access one's memory. They are also shown to have interdimensional travel technology, as well as abilities to materialize Duels and technology to seal any human into cards. They also have bioorganic technology to control a person's mind.


Ancient Gear

Most Duel Academy Students run an "Ancient Gear" Deck, focused on Summoning Ancient Gear Hunting Hound and its fusion counterparts.

Honor Student Deck

An Honor Student Deck, which is given to selected students, also focuses on "Ancient Gear" cards. It relies on sheer offensive power to overwhelm the opponent.[49]

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