Event details

  • Duel to obtain points and fill up your Duel Meter.
  • You will earn points whether you win or lose the duel, but surrendering will not give you any points.
  • The Duel Meter resets every day at 18:00 (GMT+0). If your Duel Meter was not completely filled up, the portion of the meter that was filled up will be converted to Gold.

Duel Meter Bonus

Every time you fill up your Duel Meter, there's a chance that your next meter will receive bonus points! The chance of receiving bonus points increases every time you fill up a Duel Meter.

Card Rewards

1st Duel-A-Thon Gamushara
2nd Duel-A-Thon Dash Warrior
3rd Duel-A-Thon Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
4th Duel-A-Thon Wetlands
5th Duel-A-Thon Quick Booster
6th Duel-A-Thon Grapple Blocker
7th Duel-A-Thon Fossil Tusker
8th Duel-A-Thon Intrigue Shield
9th Duel-A-Thon Heavy Slump &

Eternal Rest

10th Duel-A-Thon Bitelon &

Dancing Fairy

11th Duel-A-Thon Spellstone Sorcerer Karood &

Zero Force

12th Duel-A-Thon Ally Mind &

Hunter of Black Feathers

13th Duel-A-Thon Gauntlet Warrior &

Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon

14th Duel-A-Thon Green Turtle Summoner &

Rocket Warrior

15th Duel-A-Thon Copycat &

Curse of Royal

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