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A Duel (Japanese: デュエル[Notes 1] Dyueru) is a single game between two opposing players or teams, who use a variety of Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards to defeat their opponent and win the game.

A Duel progresses in a series of turns which passes between players as the Priority does to organize the play.

What you need to Duel

All you need to Duel is a Main Deck and an opponent to Duel with. You may also need six-sided die, coins, counters and Tokens if required.

In addition to that, you can have an Extra Deck, Side Deck, Game Mat, card sleeves, and game supplies like paper, pencils and calculator.

Preparing to Duel

Before starting a Duel, follow these 5 steps:

  1. After greeting your opponent, shuffle your Main Deck with all its cards face-down. Then you may shuffle and cut your opponent’s Deck (be careful when touching your opponent’s cards).
  2. After shuffling, place the Decks face-down in the proper Deck Zones on the field. If using an Extra Deck place it in the Extra Deck Zone with all its cards face-down.
  3. If you are playing a Match, Duelists show each other their Side Decks if they have them (without revealing the cards), and record the number of cards in it, also confirming that they have 15 or fewer cards.
    If you exchange cards between your Side and Main Decks between Duels of a Match, count the cards of your Side Deck for your opponent again to show that the number of your cards remain the same.
  4. Use a random method to decide who chooses to go first. Duelists may roll a die, play rock-paper-scissors, etc. as long as it is agreed upon and clearly understood by all Duelists beforehand. The Duelist chosen by the random method chooses who goes first.
    For the next Duel in a Match, the losing Duelist chooses who goes first. In case of a Duel ending in a DRAW, another random method should be employed to choose the deciding Duelist.
  5. After deciding who go first, both Duelists draw 5 cards from their Main Deck to form their starting hands. If the deciding Duelist does not announce his or her choice of who will go first prior to drawing cards, they must automatically go first.


  1. Sometimes explanatorily spelt 決闘 (デュエル) in the manga.
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