"Dual-ism of Mirrors" ( (かがみ) のデュアル・イズム, Kagami no Dyuaru-izumu) is the fifth Japanese opening theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, performed by petit milady. It debuted in the anime on April 14, 2013, and aired during episodes 99 to 123. It was replaced in episode 124 by "Wonder Wings".


Recording credits

  • Performed by: petit milady (petit milady (プチミレディ) )
  • Lyrics by: Natsumi Tadano (只野菜摘)
  • Composed by: Ken Matsutani (増谷 賢)
  • Arranged by: Seiki Satou (佐藤清喜)
  • Record Label: Universal Music ZERO-A (ユニバーサルミュージック ZERO-A)


TV Version


Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Japanese Opening Theme Season 3, Version 1 - Dualism of Mirrors by Petit Milady

Lyrics (TV Size)

親友 (しんゆう) 最初 (さいしょ) からなれるわけじゃない
真剣 (しんけん) なバトルの (なか) でみつける
もうひとつの自分 (じぶん)

葛藤 (かっとう) からの覚醒 (かくせい)

とぎ () ましあうカード
運命 (うんめい) 相手 (あいて) (こころ) (うつ) (かがみ)
もしも<引き分け (タイ) >のままで

(たお) れたら (どろ) だらけで (たた) () おう

shinyū ni saisho kara nareru wake janai
Sore mo riaru
Shinken na batoru no naka de mitsukeru
mou hitotsu no jibun

kattō kara no kakusei ha
chansu no tān! tsukamu! dorō
dyueru! dyuaru-izumu

togi sumashi au kādo
unmei no aite ha kokoro, ustsusu kagami
moshimo <hikiwake> (tai) no mama de

taoretara doro-darake de tatae aou

It's not like we could have become best friends from the start
That's the reality
In the midst of a serious battle I find
Another me

This struggle-born awakening is
A chance turn! Grasp it! Draw
Duel! Dual-ism

Our cards sharpened by each other
A fated opponent is a heart-reflecting mirror
Even if while it's a tie

We should fall and become muddy, let's honour each other

Character appearances

Duel Monsters

Card appearances

NOTE: Several copies of each card can be seen at the beginning

Duel Monsters Cards INCOMPLETE

Monster appearances


The cover of the single.

The single containing Dual-ism of Mirrors was released on May 15, 2013, and contains the following tracks:

  • Dual-ism of Mirrors (鏡のデュアル・イズム Kagami no Dyuaru-izumu)
  • 100% Cider Girl (100%サイダーガール 100% Saidāgāru)
  • Dual-ism of Mirrors (karaoke)
  • 100% Cider Girl (karaoke)



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