Draw a card

Artwork of "Defense Draw", an example of a card that draws cards.



Japanese (romanized)




To draw a card (Japanese: ドロー dorō) is to take the top card of your Main Deck and add it to your hand.

Drawing a card is a form of "adding a card from the Deck". If "Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr" was drawn by a card effect, then you can Special Summon it. This is why "Thunder King Rai-Oh" distinctly states its exception in its monster effect, and "Drastic Drop Off" clarifies that drawing is considered adding a card to the hand.

Every turn during your Draw Phase, you must normally draw 1 card from your Deck. The player going first cannot do this on their first turn.

Some card effects can also let you draw cards, such as "Pot of Greed", "Royal Magical Library", and "Jar of Greed".

Incidentally, there is a difference between "number of draws" and "number of cards drawn". The number of draws refers to the number of times any number of cards are drawn. For example, "Pot of Greed" allows the player to draw 2 cards, but the number of draws is only 1 because both cards are drawn at the same time. However, cards like "Heart of the Underdog" only facilitate drawing one card per effect activation, but the effect itself can be activated any number of times.

If a player is unable to draw because they do not have enough cards left in their Deck, that player loses the Duel (known as Decking Out).



 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Ahrima, the Wicked Warden悪王アフリマEffect MonsterDARKFiend417000
AntialianアンチエイリアンEffect MonsterEARTHCyberse41900600
Avatar of The Pot壺魔神Effect MonsterEARTHRock312001300
Bee List SoldierハチビーEffect MonsterWINDInsect1500400
The Bistro Butcher悪魔の調理師Effect MonsterDARKFiend418001000
Coach Goblin鬼ゴブリンEffect MonsterEARTHFiend412001500
Cyber Ouroborosサイバー・ウロボロスEffect MonsterDARKMachine2100600
Cyberdark Cannonサイバー・ダーク・カノンEffect MonsterDARKDragon31600800
Cyberse Integratorサイバース・インテグレーターSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Danger! Dogman!Effect MonsterDARKBeast-Warrior724001000
Danger! Mothman!Effect MonsterDARKInsect41800400
Danger! Ogopogo!Effect MonsterDARKSea Serpent812003000
Danger!? Tsuchinoko?Effect MonsterDARKReptile313000
Darksea Floatダークシー・フロートEffect MonsterDARKMachine10300
Darksea Rescueダークシー・レスキューEffect MonsterDARKMachine100
Desperado Barrel Dragonデスペラード・リボルバー・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDARKMachine828002200
Destiny HERO - DominanceD-HERO ドミネイトガイFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Destiny HERO - DrawhandD-HERO ドローガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior41600800
Edge Imp Cotton Eaterエッジインプ・コットン・イーターPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Electric Snakeエレクトリック・スネークEffect MonsterLIGHTThunder3800900
Flame Bufferloフレイム・バッファローEffect MonsterFIRECyberse31400200
Flame Ogreフレイム・オーガEffect MonsterFIREFiend724001700
Flick Clownフリック・クラウンEffect MonsterDARKCyberse410001400
Fortune Fairy Chee占い魔女 チーちゃんEffect MonsterEARTHSpellcaster600
Fortune Lady Waterフォーチュンレディ・ウォーテリーEffect MonsterWATERSpellcaster4??
Gladiator Beast Sagittari剣闘獣サジタリィEffect MonsterWINDWinged Beast314001000
Gladiator Beast Torax剣闘獣トラケスEffect MonsterWATERFish31400400
Goblin Decoy Squadゴブリン陽動部隊Effect MonsterDARKWarrior410000
Heavymetalfoes Electrumiteヘビーメタルフォーゼ・エレクトラムLink Monster
Effect Monster
Infinitrack Tunneller無限起動 スクレイパーEffect MonsterEARTHMachine52200500
IpiriaイピリアEffect MonsterEARTHReptile2500500
Iris, the Earth Mother地母神アイリスEffect MonsterLIGHTFairy624001200
Koa'ki Meiru Speederコアキメイル・スピードEffect MonsterWINDMachine312002200
LatencyレイテンシEffect MonsterLIGHTCyberse100
Link AppleリンクアップルEffect MonsterFIRECyberse100
Lucky Pied Piper幸運の笛吹きEffect MonsterGemini monsterWINDFairy41500500
Lunalight Emerald Bird月光翠鳥Effect MonsterDARKBeast-Warrior412001000
Mad Reloaderマッド・リローダーEffect MonsterDARKFiend100
Mahjong Munia Maidens雀姉妹Effect MonsterFlip monsterWINDWinged Beast22002000
Masked Sorcerer仮面魔道士Effect MonsterDARKSpellcaster49001400
Mermail Abyssnerei水精鱗-ネレイアビスEffect MonsterWATERAqua312002000
Mythical Beast Bashilisk魔導獣 バジリスクPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Neo-Spacian Twinkle MossN・ティンクル・モスFusion Monster
Effect Monster
Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior星杯戦士ニンギルスLink Monster
Effect Monster
Noble Knight PellinoreEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior41900500
Number 60: Dugares the TimelessNo.60 刻不知のデュガレスXyz Monster
Effect Monster
Number 75: Bamboozling Gossip ShadowNo.75 惑乱のゴシップ・シャドーXyz Monster
Effect Monster
Orgoth the Relentlessゴッド・オーガスEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior725002450
Performapal Smile SorcererEMスマイル・マジシャンPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Reptilianne Hydraレプティレス・ラミアSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
... further results (14 more)
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Alchemy Cycleアルケミー・サイクルTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Assault Teleportバスター・テレポートSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
AsymmetaphysアシンメタファイズSpell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
At One With the Sword身剣一体Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Backup Squad補充部隊Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Blackwing - BoobytrapBF-マインTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Borrel Regeneratorヴァレル・リロードSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
Equip Spell Card
Celestial Observatory星呼びの天儀台Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Chaos Greedカオス・グリードSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Cocoon of Ultra Evolution超進化の繭Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Common Charity凡人の施しTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Convert Contactコンバート・コンタクトSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Core Compressionコア濃度圧縮Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Crusadia Testamentテスタメント・パラディオンSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Cynet Regressionサイバネット・リグレッションTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
DNA CheckupDNA定期健診Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Danger! Response TeamSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Danger! ZoneTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Dark Factory of More Production闇の増産工場Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Dark Occultismダーク・オカルティズムSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Destructive Draw破滅へのクイック・ドローTrap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Diamond-Dust Cycloneダイヤモンドダスト・サイクロンSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Draw of Fate運命のドローSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Empty Machine虚無械アインTrap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Evil Mindイービル・マインドSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Fortune's FutureフォーチュンフューチャーSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Frozen Rose冷薔薇の抱香Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
The Gift of Greed強欲な贈り物Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Glorious Numbersグローリアス・ナンバーズSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Gold Moon Coin星の金貨Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Harpie's Feather Restハーピィの羽根休めSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Hero Medalヒーロー・メダルTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Infinite Light無限光アイン・ソフ・オウルTrap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Infinite Machine無限械アイン・ソフTrap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Iron DrawアイアンドローSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Jar Robber壺盗みSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Karakuri Anatomyカラクリ解体新書Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Land of the Eternal Tenyi天威無崩の地Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Last Resortラスト・リゾートTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Litmus Doom Ritualリトマスの死儀式Spell Card
Ritual Spell Card
Ritual Spell Card
Lucky Cloud宝札雲Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Merciful Machine Angel慈悲深き機械天使Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Metaphys Ascensionメタファイズ・アセンションTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Miracle Stone開運ミラクルストーンSpell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Ojamassimilationおジャマ改造Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Old Mindオールド・マインドSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Orcustrated Returnオルフェゴール・プライムSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Pendulum Haltペンデュラム・ホルトSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Pinpoint LandingSpell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Possessed Awakening憑依覚醒Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
... further results (17 more)


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Airknight ParshathEffect MonsterLIGHTFairy00050000190000001400
Arcana Force EX - The Light RulerアルカナフォースEX_THE LIGHT RULEREffect MonsterLIGHTFairy00100000400000004000
The Big Server伝説のビッグサーバーEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior00030000030000000800
Brain Dragon大統龍 ブレーンドラゴンEffect MonsterLIGHTDragon00080000280000001000
Broww, Huntsman of Dark WorldEffect MonsterDARKFiend00030000140000000800
CXyz Coach Lord UltimatrainerXyz Monster???Warrior00090000380000002300
CXyz Dark Fairy Cheer GirlXyz MonsterDARKFairy00050000250000001900
Card TrooperEffect MonsterEARTHMachine00030000040000000400
Cardcar DEffect MonsterEARTHMachine00020000080000000400
Celtic Guard of Noble ArmsEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior00040000210000000700
Chainsaw InsectEffect MonsterEARTHInsect00040000240000000000
Clear EffectorEffect MonsterLIGHTSpellcaster00020000000000000900
Coach King GiantrainerXyz MonsterEARTHWarrior00080000280000002000
Cosmic CompassEffect MonsterEARTHMachine00010000010000000300
Cyber Ouroborosサイバー・ウロボロスEffect MonsterDARKMachine00020000010000000600
Cyber PhoenixEffect MonsterFIREMachine00040000120000001600
Cyber ValleyEffect MonsterLIGHTMachine00010000000000000000
D/D PandoraEffect MonsterDARKFiend00050000170000002100
D/D/D Stone King DariusXyz MonsterEARTHFiend00030000190000001000
Daigusto EmeralXyz MonsterWINDRock00040000180000000800
Dark Tinkerダーク・リペアラーEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARKFiend00030000100000001300
Dark Tuner Dark ApeDT ダーク・エイプEffect MonsterDark Tuner monsterDARKBeast00020000000000000000
Darksea Floatダークシー・フロートEffect MonsterDARKMachine00010000000000000300
Darksea Rescueダークシー・レスキューEffect MonsterDARKMachine00010000000000000000
Dekoichi the Battlechanted LocomotiveEffect MonsterFlip monsterDARKMachine00040000140000001000
Destiny Hero - DefenderEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00040000010000002700
Destiny Hero - Disk CommanderEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00010000030000000300
Dragon Queen of Tragic EndingsEffect MonsterDARKDragon00060000190000002600
Draw Slimeドロー・スライムEffect MonsterWATERAqua00020000030000000400
Drill SynchronEffect MonsterTuner monsterEARTHMachine00030000080000000300
Edge Imp SawEffect MonsterDARKFiend00030000050000001000
Electric Snakeエレクトリック・スネークEffect MonsterLIGHTThunder00030000080000000900
Elemental Hero BubblemanEffect MonsterWATERWarrior00040000080000001200
Evil Hero Infernal ProdigyEffect MonsterDARKFiend00020000030000000600
Fairy Cheer GirlXyz MonsterLIGHTFairy00040000190000001500
Fairy Cheer GirlXyz MonsterLIGHTFairy00040000190000001500
Fiber JarEffect MonsterFlip monsterEARTHPlant00030000050000000500
Flick Clownフリック・クラウンEffect MonsterDARKCyberse00040000100000001400
Flower Cardian Cherry Blossom with Curtain花札衛-桜に幕-Effect MonsterDARKWarrior00030000200000002000
Flower Cardian Clover with BoarEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00070000100000001000
Flower Cardian Maple with DeerEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00100000100000001000
Flower Cardian PaulowniaEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00120000010000000100
Flower Cardian Paulownia with PhoenixEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00120000200000002000
Flower Cardian Peony with ButterflyEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARKWarrior00060000100000001000
Flower Cardian PineEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00010000010000000100
Flower Cardian Pine with CraneEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00010000200000002000
Flower Cardian WillowEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00110000010000000100
Flower Cardian Willow with CalligrapherEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARKWarrior00110000200000002000
Flower Cardian Zebra GrassEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00080000010000000100
Flower Cardian Zebra Grass with MoonEffect MonsterDARKWarrior00080000200000002000
... further results (62 more)
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Acrobatic Towerアクロバット・タワーTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Advance DrawアドバンスドローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Akashic RecordアカシックレコードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Alchemy Cycleアルケミー・サイクルTrap CardCounter Trap Card
Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins虹の古代都市-レインボー・ルインSpell CardField Spell Card
Ancient Gear Inspection古代の機械点検Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Angel Wingエンジェル・ウィングSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Apple of EnlightenmentフライアのリンゴTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Appropriate便乗Trap CardContinuous Trap Card
Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy機甲忍法ゴールド・コンバージョンSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Arrow Chargeマーカーズ・チャージSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Astral ShiftアストラルシフトTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Aurora Drawオーロラ・ドローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Awakening from Beyond死の床からの目覚めSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Beast Burial Ritual神事の獣葬Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Berserker Soul狂戦士の魂Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Black Process - Negledo黒の過程-ニグレドSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Blackboostブラック・ブーストTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Blackwing - BoobytrapBF・マインTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Blaster Cartridgeバレット&カートリッジSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Blasting Veinブラスティング・ヴェインSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Book of Eclipse皆既日蝕の書Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Boon of the Meklord Emperor機皇帝の賜与Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Break! Draw!ブレイク・ドローSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Bubble Rodバブル・ロッドSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Card Defenseカード・ディフェンスTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Card Destruction手札抹殺Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card LoanカードローンSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Card from a Different Dimension異次元からの宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Adversity逆境の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Burial Magic埋葬呪文の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Demise命削りの宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Endurance自虐 の宝札Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Card of Last Will遺言の札Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Card of Puppetsからくりの宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Reversal逆転の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Sacrifice捨て身の宝札Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Card of Safe ReturnSpell CardContinuous Spell Card
Card of Sanctity天よりの宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Spell Containment魔封印の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Variation流転の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of the Dragon King竜皇の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Cards for Black Feathers黒羽の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Cards from the Sky天空の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Cards of Consonance調和の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Catastrophe Drawカタストロフ・ドローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Chain of the Underworld冥界の鎖Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Chaos Greedカオス・グリードSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Chaos Tempest Drawカオス・テンペスト・ドローSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Charm of Lamentation悲嘆の宝札Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
... further results (199 more)


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Absolute King Back JackEffect MonsterTuner monsterDARKFiend00010000000000000000
Ancient Pixie DragonSynchro MonsterDARKDragon00070000210000003000
Celestial Mage天輪の魔導士Normal Monster00020000140000000100
Electrode Beast Anion電極獣アニオンNormal Monster00020000030000000???
Elemental Hero BubblemanNormal MonsterWATERWarrior00040000080000001200
Gagaga HeadEffect MonsterDARKSpellcaster00060000210000002000
Learning Elfラーニング・エルフEffect MonsterFairy00030000140000001500
Ma'atFusion MonsterLIGHTFairy00100000000?0000000?
Masked Hero Divine WindM・HEROカミカゼFusion MonsterWINDWarrior00080000270000001900
No. 10: IllumiknightXyz MonsterLIGHTWarrior00040000240000002400
Onmoraki陰魔羅鬼Effect MonsterYokai00040000120000001000
Power Tool Mecha DragonSynchro MonsterDARKMachine00070000230000002500
Rose Shaman薔薇占術師Normal Monster00040000170000000200
Stardust Charge WarriorSynchro MonsterWINDWarrior00060000200000001300
TankroidタンクロイドEffect MonsterMachine00040000150000001900
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Backlashバック・ラッシュTrap Card
Block DrawブロックドローSpell Card
The Body's Hidden Mantra屍の中の真言Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card Destruction手札抹殺Spell Card
Card of Compensation代償の宝札Spell Card
Card of Demise命削りの宝札Spell Card
Card of Desperation絶望の宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Card of Heaven and Earth天地の宝札Spell Card
Card of Last Will遺言の札Trap Card
Card of Safe Return生還の宝札Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Card of Sanctity天よりの宝札Spell Card
Celestial Bell Tower天輪鐘楼Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Celestial Profit天輪増札Trap Card
Champion's Ambition王者の覇気Trap Card
Cyber Roarサイバー・ローアーSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Dark Bribe魔宮の賄賂Trap CardCounter Trap Card
Despair Struggleディスペアー・ストラグルTrap Card
Dragon's Charge竜の進撃Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Dual-Colored Eyes二色の眼Spell Card
DuelデュエルSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Endless Bond永遠の絆Spell CardContinuous Spell Card
Excavation Work発掘作業Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Gift of the Weak弱者の贈り物Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Graceful Charity天使の施しSpell Card
Heaven's Lost Property天の落とし物Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Hell Gift地獄宝札Spell Card
Hero's LegacyHEROの遺産Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Hopeful Future希望の未来Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Memories of Hope希望の記憶Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Michizure of Doom墓穴の道連れSpell Card
Mokusatsu目殺Trap CardContinuous Trap Card
Monster Recoveryモンスター回収Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Multiple Destruction死なばもろともTrap Card
Pendulum Haltペンデュラム・ホルトSpell CardField Spell Card
Pendulum Haltペンデュラム・ホルトSpell Card
Photon Wind光子風Spell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Pot of Greed強欲な壺Spell Card
Reaction Drawリアクション・ドローSpell Card
ReloadリロードSpell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Shining Horizonシャイニング・ホライゾンSpell Card
Shock Drawショック・ドローTrap Card
Spell Books from the Pot壺の中の魔術書Spell CardNormal Spell Card
Spirit Foresightスピリット・フォアサイトSpell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Spirit XYZ Sparkスピリット・エクシーズ・スパークSpell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Stardust Re-Spark星墜つる地に立つ閃珖Trap Card
Synchro Creedシンクロ・クリードSpell Card
Trick Barrierトリック・バリアTrap CardNormal Trap Card
XYZ Spiralエクシーズ・スパイラルSpell CardQuick-Play Spell Card
Xyz Reborn Plusエクシーズ・リボーン+Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Xyz Treasure Ticketエクシーズの宝札Spell CardNormal Spell Card
... further results (2 more)

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