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| romaji_name = Doragon Meido no Okokorozukushi
| romaji_name = Doragon Meido no Okokorozukushi
| trans_name =
| trans_name =
| image = HospitalityoftheDragonMaids-DBMF-JP-OP.png
| image = HospitalityoftheDragonmaids-DBMF-JP-OP.png
| card_type = Spell
| card_type = Spell
| property = Normal
| property = Normal

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Dragonmaid Hospitality
ドラゴンメイドのお (こころ) づくし
English Dragonmaid Hospitality
Japanese (kana) ドラゴンメイドのおこころづくし
Japanese (base) ドラゴンメイドのお心づくし
Japanese (rōmaji) Doragon Meido no Okokorozukushi
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Normal Normal.svg
StatusesNot yet released
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