Dox, known as Meikyû the Younger in the Japanese version, is a character in the Tag Force games. This is a video game version of the anime character, Dox.


Tag Force

Para and Dox appear in the Cliff in Part 2, where they comment on having been invited to Duel Academy as part of the Tag Force tournament. If the player is partenered with any Tier 1 character or Vellian Crowler, during the second day, the Paradox Brothers will replace that character's team in the Finals Arena and be fought as the first opponents.

After defeating them in Part 2, Para and Dox will appear in Part 1 at the Cliff at any time in the day.

Tag Force 2

As part of the fourth story event for each Tier 1 character, Para and Dox Tag Duel against the player and their partner.


Dox chiefly uses Decks focused on the summoning of "Suijin" and "Sanga of the Thunder". They are intended to be combined with his brother's Decks in order to summon "Gate Guardian".

In Tag Force 2 only, Dox's regular Decks are instead focused on forcing the opponent to take large amounts of battle damage when attacking high-DEF Rock-Type monsters.

Tag Force

Tag Force 2

Tag Force 3

Tag Force Special

Labyrinth-Fighting Fusion Techniques (迷宮式決闘術 融合, Meikyū-shiki kettō-jutsu yūgō) ★3

Labyrinth-Fighting Transition Techniques (迷宮式決闘術 転移, Meikyū-shiki kettō-jutsu ten'i) ★5


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