Domino City Museum

Domino City Museum is the museum in Domino City. It appears a number of times throughout the series, displaying exhibitions of Ancient Egypt.


Domino City Museum in the manga

Curator Kanekura and Yoshimori put on the Egypt Unearthed exhibition, displaying treasures they found from their excavation of a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Among the objects taken from the tomb were the mummy itself and papyrus depicting the Weighing of the Heart. Yugi and his friends visited to the exhibition. Kanekura took this opportunity to put Yugi's Millennium Puzzle on display and attempted to sell it for his own profit. Shadi also went, in order to punish Kanekura and Yoshimori for defiling the territory of the Gods. He performed a Weighing of the Heart Shadow Game with Kanekura, killing him. Afterwards he found the Millennium Puzzle and learned that Yugi had solved it. Shadi entered Yugi's soul room while in the museum to test Yugi, but wound up being tested by the other Yugi. Shadi also intended to put Yoshimori on trial, but after finding he was expected to see Yugi, he used Yoshimori in a game to test Yugi.[1][2][3]

Ishizu Ishtar put on The Art of Egypt exhibition at the museum. The exhibition included a giant slab depicting a battle between the Priest Seto and the Nameless Pharaoh. She tried to use this to alert Seto Kaiba of his connection to the past and persuade him to put on the Battle City tournament to gather the Egyptian Gods. Yami Yugi and Téa Gardner also visited the exhibition. Ishizu recognized Yami as the incarnation of the pharaoh and showed him the slab.

An exhibition of treasures found in a tomb, including the Pyramid of Light were put on display. Yugi and Téa visited it as they hid from a group of duelists after Yugi's Egyptian God cards.[4]


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