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[[Image:Domino hospital.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Domino Hospital]]
{{For|the other hospital in Domino City|[[Domino General Hospital]]}}
'''Domino Hospital''' is a hospital in [[New Domino City]].
[[File:Domino Hospital.jpg|thumb|right|Domino City Hospital]]
'''Domino City Hospital''' is a hospital in [[Domino City]].
The building is about nine stories high and consists of two large regtangular blocks connected by a hallway.
It has appeared twice in the [[Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's]] anime, both cases it attracted large media atention.
[[Solomon Muto]] was sent here in the [[Yu-Gi-Oh! (anime)|anime]], after [[Maximillion Pegasus|Pegasus]] took his soul.
In the [[Yu-Gi-Oh! (manga)|manga]], Yugi was sent here to recover from his burns, after staying behind in the burning [[Black Clown]].<ref>{{chapter|Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist|87|ref}}</ref>
[[Image:5Dx026 Explosion.jpg|thumb|left|180px|the damage from the Shadow Duel.]]
The first time was when [[Jack Atlas]] was sent their shortly after losing his title as King and needed treatment for injuries sustained in the title Duel. The paparatzee were denied entry, but [[Carly Nagisa]] managed to disguie as a nurse and sneak in. [[Tetsu Ushio|Trudge]], possesed by the [[Dark Signers]], also managed to get in and challange Jack Atlas to a [[Shadow Duel]]. Jack, unfit the duel with his injuries, got Carly to help him, by making the moves he tells her. The Shadow Duel causes explosions, damaging the building. The explosions are caught on camera, by the reporters, but cause is made unknown, since [[Mina]] takes the security tape.
The second appearance is when [[Akiza Izinski]] is treated, when she is left unconcious after the [[Dark Signers]] attack on the [[Arcadia Movement] building. The media don't who the girl admitted is and ask the Senator [[Hideo]] why he is visiting. Hideo later brings Yusei over to help wake Akiza up. After hse wakes, she ends up engaging ina Duel with Yusei.
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Domino City Hospital

Domino City Hospital is a hospital in Domino City.


Solomon Muto was sent here in the anime, after Pegasus took his soul.

In the manga, Yugi was sent here to recover from his burns, after staying behind in the burning Black Clown.[1]


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