"Doll Monster" (ドール・モンスター, Dōru Monsutā) is an archetype used by Cologne in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL manga. It is a sub-archetype of the "Doll" archetype. The archetype is composed of Normal Monsters with toy themes, and they are supported by the Field Spell "Doll House", which allows the user to Special Summon improved versions of them with higher Levels each turn.


All "Doll Monsters" are named after popular infant toys (a doll, a toy dragon, a teddy bear, and a toy robot). In the Japanese version, their names end with a Japanese suffix ("-chan", "-kun", "-chi" and "-chin", respectively), making their names become loving cute names, which would normally be given to the toys by the kid who owns them.


  • At the beginning (Level 4), the dolls are normal, cute dolls. The more they evolve (Level 6, Level 8), the more gothic and creepy they become. This could be a reference to Cologne herself, who was once a loved doll, but was soon abandoned and became trash.
  • The Field Spell "Doll House" features an old craftsman. When the Dolls are destroyed, the craftsman seems to "use parts of one of them to fix the others". By that way, when the dolls evolve, they get parts of the other dolls mixed in them.
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