A Disqualification is the most severe penalty that can be given. A Disqualification is merited for severe infractions that require the player to be removed from the event or the venue. A Disqualification is usually given when a player intentionally breaks tournament rules, or as an upgrade from previous penalties. Judges will need to investigate carefully to determine whether or not a player is intentionally breaking a rule. Spectators need to remember that a person does not need to be enrolled in a tournament in order to be disqualified. There are two types of Disqualification penalties:

  • Disqualification (With Prize)
This penalty is only given out through the upgrade process. A player who commits the same infraction multiple times throughout an event and has his or her penalty upgraded to a Disqualification, is always With Prize unless the upgrade was due to an Unsporting Conduct infraction.
  • Disqualification (Without Prize)
This penalty is given out when a person intentionally breaks tournament policies. This includes, but is not limited to, Cheating and Unsporting Conduct behavior. The person will be dropped from the event, and in some cases, required to leave the venue.

Only the Head Judge may disqualify a person from an event. If a person is disqualified, a written statement must be filled out by any and all persons involved, including opponents, spectators, judges, tournament officials, etc. It is the Head Judge’s responsibility to collect these written statements from those involved and send the statements to Konami’s Card Game Tournament Records department within 7 days of the event.

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