Dinosaur Ryuzaki and Esper Roba had a Duel in the preliminaries of the Battle City tournament.

Roba won the Duel, although he cheated by having his younger brother's spy on Ryuzaki's cards, while he accredited his knowledge of Ryuzaki's cards to ESP.

Most of the Duel took place off panel.


Roba used "Mesmeric Control" to put Ryuzaki's monster to sleep weakening it. He then attacked and destroyed it with "Jinzo", winning the Duel.[1]

As Roba called for his next opponent, most of the bystanders were too put off by his alleged ESP. Ryuzaki warned Katsuya Jonouchi not to consider, saying he would not stand a chance. But Jonouchi was intent on becoming a stronger Duelist and refused to pass up on an opponent.[1]

Cards used

Dinosaur Ryuzaki

Esper Roba


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