The world is divided into four dimensions. In them there are four boys with the same face. The dragons they have call for each other. As if seeking out each other...

— The phrase recited before the Japanese opening themes for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, during the Heartland City arc.

Dimensional counterparts

All the dimensional counterparts shown in the series. Clockwise: Yugo, Yuri, Yuya, Yuto, Lulu, Celina, Zuzu and Rin.

A dimensional counterpart is a phenomenon featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, in which a person from one of the Four Dimensions resembles another person from another dimension. In addition to sharing the same face, the counterparts seem to be drawn to each other for an unknown reason. Yuya Sakaki and Zuzu Boyle are the only characters to have dimensional counterparts.


Accordingly to Leo Akaba's actions, it is stated that these counterparts are important to his plans. He is interested in Celina's unknown abilities and also expresses interest in getting a hold of Zuzu Boyle, stating that she is the "fourth piece" he needs, having already had Yuri capture Lulu and Rin for him.

Mistaken Identities

A common recurrence is for a character to confuse one counterpart with another counterpart due to their identical facial structures. Instances of confusion include:

Character Mistaken Identity Identifier(s)
Yuya Yugo Security[1], Frank[2], Tanner[2], and Damon[3]
Yuto Kite[4]
Zuzu Lulu Yuto[5] and Shay[6]
Rin Yugo[7]
Yuto Yuya Zuzu[5], Sylvio[5], Ootomo[5], Yamabe[5], Kakimoto[5], and Claude[8]
Yuri Yugo[9]
Yugo Yuya Nagi[10] and Taka[10]
Yuri Yuto[9]
Yuri Yuya Zuzu[7]
Yugo Zuzu[7]
Celina Zuzu Ally[11], Yuya[12], Gong[12], Sylvio[13], Aura[7], Sora[14][12], Claude[15], Security[1], Frank[2], and Tanner[2]
Lulu Zuzu[16][10]
Rin Yugo[17]


Yuya Sakaki

Yuya was the first character to have a dimensional counterpart. These counterparts each have a Dimension Dragon, can enter a rampant state of mind, and sync with each other. If a counterpart has absorbed another into his body, the one absorbed can possess the other's body. Each of Yuya's counterparts serve as the secondary protagonists of the series, except for Yuri who currently serves as a major antagonist.

Identity Character Dimension Deck Dragon
Yuya Sakaki Yuya Sakaki Standard Performapal/Magician/Odd-Eyes Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Yuri Yuri Fusion Predator Plant Template:Anime
Yugo 100px Synchro Speedroid Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Yuto Yuto Xyz The Phantom Knights Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

Zuzu Boyle

The second character to be known to have dimensional counterparts was Zuzu. Similar to how Yuya and his counterparts each possess a Dimension Dragon to help signify themselves as counterparts, Zuzu and her counterparts each wear a bracelet, which have mysterious abilities. For this very reason, they are collectively called Bracelet Girls (ブレスレットの () , Buresuretto no Ko).[18] Zuzu currently serves as the main secondary protagonist and Celina as one of the main supporting characters, while Lulu and Rin are currently minor characters. Their decks also possess a synergy to Fusion Summon.

Identity Character Dimension Deck Bracelet
Zuzu Boyle Zuzu Boyle Standard Melodious Zuzu's bracelet
Celina Celina Fusion Lunalight Celina's bracelet
Rin Rin Synchro Wind Witch Rin's bracelet
Lulu Obsidian Lulu Obsidian Xyz Unknown Lulu's bracelet


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