5Dx116 Shuttle

The shuttle.

The dimension shuttle was a transportation unit at the Momentum Express building. It is used to contain matter transported through Infinity.[1]

Once the shuttle enters a wormhole, a control card is necessary to maintain control of it, otherwise it will be thrown out of the wormhole and into dimension distortion.[2]


Yusei, Sherry and Bruno hid inside one of these when they were infiltrating Momentum Express. However, the company trapped them inside and transported them into Infinity.[1]

Yusei, Bruno and Sherry had little or no control of the shuttle at first. Sherry then correctly guessed that the card, "Z-ONE", which her father left her could be a control card. Although they gained control of the shuttle, one of the windows broke and Sherry was sucked out. Bruno managed to close shutters over the window afterwards. Yusei and Bruno traveled through a dimensional rift, where they saw the Divine Temple before they returned to their own world.[2]


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