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Dark Yugi holding a six-sided die



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(six-sided) die

Dice (singular die) are throwable items, with multiple resting positions used for generating random numbers. The most common configuration of dice is the six-sided cube. Ten-sided dice are also used in Monster World.


In Duel Monsters and its real-world counterparts, the OCG and TCG, numerous cards effects involve rolling a six-sided die, with faces numbered 1 to 6.

Dimensioned Dice

The dice used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters

The game Dungeon Dice Monsters uses six-sided dice. The faces of the dice contain different crests. The crests rolled determine if the player can Summon a monster or store crests in their pool. Monsters are stored inside the dice. When a monster is Summoned, its die is unfolded and placed on the field to create a path.

Other games featuring six-sided dice include the dice game and dice in cup.

Monster World dice

The ten-sided dice used in Monster World

The game Monster World uses ten-sided dice. Each player rolls two such dice to generate numbers between 00 and 99. Dark Bakura and Dark Yugi were able to manipulate the outcome of the rolls using a "double hit" technique.

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