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"Despia" (デスピア Desupia) is an archetype of DARK Fairy Main Deck monsters and LIGHT Fiend Extra Deck monsters which debuted in Dawn of Majesty.


The name "Despia" is likely a portmanteau of the words "Despair" and "thespian" (also related to Thespiae).

Most of the "Despia" cards consist of corrupted versions of the "Dogmatika" monsters. This may have been started with the events depicted in the artwork of "Dogmatikalamity", where "Dogmatika Maximus" opens a portal to the Hole.

Origin Monster Base counterpart
Ad libitum Ad Libitum of Despia Dogmatika Ashiyan
Jester Aluber the Jester of Despia Fallen of Albaz
Sock Despian Comedy N/A
Buskin Despian Tragedy
Proscenium Despian Proskenion Dogmatika Nexus
Quem quaeritis? Despian Quaeritis White Knight of Dogmatika
Dramaturgy Dramaturge of Despia Dogmatika Maximus