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|phon = Bunbōgu Zero Zero Wan
|phon = Bunbōgu Zero Zero Wan
|name = Bunborg 001
|name = Bunborg 001
|image = Bunborg001-DUEA-JA-C.png
|image = Bunborg001-DUEA-JP-C.png
|attribute = Earth
|attribute = Earth
|type = Machine
|type = Machine

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Bunborg 001
ブンボーグ (ゼロ) (ゼロ) (ワン)
English Bunborg 001
Japanese (kana) ブンボーグ ゼロゼロワン
Japanese (base) ブンボーグ 001
Card type Monster
Attribute EARTH EARTH.svg
Types Machine / Tuner / Effect
Level 1 CG Star
ATK / DEF 500 / 500
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