The Den City orphanage owner, credited as Teacher (先生 Sensei) in the episode cast list, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is the primary caregiver of Den City's orphanage.


The owner first appeared when Gore's manager visited the orphanage, where she was watching Playmaker and George Gore's Duel with the kids. She apologized for the kids' sudden change of support to Playmaker despite Gore's gifts to the orphanage, but the manager didn't mind the children's honesty in supporting the coolest hero. She then expressed the belief that if Gore won, the children would cheer for him again. After Playmaker's attack took half of Gore's LP away, she expressed concern for Gore. As Gore Link Summoned "Gouki The Great Ogre", she questioned what happened, with the manager further elaborating on Gore's entertaining style. She then further asked the manager how the Duel would develop. She was pleased to see the children cheering for Gore.[1] When Gore counterattacked, she felt assured that Gore would win. She was pleased when Gore saved his "Great Ogre" from destruction from the attack of "Decode Talker". After the duel, she and Gore's manager went to Gore's warehouse to applaud Gore after he won back his fans from the orphanage. [2]

She watched Blue Angel's duel against Baira while at the orphanage with Gore, his manager and the other orphans. [3]During the rise of the Tower of Hanoi, she watched Gore's duel against Varis. [4]


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